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Hardware, tools & woodworking , The hardware, tools and woodworking section covers power tools, hand tools, fasteners, screws, safety locks, and woodworking projects to help improve your sanding. During lathing applications, woodworking teams require the highest level of control to ensure a refined finish to their project. You might want to check out General International – they are a Canadian firm and if you cannot order thru them they should have some links for where yuou can buy them, or you can eMail them for the info. When Walter Orbach started Vexor in 1984, he saw the problem many woodworking companies were having trying to locate and maintain quality tools.

Your source for the finest carbide tipped, solid carbide & insert carbide cutting tools router bits, saw blades, shaper cutters & more! Please remember our tools are hand forged, sizes are approximate and may vary slightly. My Laguna / Griggio Jointer needed parts from Italy the day it showed up. I purchased a new General Int 20″ Planer that came with a burnt up motor. Once things calmed down I spent some time pondering what had happened and eventually came to this conclusion…..this new wood show was the best thing to hit Winnipeg’s woodworking market ever.

Steven Kennard is a woodturner and sculptor living and working in Nova Scotia, Canada. The woodworking show is a vehicle that the industry can use to promote the hobby of woodworking. We are an authorized distributor for Laguna Tools, and are proud to be the Premier Laguna Tools Dealer for Western Canada. IBC replacement blades have been used and recommended by highly respected professionals such as David Charlesworth, Rob Cosman and Andy King which speaks volumes for the quality, in fact Andy King was so impressed with the quality he has put his weight behind them and all IBC blades now sold in Europe are co branded IBC/Andy King.

If your in the lowermainland you should check out KMS TOOLS inCoquitlam,best supplier for power tools big and small,as well as the best prices,and the are usually willing to deal a liitle.I bought all my new General machines there. At Hall in Tirol Felder develops, builds and internationally markets high-quality woodworking machines. My tools all come shaving sharp and may be shipped back to me for re-sharpening and repair work at any time for a nominal fee. The show attracts dealers from across Eastern Canada and The Northern United States.

These include: Custom Woodworking Tools, Adz & Scorps, Cabinet Makers Chisel Sets, Chair Building Tools, Corner & Swan Chisels, Draw Knives, Framing & Bench Chisels, Gardening Tools, Gouges, Leather Guards & Sharpening Stones, Mallets, Slicks & Large Gouges, Timber Tools, Mike Dunbar Style & Barr Quarton Tools. Performance, precision, versatility, optimum user-friendliness and processing, best describe the performance that you can expect from our woodworking machinery. Woodworking machines should be fitted with efficient and well-maintained local exhaust ventilation systems to remove sawdust or chips that are produced.

My name is John Pirie and I became a dealer at the Tools of the Trades Show several years ago, after having been an attendee for the previous 10 or so years.. I have been actively buying and selling vintage tools and machinery for over 15 principal interest is in woodworking and machinist tools, and vintage asociated books and catalogs. Having been taught throughout his life a number of trade skills by his father, Ralph selected woodworking as his chosen retirement hobby.

As our continued goal is to help further the enjoyment of woodworking hobbyists and professional artists, we will continue our free Chapter News section which lists various clubs and chapters from Ontario, Canada and Elma, New York, USA. They always have sales on so you have to watch for best time to buy the tools you want. Today you even have tool stores calling their in house events Woodworking Shows”……….. Nothing can be farther from the truth! Our planning tools are specifically designed to provide you with all of our standard components as generic 2D drawing blocks or symbols.

No matter if you will use a LOGO!MAT Conveyor or any other make or model, these tools provide you an easy and powerful way to create your drawings. I went back to look at the Laguna bandsaws and got talking to Benjamin Helshoj (or Benny as his peers call him) whom I had met at the Cloverdale Woodworking Show the month before. Paul and Jana Judkins own Chucks Plus and offer a full line of woodturning chucks, turning tools and woodturning DVDs. The Easy Chuck is the first product from Easy Wood Tools in the woodturning chuck arena.

I was in Canada several times,,, First thing they asked me was I bringing in any tools.. I said just GOOD good ones from the USA.. The Lady at the desk asked me to show her.. I said I rather take ya out for dinner first! Why would I want him to come to Winnipeg and help my competitors find my customers….after all I was already doing a great job against my competitors with our aggressive marketing, large range of tools and low pricing.

