Hand Planers

You may be able to save money by shopping for a hand planer at a flea market or a garage sale. Quite simply, a wood planer is going to make any woodwork you undertake look better. You won’t believe what this log peeler can do. Why do it by hand when you can save time and energy using this innovative power tool. You need to make sure the slide plate the wood slides through the planer on is good and clean, that the feed rollers are clean, and even try reversing the direction of the grain of the board, also reverse the blades in the unit to the new sharp edge. This combination device can easily be switched from being a jointer to a planer with a few swift motions.

Finally, a knowledge of the type of planer you’re going to need, based on the work or project you’re undertaking, is essential in making an informed choice. The planer is the ideal tool for the fast and trouble-free shaving of wood, MDF or chipboard. Catalog of American Patented Antique Tools A pictorial collection of antique planes and other tools showing some of the variety in styles.

The first time I used a power planer, I was remodeling an old house and needed to level several sagging, uneven ceiling joists to prepare them for new drywall (Photo 1). I made my first pass. Lean down on the large front knob and you’ll feel the barely restrained power of the 1002BA carve out curves. I broke this planer out, read the instructions, tried it out on a piece of scrap wood and went right to work.

I bought this planer after my Makita called it quits after years of hard use and straight edging homes. Contractor grade planers are more rugged, have more accurate and easier-to-work depth gauges, include standard accessories and cost $130 or more. Put this helical head planer in your workshop and you’ll see productivity sharply rise as it cuts through piles of raw wood. The history of the wood planer is almost as old as the art of woodworking itself. Dislikes: Owner’s manual is an afterthought; it refers to the tool as a sander/polisher and belt sander. For added stability and configurability, our planer comes with parallel guide and adjustable planing depth as standard.

I’ve had this planer a couple of months and finally had an application in the shop where I could give it a good workout. I no longer do any straight edging and didn’t want to spend a lot so took a gamble on this unit since it was the first Ryobi power tool I have ever considered buying. It could be that they own a table planer for their business, set in their garage or workshop.