Build Your Own Bookcase Plans

Unlike a real headboard designed for a bed, your bookshelf doesn’t necessarily have to be the same height and width as one. I generally use biscuits for this (three per joint), and I have never had a joint fail (and a bookcase spending five years in an elementary school is a pretty fair test), but dadoes work great here as well. I was able to achieve 1/16″ tolerances and that was pretty cool for a fully loaded swinging bookcase. I was trying to figure out how much this wall cost, and I think it was around $300 total.

Diameter holes along the length of each wall cleat, plumb the cleat into position and then drive a nail through the holes to mark the anchor locations in the drywall. However, if you make a bookcase yourself, it will become more special, as long as you build it the right way. Highlight your craftsmanship with this attractive two-drawer bookcase plan from Woodsmith magazine.

However, by taking advantage of a service that a most lumber yards offer – cutting to size for a small additional charge – and by using designs that involve no complicated joints or intricate shaping, a homeowner or apartment dweller capable of using hammer and saw can put together useful furniture such as the bookcase illustrated. We are finishing the basement right now and haven’t added a door to the unfinished furnace room. The shim is more a precautionary measure to extend the life of the door and hinges. You probably can’t find a house without a wall outlet and they aren’t always being used.

I have a 6′ bookcase, 9″ deep, and according to the plans provided by this site, (thanks) my bookcase is coming along nicely. I have a space of 18-24″ between my fridge and a wall that will be either a bookcase for cookbooks or a broom closet. We used primer followed by a coat of a neutral white for the insides of the bookcase and Ralph Lauren’s Nobel Grey for the trim and outside. The specifications that follow will produce a bookcase with overall dimensions of 10 3/4 in. deep x 34 in. wide x 48 in. tall. I want to make one for my basement door , to really give the appeal of a hidden place for my family.

If you decide to build your shelves from prepared melamine then you have cut out the whole preparation process necessary with real wood. And when someone uses a mobile device such as iPad to scan the QR code on the banner, he will see the Bookcase of the book publisher. That clearance is determined by the setback of the pivot perpendicular to the face of the wall. Learning how to build a simple bookcase is a terrific exercise in basic woodworking.

Knowing and seeing how the hidden door opens/closes using these pivot hinges I don’t think roller/slot system you described would work out very well for you. You can secure the cabinet to the wall by screwing through the cabinet cleats into the wall studs. This fun door has even been programed to open at the push of a button (though there are alternative ways to get it open).

We just finished building and mounting our bookcase and have discovered a horrible problem that we didn’t expect. In large dining rooms, a wall system or bookcase with glass door cabinets makes a beautiful space to hold decorative plates and glasses and other seasonal items. But you’ve pointed out an important lesson-perfectly plumb and level doesn’t always work well, especially with a pivot door or bookcase. Next, fasten the matching wall cleats parallel to the fascia cleat against the back wall.

Screw in your wall anchors and then smear construction adhesive on the backside of the cleat and screw it to the wall. Another question: I read you added the vertical pieces with fasteners from the inside of the bookcase. Screw the bookcase to the back of the chair with three countersunk 6-inch-long screws through the left and right 2-by-4 pieces. Not only was this bookcase built to smoothly slide open for entry, but these shelves were also built from scratch!

WHAT YOU GET are 12 pages of step-by-step instructions, Full-color photos and exploded views, Detailed tool setup illustrations, Materials list and cutting diagram Plus plans for a tenon cutting jig! The top pivot is a standard model 340, consisting of a retractable jamb-mounted pivot spindle and finished cover plate (middle and upper left), which are mortised into the jamb head, and a top guide (lower left), which is mortised into the top of the door. The bookcase can be built of solid lumber or of plywood; the dimensions shown are based on using plywood even though finishing the raw edges can be a problem.

Screw the 36-by-33 inch sheet to the back of the rectangle to form the final bookcase. Reducto ad absurdam: If you tried to build this into a stand-alone case, it would tip forward as soon as you started to swing the weight out. This handsome bookcase features those same classic elements—the curved brackets, column-like partitions and crown molding. That clearance is determined by the depth of the bookcase and the location of the pivot, measured from the hinge jamb toward the strike jamb-parallel with the wall.

I’ve had this vision in my mind for years of what this wall could look like, and I would have been incredibly disappointed to move away and never see it finished like I had envisioned. Draw a line right on the bed of your miter saw and always align the molding edge with the saw. Once the partition is fastened to the cleat, screw the angle brackets to the partitions at the top and bottom 10 in. from the back wall as shown in Photo 9. Use a framing square to ensure the partitions are perpendicular to the back wall. I found this article while searching for a way to finish off the one wall in my kitchen.

Here’s one featured on The Design Files that has little book cubbies built around the whole wall of a bed. Cut your crown molding more safely and accurately by positioning the molding upside down on the miter saw bed. The design is beautiful, but (you knew there was going to be a but”, right?) I’m not quite certain how best to fit it into an existing room when I can’t have the bookcase flush with the existing wall. Use shipping pallets as the primary construction material in your DIY bookcase. Now you can add them to your living room or study with this simply designed bookcase project.

You can build this built-in bookcase by following our clear drawings and step-by-step photos, or use these techniques to modify the dimensions for your own space. When we were building the walls in their room, a veeeerrrrry long time ago we covered one wall on each side with faux brick paneling from Lowe’s. In the photo you can see the cable as it comes out and runs down the side of the door. Then click on one corner of the door and drag the tool to the center of the pivot point.

It’s sometimes difficult to say goodbye to a beloved piece of furniture—no matter how weathered—so skip the fond farewell by refurbishing an old but cherished bookcase. Before you can build shelves, you have to start by measuring the space where the shelves will be installed, design the shelves on graph paper, then sit back and go over the designs at least twice.