Building A New Mantel

A fireplace is usually just a black hole in the wall until it is framed by decorative elements called a surround and mantel. Lime-green lemon cypress trees stand in for a traditional swag or layers of greenery on the mantel. To make sure the door wouldn’t cause any bowing or movement in the surround, we made a door frame on the back of the mantel. Run a bead of construction adhesive along the contact surface of the mantel to create a stronger bond. This wood is a great one to use if you really want the fireplace of a room to be the focal point Once it has been properly sanded, polished and varnished it can have an incredible glossy and eye-catching look.

Hello, My custom made wood mantel surround arrived neatly and carefully packaged & fit perfectly over my plain brick fireplace. If you’re still not satisfied with a mostly brick fireplace, you can opt to build out around it. Using inexpensive MDF material you can design a high-end looking fireplace on a small budget. These extremely efficient wood-burning fireplace inserts turn your fireplace into a miniature furnace, complete with electric blower!

A mantel traditionally offers a unique opportunity for the architect/designer to create a personal statement unique to the room they are creating. I was thinking of going over the actual fireplace with a creamier antique-y type of paint just to lessen the brightness and contrast of the fireplace, but overall I like it! Since our fireplace is an unusual size and yours is probably different, I’m not going to give you specific measurements, but I’m sure you can figure it out.

A square edge on the mantel doesn’t look all that great; minimally round over the edges, or better, rout a decorative edge on it. Some baseboard and shoe moulding on the bottom of the columns will give it a more finished look. We have suppliers making mantels that stand out effortlessly, so you’re assured of getting the best wooden fireplace mantel possible. Kansas blogger Courtney Browning of 12th and White created this easy holiday mantel. BONUS: This DIY Wood Mantel fit over the brick mantel so snugly, it required no anchoring or gluing. I’m about to start rebuilding my fireplace mantle and wall over the fireplace (in a very similar way as this)!

At this point it still didn’t look like much but we now had the base of the mantel installed and it was time to add the trim, which makes the mantel come alive. We detached the firebox door from where it was attached to the fireplace with a piano hinge and laid it flat. You can browse through a gallery of fireplace mantels here to get some ideas on how you would like yours to look.

Since painter’s tape doesn’t stick well to brick, I slipped a piece of the Velcro packaging (not quite cardboard, but sturdier than computer paper) between the mantel and brick and painted against it. On-the-spot paint shield, for the win! If you’ve been dying for a fireplace in your home but don’t have thousands of dollars in your pocket, this is definitely the way to go. The shelf is supported by four simple bracket—which makes is another way to add the beauty without adding the weight of detail.

At the top of the column we left a gap that will allow us to attach a 1×1 to the top of the mantel at a right angle and slide it in. This added support to the mantel and gave us a surface to secure the top to. I looked more closely at the design and knew Chris could do something equally as great, probably better, and we could truly have a custom mantel for a fraction of the cost. If you’re building more than just the shelf piece, then also cut the breast, legs, returns and nailing strips to size.

I’m in the home of a buddy of mine, Scott, who’s a fairly avid woodworker and he created this whole fireplace mantel for less than $75.00 in materials. With dozens of plan from which to choose, you can create a new look for your room with the style of mantel or surround you select. We used scrap wood from an old wooden shelf for the sides and bottom, so if you don’t have any old wood around, you can buy an extra pine board.

Of course if you’ve got a little more room and wanted to make your mantel legs wider, you can use 1x4s instead of the 1x2s we used. For the best value on Fireplace Mantel Installation: combine related projects; get bids from several pros; and be flexible about project scheduling. The bed will help to hold the mantel upright, but be sure to secure it strongly to prevent the heavy headboard from shifting, tipping or pulling away from the wall.