3 DIY Duct Tape Projects Even Kids Can Handle

You will have access to duct tape crafting videos, duct tape craft instructions and pictures all at your fingertips in this one app. Duct tape was made as a replacement for that cement and had to be strong in order to withstand the weight of shifting duct work, and also super sticky with an adhesive that would not dry out or breakdown, yet gooey enough to totally seal all joints and seams against any gas leaks. So with that, we are going to show some ideas and then provide some links to help you find the perfect gift to make.

For the fix-it-yourself types, duct tape has become indispensable and has been used for things that I am sure the original developers of the stuff never imagined. Several duct tape crafters are selling the popular duct tape wallets online craft sites like Etsy and others. Moral of the story: If you have a child that is into creating…go and get some Duck tape !

The average sized role of duct tape costs less than $2 and is availiable to be purchased almost anywhere. My farrier told me horror stories of people who have done that and their horses got terrible infections solely from the use of duct tape. Once the stem is rolled, tear a small piece of Duct Tape, the same color as the stem, and use it to cover the small gap you left at the top of the stem. Design duct tape curtains: If you’re a techie, you’re probably locked in your lab, darkroom , or backstage area most of the day.

Keep lights secure: Whether you’re concerned with a loose light up above or shaky floodlights, entomb lights with duct tape to keep them secure. Today we’re giving away this roll of Blue Plate 3M Scotch Duct tape over on our page on Facebook If you missed out on this one, check out our page on Facebook We have new GIVEAWAYS! Thwart their entrance until you make a permanent fix by covering the hole with duct tape.

Dump a quart of oil from Dave’s trunk into the oil reservoir, take a nice round stone about the size of the oil cap into the McDonald’s bathroom and wash all the dirt and crud off, wrap the stone in several layers of duct tape, and duct tape that lucky stone right down to the engine block. Fix your glasses: Whether they’ve broken completely in two or you’re missing an earpiece, use duct tape to fix your glasses.

I have even used duct tape to patch up a hole in a tire and still drove with the same tire for another 300 km. yes I have always used duct tape for any and all.things needing repair. Repeat the process, laying the second piece of tape perpendicular to the first. Decorate your computer monitor: Wrap duct tape around the edges of your computer monitor for an edgy, techie feel. Now I do not mean for this article to sound like an advertisement for a certain company, but we have a duct tape crafter at home, and this is our favorite brand to use. If you’re worried about aesthetics, go with black or make your own cool design.

Then add either a wide strip of duct tape across the instep area, and secure to the bottom of the sandal with more duct tape. Groups can use this for either making gifts or even to make things to sell at craft fairs. I’m a very visual person, and it really helps to be able to see how your project should look as you progress through the step-by-step instructions.

I make sure to keep the strip of tape in the center so that a perfect shape will occur when finished. Patch holes in your clothes: If you can’t be bothered to run to the store for a new pair of jeans, patch up any holes and tears with a handy strip of duct tape! Wrap a few layers of duct tape around all the unruly wires to keep them from getting tangled up. To cover the stem take a long piece of Duct Tape (any color you wish the stem to be) and place the tape sticky side up on the edge of the table. Colored roles of Duck Brand duct tape are 1.88 inches wide and sold in 10-yard rolls.

But as duct tape has grown in popularity as a crafter’s tool, it has been sold in many different colors and prints. Dress up as a computer for Halloween : Cover yourself in gray and black duct tape, and use a Sharpie to draw on the specifics. Make sure the edges are touching or overlapping and there is no sticky showing where the two corners come together all the way to the point. I have also used duct tape to make a hold a tap on that was used to store drinks for a cook out.

Take one petal and place the stick on the sticky part of the tape at one end with the stick going away from the tip of the petal. There is a list of what does not work well with this specific tape as well as other tapes that can be incorporated into the designs. Otherwise you can make beads and then string them later: just make sure to wrap the beads around a narrow plastic tube. Audrey Baker – You are right, there is so much you can do now a days with duct tape.

Repair your worn out computer chair: If you’ve been sitting in the same computer chair year after year, you probably need to make a few repairs. Step 1: Rip off 4 strips of Duck tape and overlapping them slightly, make a square (or rectangle). Design a cubby hole system for all your materials: To help you keep track of all the cables, manuals, and other techie materials, make a duct tape cubby system, just like you had in preschool. For the top part of the leaf, when wrapping, you will have to pull the leaf forward to wrap the top part of the tape around the stem.

Choose tape in a color that matches your siding and apply it when the surface is dry. The base of these boards is sturdy cardboard that Krista covered with panels of white duct tape. If you’re a true duct tape aficionado however, hiding the duct tape in your pocket won’t do. Jacket your books in a duct tape cover to show the world how much you love the silvery-goodness of it. This iPod case is made with clear duct tape for practical purposes, but you could easily mix in some traditional duct tape to make a statement.

Create a hair accessory that sticks to every fashion statement you make this year with this Duck Tape® flower hair clip. I wrapped a couple feet of DT to a small piece of PVC, so you can tape the filler to the tub spout. Sophie Maletsky is a duct tape expert, professional youth party planner, Ganz Parent Club blogger, and contributing expert on eHows new Mom Channel.

I’ve given some of my duct tape roses out as gifts and the people who have them say they are still in great condition! Wrap the duct tape, sticky side out, long ways around the stick and overlap to create a tube (albeit sticky). Just tape up the top, make a handle out of tape in the same way you made the strips of tape for the bag, and secure it with pieces of tape.

Get tips on how to make a wide variety of everyday objects out of regular old duct tape with help from a graphic designer and illustrator in this free video series. Duct tape fish net is easy to make, all you need is an old tennis rocket and some duct tape. Just follow these steps and make a unique fashion statement with this Duck Tape® heart rose ring. For the best adhesion with duct tape, apply it to your fix and then use a blow dryer.

Start at the stem and wrap the strip of tape around the stem but keeping it flat along the bottom of the rose as well. Follow these instructions and accessorize for your own special occasions or holidays with this unique Duck Tape® headband. Add extra insulation in your boots: Make your winter boots a little bit warmer by taping the insoles with duct tape, silver side up. The shiny tape will reflect the warmth of your feet back into your boots. Our friend Kristen Logan from our page on Facebook share this great Halloween duct tape craft idea.

Seat cushion: Cover a small pillow or cushion with duct tape to create a comfy seat cushion that you can take everywhere. Once you have your strip start with one corner and bring it to the center and make a crease. Tape a long strip of duct tape to another long strip of duct tape with a slight offset on the end. From duct tape flower pens to truly cute DIY fashion ideas, this list of cool duct tape projects is sure to have you out buying a new supply of tape soon!

Make a belt: Run a piece of DT through your belt loops and stick it to itself in the front. We used the duct tape to cover the front and back of the notebook, then covered the spine with a coordinating color/print. Make your own bumper sticker: Write your favorite techie phrase on a large strip of duct tape to let everyone know what you stand for. Duct tape has become a cultural phenomenon, one of those things that explodes in popularity as more and more people find that its creative possibilities for fun far exceed its practical uses. Those are wicked cool – I never would have thought about using duct tape to make flowers and hair bows!