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Since the 1970s or so, 2 car garage plans have been included in the majority of new middle class houses built. It has a full kitchen, a dining room, living room and comfortable bedroom with a full bath all situated above a 4 car garage. Whether a car or truck or any other valuable commodity, protecting them from the sting of the blazing sun or the stridency of the rain or snow has never been this affordable. Gambrel roof garage features spacious second floor (loft) and internal stairway.

The same small percentage of homes is built with a 1 car garage, and 2 car garage plans are also about the same, but that’s where it stops. This is the best way to make sure the 2 car garage plans you are looking at will suit your needs. Refine your existing search criteria (shown below) on the fly for Two Car Garage Plans – 2 Car Garages in Every Design Style Imaginable.

Most people prefer a garage width of at least 22′ wide for 2 cars, although some report that 20′ wide is sufficient. A full set of plans in CAD format with a license to build and copyright release giving you legal permission to make changes to the plan and make copies to build the house. Click on the titles to learn more about any of the designs and and to see floor plans and larger illustrations.

A less expensive bump-out strategy is to build a covered potting bench or gardening station along one garage wall. Plans include: All Exterior Elevations; Floor Plans; Basic Electrical layout; A Full Building Width Cross Section; Strip Foundation Plan Layout; Roof Plan and detailing; Full specification. Plans Sample:These samples are chosen at random from actual plans to show construction guide illustrations look like. This will allow you to create a storage loft that occupies the space over the hood of your car(s). We also have electric garage doors available in most areas; see video to right.

Upstairs is an efficient apartment layout that allows space for a home office or second bedroom, along with a kitchen, dining alcove, and balcony. Workshop Blueprints Use these free, downloadable plans to help build your ideal auto restoration garage, home woodworking shop, art studio, hobby shop or craft barn. Or if you just need a building plan for a garage with great style, we have plans for those too – such as the McDaniel , a three car garage plan that features dormer windows and can be modified to include attic space. A charming cupola completes the farmhouse charm of this detached garage apartment.

If the 30 is the depth you will still have room for a 2 post and a 4 post side by side and have some tool and bench room at the back. Detailed Floor Plans – show the placement of interior walls and the dimensions for rooms, doors, windows, stairways, etc. If your house is a Craftsman Bungalow, a steep pitched roof on the garage is out of place. Mike has the customer service we were seeking and tenacity for getting the job completed in the time needed, including obtaining the permits, pouring the concrete slab and building our garage to our specifications. The Garage Door The garage door will have a dramatic impact on the overall look of the garage.

Our plans are not a copy out of a magazine, They are the original blueprints and material lists as designed right here at Hager’s Design sales and printed on our own printer. Even with historically correct windows upstairs and carriage-house garage doors below, this type of design is ungainly. With a classic, friendly facade, the Springfield garage with apartment above offers flexible living and storage space galore. Alternately this garage plan can provide workshop area to the rear with parking to the front.

The size of the customized garage plan will be based on the type, length and number of vehicles it will house such as small motorcycles, midsized cars, large SUVs and oversized motorhomes. But, on the practical side tho, two doors are individually lighter than a double door so if both garage door openers should happen to go out (or the electricity is out) so that I have to open them manually, its a bit easier to do. If one garage door opener malfunctions, I can still get the other car in/out using the other door.

Free Two-Car Loft Garage Plans This 24′ wide by 22′ deep garage will fit two cars or small trucks with plenty of room left over for yard tools, bikes and such. I built for my client a 2 car 2 story garage totaling 1080 sq. feet during the summer of is with a high end exterior finish of cedar 2x, cedar clapboards, cedar shingles on the gables and timber frame details. This traditional garage has two wooden doors, shingle roof and siding and also a walkway between the garage and the house that is set at the back for easy access.

These are complete construction plans for a traditional style 28 ft x 28 ft two car garage with dormers on both sides of roof (you can choose to build with etiher style dormer or both). A typical 1 car wide driveway is 10 feet wide by 20 feet long, and a typical 2 car driveway is 20 feet wide by 20 feet long. Consult with a local building inspector (it’s free) before you start any work, even simple design plans. This garage plan has three garage doors and provides parking for up to six cars. To determine that, I visited the websites of America’s largest home builders and studied their plans.

You can do the building yourself (diy garage plans) or have the construction done by a professional builder. Roof Plans – provide a birds eye view of the roof’s valleys, ridges and dormers, if applicable. A well-designed and constructed garage can add considerable value to your property as well as useful functionality while you still own the house. Work with the building manuals and step-by-step guides listed above to turn any of the plans into a do-it-yourself building project. All our garage plans are available with a range of different wall and roof finishes together with different roof pitches.

You will see the minimum comfortable” length of a garage is 23-24 ft (where have you heard that before?) and a width of 20-24 feet. The front of the house faces the street, the driveway connects the street to the garage and the garage door secures the private from public space. Step 2 to is to organize your garage and, if possible, have a properly sized 2 car garage plan (or 3 car garage plan ). End of rant. Six full sets of copyrighted plans printed on oversized 24”x36” paper with a license to build.

In the county I live in you do not need plans for a single story garage that is 24X30 or less in size and reduced costs and trips to county offices so no plans but can email pix for ideas if you like. Good plans are not only necessary to get building code approval, but ensure that the garage is structurally sound, contains the features you need, and is designed to complement your house. This classic detached garage features dormer windows into the upper storage space, offering a country look.