Installing Picture Rail Moulding

Decorating a cookie cutter house is full of creative challenges, mostly where character is concerned. And since these are bigger and flimsier, I just kept my spacer sitting right on top of the chair rail so that I could set the frame right on top while making minor adjustments. Tip #4: When tweaking the angle of your cuts to ensure a good fit in the corners, both pieces of moulding must be cut to the same angle. This is the first of two sheets showing you how to plan, mark up and cut the mitres in moulding using a saw. I know there is such a thing as picture molding, that has that routered groove built in. I wasn’t able to find any, so I improvised! Tip: If you plan on doing this project, you’ll want to make sure you order at least 15-20 percent more molding than what you think you’ll need.

Buying pre-primed pieces of moulding is totally the way to go. At my store, the pre-primed pieces were actually LESS expensive than getting stain-quality wood, and way less work. In this project we use foam core board to make the bevel strips, to which we attach decorative tapes to create a coloured or textured bevel. My tip, paint prior to cutting and once it is in place on the wall you only have to touch it up. We were still scratching our heads trying to figure out the sizing of our boxes, but seeing the markings on the wall helped us make some decisions about this. Then I used a scrap piece of 1″ x 4″ lumber as a guide to mark for the inside frame.

I knew I wanted a very rich dramatic color on the top which would be balanced out by white curtains and the white of the moulding on the bottom. This sheet provides the reasoning behind how to decide on the amount of moulding required to frame a mounted piece of artwork. I hope carpenters/contractors save time and money and millions of DIYers install wall frame moldings by themselves in the near future.

I did take a pencil and draw a line across which would be where I wanted my molding to sit once it was up. That helped visually to keep it measured right and I used the line all the way across, making sure with my tape measure that I was 4 1/2” down at all times. Once it dried we sanded everything smooth and painted the chair rail, picture frame moldings, and the wall bright white.

Doing base trim, or the molding at floor level, is mostly the same as installing it anywhere else on a wall. If you really want to keep the project cost as inexpensive as possible, you can simply take that total number of inches and calculate how many pieces of moulding you need by dividing your number of inches by 8, since moulding is typically purchased as 8′ long pieces.

If you are planning on painting the inside of your boxes the wall color you might not go as dark as I did. The cost of crown molding depends largely on the material, finish, and detail of the design you choose. In my opinion, it was so worth the extra $ to purchase a little bit more moulding overall to ensure that we could use as large of pieces as possible on each wall. It’s a bold look but I love it. The navy adds so much drama to the room and combined with the molding, it’s gorgeous! The basic premise is to stack molding to substitute the routered groove that most frames have.

In the case of Boyer’s scented marker drawing Waiting for a Biscuit, a hole has been drilled in the frame to allow for the work to be smelled more easily. Imagine this layer wrapping around the room like a picture frame, with your ceiling as the artwork. Well, there it is. You know, making your own frame can add a very personalized touch to something that’s special to you. STEP 6: Stretch the wire to the other side of the frame and run it through the D-ring, allowing a bit of slack, and cut the wire approximately 6 inches past the frame.

Our commitment to consistent high quality craftsmanship and a solid quality product has earned us loyalty with our customers and created a benchmark of standards in the picture framing industry. Our dining room is pretty symmetrical, so for us, it turned out that the boxes were all pretty similar in size, but they wouldn’t have to be. After you have the outer box built, attach it to the crown molding with brad nails.

You can do it on paper, in your head or with light pencil marks on the wall, but be sure to do the entire room. I am trying to do the same but am having a hell of a time figuring out the angles I need to cut the molding so they but up correctly. Before you pick up the moulding for the picture frame boxes, carefully add up the amount you need, remembering that there will be some waste when you cut the pieces on a 45 degree angle. Since our walls were plaster, we needed to prime the walls with a concrete primer and the molding with a wood primer. The picture frame may contain a pane of picture framing glass or an acrylic glass substitute such as acrylite or plexiglas to protect the picture.

I don’t have any power tools so when I discovered premade frame moulding from Lowes I was all over it. Sigh. I’m excited to see how the room turns out because it looks sharp so far (in my opinion). I installed this all the way up the stairwell in order to help determine where the rest of the moulding should go below it. Use the same 22.5 degree cuts to bring the moulding back to level at the top of the stairwell and on any landings. This is the amount of linear feet of base cap molding you want to pick up at the store.

I was fortunate to find a local lumber yard selling the crown molding, chair rail, and ogee molding (for the shadow boxes) that I needed at a cheaper price than the big box stores offer it. The trim wood for this project cost me about $1,500. Use the EZ-Finish Mounting Kit to mount the art, hold the contents in the frame, and attach the hanging hardware. Frame Destination sells UV-filter acrylic and UV/Non-glare acrylic with 99% UV protection.

I have tested this gun just like the rest, and believe this gun to be the best for our home picture framers! If there is no other way you need remove some backing, use thinner backing, or use off set clips to install the art. Putting up the molding was not hard, it was just time consuming and the hardest part was cutting the molding pieces and keeping them the same size. Meeting designers deadlines from the project onset and researching their specific art needs with a complete guest room art, mirror, and installation package. Chair rail and wall frame moldings are typically a bit more ornamental than baseboards, though not as large or intricate as some crown molding.

For the outlet covers, we bought some unfinished wood ones that are being primed and painted the same color as the molding so they’ll blend in nicely. Adding a regal and truly finished effect to a room, crown molding is found at the intersections of walls or cabinets with the room’s ceilings. I also cut a spacer board for the spaces in between each frame as an easy reference point.

Crown molding prices vary considerably based on how elaborate the designs are and what it’s made of. Detailed, 8-foot lengths made of MDF or PVC typically cost around $10, while similar designs made of wood or polyurethane price out at around $25 and $32, respectively. I saw your post above about the chair rail (thanks!); just wondering about the picture frame moulding.

I ended up with a perfectly spaced and centered rectangle for my picture frame moulding. Sometimes you can just buy the length of moulding you need, but often you have to buy a whole 6 or 8 foot length. We painted our frame Krylon Jade to go along with our Master bedroom makeover that is currently underway! Use a compass to draw guide lines on the wall where the molding will go. These lines should be parallel to any existing trim, etc. Cost of related materials and supplies typically required to install chair rail molding including: fasteners, connectors, surface preparation and finishing materials.

The wall is only 48 inches wide, & when we factored in our 3 inch spaces on each end of the box, we could have installed one 42 inch box. Putting up family photos (that used to be on this wall in our old house) made our new house feel more like ours. So as you consider your next molding project, don’t forget that you don’t have to slavishly hold yourself to one period style or another. I go through the same steps in terms of my decisions, man, I’m SO regretting my current dining room choices.

Also called enhancers or slips, fillets are thin, decorative pieces of picture frame moulding. Assume that you want the frame 5 inches above the baseboard and 3 inches below the chair rail. Double-sided tape is applied to the back inside edge of the window mat, or to the lip of the picture frame. I measured my longest wall (behind the buffet) and got the measurement in inches.