Tutu Tablecloth

Fabric for the tabletop – make sure your piece is wide enough to fully overhang all sides of the table. Collecting vintage tablecloths is a hobby one can do relatively easily since the tablecloths are still common enough to find at thrift stores and garage sales-as well as quite affordable. We can also create table skirts that drape, fold and flower to accentuate a bridal party or guests of honor. I also bought the fabric in another color to make a skirt for my daughter’s vanity. I think you would go through ALOT of velcro doing it that way – and spend alot of time lining up the edges and getting everything straight.

You will need to cut 2 (or 3) main pieces: 1) the top of the skirt, 2) the sides of the skirt, and 3) material to make piping (optional – see Step 1 above). It would be quite nice if you were able to cut a piece of wood and make the table top octagon, hexagon, or square even, then you could do a nice box pleated skirt, which looks a little more tailored.

One day it occurred to me to marry the espresso fabric with the hideous table and finally cloak the cord explosion. Now that the tulle has been tied onto the elastic, keep going until you reach your way all around the table. We thought about renting them, but realized that would also be very expensive, (Rentals can run $100 plus for the head table alone).

Important – Before cutting fabric: If your fabric has a pattern on it, make sure to line the pattern up on each section of fabric that will be joined or seamed together. Alternatively, after applying the first layer of tulle, you can place more elastic around the edge of the table and create a second layer in the same or a different color to create a fuller skirt. It may also help to sketch it out (see photo above of my design for this project).

NOTICE: Stapling into your table with staples that are only about as long as half of the thickness of your table top will not damage the playing surface but may void any warrantee on your table. In this picture you can see the corner of the top of the skirt and the pleat on the side piece. TOTAL TULLE YARDAGE= ((2 x (table diameter x 3.14)) / ruffled width of tulle) x desired length of tablecloth – then divide that whole number by 36″ to convert inches into yards.

For the fullness in the completed photo, we used 6 rolls of tulle for a standard rectangular table. To Attach the tulle to the elastic, fold one strip in half and then place the loop over and behind the elastic. Starting at one end of the table, take your table skirt and press the back loop fastener onto the clip, working around the table – pulling taught as you go along – and making sure to press the two sides together firmly. If you need to seam fabric together to make one long piece of continuous fabric, add 2 more inches to allow for joining fabric together. Weight the fabric down on the table so that it doesn’t shift when you’re cutting.

If you have a unique sized table, you will want to look at getting custom table skirts created, which can be made to fit any size you need. I made a farmhouse table as well with purchased farmhouse legs, but I also like the look of the 4×4 legs and they are cheaper. Start off by folding your tulle pieces in half and slipping the tulle under the elastic on your table.

I highly suggest lining the table skirt and adding a small welt cording at the bottom. They’re offered at a discounted price when purchased with skirting and are a true space saver – your skirts can be tucked away in a closet until needed. This will save you the headache of figuring out which one was meant for which table down the road. Lastly, before I placed the pins, I wrapped the elastic around the table VERY tightly!

If you are looking specifically for a Mardi Gras table skirt, or a 4th of July table skirt we have them as well. We did this by applying a heavy coat of polyurethane on all the table surfaces (legs, skirt, & top) but not enough so the liquid pooled. It adds beauty to the room and space and as a bonus, it covers an ugly, plain table and any storage underneath. First, we covered the table with the rectangle table cloth then ran some double sided tape around the edge. This table cover will take a couple hours to make, but it’s definitely worth the time if you’re trying to do craft fairs on the cheap.

Many times I will pull out the longest measuring tape I have, then run it around the edge of the furniture I want to cover, occasionally bending it back on itself to try to approximate the design I am going for and see how many of inches of fabric that really involves. Step One – Figure out how much/long you need your string to cover the front and sides of your table.

It looks like your table fits two chairs on the long side, but the Ana White table held 4. I’m looking for plans that fit 6 chairs total so I think yours might work better for us! Then, using a staple gun, attach the panel to the table on the underside of the fold you just ironed. I also just found some great plastic tablecloth rolls at The Reject Shop for $8 each! Our personalized monogrammed table runner is the perfect addition for the gift table at a wedding.

Sink skirts can vary in size and design to accommodate the space they will occupy and can be used in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. You don’t want to go to all the work of sewing your skirt and then have it shrink if you have to wash it at some point in the future. Depending on how thick you want your table skirt, reflects on how much tulle you will use at one time and how tight you will tie the knot. Just feed one piece after the next into your sewing machine (please use a ruffling foot – PLEASE!!).

The first one is made of real Raffia in our Raffia Table skirting which is available in two different colors. Create your tulle pieces by unwinding your tulle rolls onto the cardboard piece that is the length of how far you want the Table Skirt to hang. Then we drilled a pilot and counter bored holes at the both ends going through the table and into the skirt. Our banquet table skirts are available in many colors of satin and polyester fabrics. Table skirts offer more coverage than typical tablecloths that leave the legs and space under the table exposed. I will add another picture tonight of the long edge of the table to show this better.

For a dressing table which has arms that open out, cover the top with a piece of fabric cut to fit the top, plus 2″ around all edges. Table skirting can divert your attention for the awful sight of that cheesy superhero attire by giving you a pleasant visual on which to fixate, other than those horrible decisions for wedding themes. Instead of one solid piece for the sides of the table skirt, you will need to cut several pieces and stitch them together. My table is 45″ in diameter, so 45″ x 3.14 = a circumference of 141″ I am going to need to ruffle strips of tulle so that, once ruffled, the tulle goes all the way around the circumference of the table.

It’s no secret that I love vintage patterns, crafts and fabrics-and that includes tablecloths. For my table skirt, I added a floral band of fabric at the bottom of the skirt, so in this picture I am cutting out the strip. This allows me to actually put it on the piece of furniture I’m covering and make minor adjustments before sewing the hem. If you are using a solid-color fabric, you may be able to use one single piece of fabric for the sides of the table skirt (depending on the weave of the fabric and the length of your skirt). Depending on how big your table is and how full you would like the table, you may need more rolls.

Take a piece of paper , write what table it was for (maybe even the length of it if you don’t know which table yet) and then attach it to a few pieces of the fabric with a safety pin. I recommend buying a several larger gingham and plain tablecloths in primary colors to show off your smaller tablecloths. Begin by covering the table or tables with the tablecloth Then, wrap the elastic around the edge of the table and secure it with fabric glue and a pin.

You didn’t mention whether or not you basted before you sewed the Velcro on. Whether you use Velcro or gripper tape it takes some skill to keep the gathers smooth while you are guiding the tape, etc. If you still have any question concerning how to skirt a table, we encourage you to call our knowledgeable customer service agents, we’d love to help you!