How To Make Your Own Composter For Cheap

Nail one 2 x 6 board across the bottom of two 4 x 4s. Place the two 4 x 4s on the ground, 3′ apart so that the 2 x 6 fits plumb on either end. This is beneficial if you have a whole lot of compost, if you want to age some compost longer, or if you want to use different additives in certain compost piles to experiment and get the best compost possible. My over 25 years experience of a tumbler composter is just the opposite of the negative assertions of this post. If you’re composting all your kitchen scraps, newspapers and cardboard, weeds and prunings, you will have enough compost year-round to grow all your vegetables, and even improve your soil fertility as you go. Because wire compost bins are more ventilated than other types of bins they are at greater risk of drying out.

I saw a guy on youtube who ran a length of garden hose through his compost pile to heat water for showering. The Homemade Compost Tumbler : Tumblers also make it really easy to separate the finished compost from newer materials, and this plan struck me as relatively easy to build, but with enough attention to detail to keep everything working well and in place. I alternate each one on a 2 month basis since once you have a good pile of waste, it will heat up and compost in 6-8 weeks. In our area (Northern New Jersey) there are restrictions on pallets because of the Asian Longhorned beetle. You can also compost egg shells, coffee grinds, tea bags, grains, and old bread.

This is a pretty basic rolling compost bin made from a 55 gal plastic drum, and I was really impressed with this video. I recommend setting up your bin so that the lips are up. You can then fold the lips in so that rain cannot get in between the layers of cardboard. The mice dispose of this slow to compost stuff for me. We live out in the boonies, so there are mice everywhere anyway. Compost can be used as mulch to cover flower beds, as potting soil and sprinkled over your grass as a lawn conditioner. Heck, if you’re feeling a little under the weather, turn the compost pile every other day.

The amount of wood you require will depend on how big you’re planning to make your container, but we’ll base these instructions on a 75cm x 75cm x 75cm container. Can be made out of many types of materials – blocks or bricks, snow fence, used pallets, wire mesh, etc. Again, this is a DIY compost tumbler made using a heavy duty plastic drum mounted on a solid wooden base.

Either way of compost you should be able to put your hand in, grab some compost and once pulled out, it should not wet you hand. Construction methods range from simple to complex and a variety of materials can be used such as wood, brick, straw, plastic, and wire. Now we just have to wait 2 – 3 months before the compost is ready for our yard or garden.

The following table should give you a pretty good idea of what’s in your bin that could be feeding the plants. I picked it up an a thrift store on clearance for about $2 with the intention to add it to a fancy bar cart that I intended to DIY. If so, they are not good for building a compost or anything else that has to do with your garden. That’s a great idea for when the weather turns bad & running the kitchen accumulation outdoors to the big tumbler becomes dreadful. If you’ve added a nice mix of materials to your compost pile, and air can get in, you should notice the pile getting very hot in the first week.

Keep the compost cover anchored down with a heavy object in order to discourage looting from animals. Step 6: Give your compost a little stir (very little, in our case) with a shovel or stick, making sure to cover your food scraps with dirt. If you open up the bin with the light on they will run away because they don’t like the light…so if some of them wiggle near the top of the bin just open it up and watch them retreat. P.s. when we lived in Michigan, we had lots of raccoons and possums and they never bothered my free standing compost pile.