California-based Laguna Tools has been a hot-button topic in woodworking forums for as long as I can remember. Years ago, dismayed that a brand new Freud biscuit jointer wouldn’t cut a parallel slot, I soon discovered that most tools do not perform at their best without tweaking, tuning and even some heavy modification. While I miss the woodworking shows and would love to participate again I am not convinced that they could be the glory they once were.

Woodworking machines from the FELDER-GROUP are the result of the 60 years experience in machine construction and a desire to develop and innovate. Wear hearing protection that is suitable for the level and frequency of the noise you are exposed to in the woodworking area. Looking for new business is normal but we need these industry people to understand that a woodworking show is not their competition. Elite tools online store woodworking and metal – canada, Great selection of quality tools and accessories for woodworking and metal.

Because of my new experience I realized that the Woodworking Show” concept was far more than just putting on an in house event. I have a passion for sharpening and tool performance and you will often find the tools I sell are ready to use, with no further tuning rquired. Please watch our tutorial videos to get started with your new tools or contact our technical service team. Follow the sights and sounds as Rob Brown, the Editor of Canadian Woodworking Magazine, takes you through the process of making 105 boxes.

Lee Valley Tools is a family-owned business that has been serving users of woodworking and gardening tools since 1978. A portfolio of 55 boxes made by Canadian woodworkers to accompany the Oct/Nov ‘Boxes’ Issue of Canadian Woodworking Magazine. Online ordering for Woodworking Tools is now TOTALLY SECURE with ACTINIC 100% PCI DSS Payments which is level 1 compliant. Our goal is to provide readers with information that will expand and fine tune their woodworking abilities.

Experiences like yours were the reason that I bought an Agazzani B-18 from Eagle tools. Since its beginning in the early 1980’s, Vexor’s services have greatly expanded to provide easy solutions to the needs associated with the woodworking industry. We specialize in a couple of particular lines of NEW equipment – General International and King. Come see Midland Tools for all your camping or gardening tools this long weekend!

When we started making hot-wire pyrography wood burning tools and selling carving supplies in 1984 we would never have envisioned the reach our small company would have over 30 years later. Their website is -/ They used to advertise tools and prices at the website but now just give links to their flyers (e.g. -/ ). I have looked at other Laguna tools in the past several years – but have always opted to go with something that is more easily obtained here in Ontario, and has some easier recourse if a problem occurs. He is the undeniable master of the skew chisel and teaches regularly at the Marc Adam School of Woodworking.

After ten years of retirement filled with travels and advancing woodworking skills Ralph chose to open the Woodworking Source. In addition, we sell the complete line of Silver woodworking products, as well as Airtek air compressors. Sign up to our Midland Tools E-Flyer and receive special promotions, flyers, event information and a monthly draw. No bevels to learn – Our tools are held flat on the rest and parallel to the floor. As well as our fast mail order services, we welcome visitors to our showroom in Dunstable to see on of the UK’s most comprehensive range of engineering tools and woodworking tools.

From first appearances, the Easy Wood Tools Easy Chuck body looks very similar to the mid sized body chucks available from many other manufacturers located throughout the world. At the last Cloverdale Woodworking show I looked at all the bandsaws and decided that when I made the financial comittment it would be with Laguna, I would be buying my first and last bandsaw.

A few quick references of support info, guides, warnings, and warranties for all your Freud cutting tools accessories. Our precise production process, strict quality, safety assurance and also the constant training and further education of our employees, ensure that you as a customer and user can expect a woodworking machine with outstanding quality and many, many years of precision. We also now accept Paypal for Tools – simply choose this option on checkout and you will securely be taken to the Paypal website to complete the transaction.

One more thing,there is a woodworking show that comes to the lowermainland in the fall,not sure if it goes to the island ,but if it doesnt its worth the trip (wood workers heaven). He invited woodworkers and non-woodworkers alike to come out and experience the great hobby of woodworking all under one roof. Maybe my standards are really high, but I still expect more precise machining on tools.