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Locally, replacement batteries for the 19.2 run $60.00 ($180.00 to replace 3), For the small fee you charge, I figure you saved me $160.00+…Glade that I didn’t toss these batteries years ago…Bummed out that I tossed my Versa Pack batteries, chargers and tools many years back due to the battery issue…Can’t win them all, but this is now a lesson that will be used for the rest of my life…Thanks.

Having to upgrade from Dewalt’s 18V platform to a completely new Li-ion system, rather than simply being able to upgrade to latest generation tools and batteries as needed, is not the happiest situation to be in. The need to upgrade everything could be delayed with the purchase of new 18V batteries and replacement or upgraded tools as needed, but that’s just postponing the inevitable need for a complete upgrade.

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I agree with Jerry – I have a ton of old 18v tools that work very hard – i just purchased some traditional 18v batteries to replace some dead ones on CPO and using the current discount picked up two batteries for under $100.00. There’s no real need to move to the 18 li-ion but if you do just get one with a charger – those batteries will work in your older equipment.

I took a NOS laptop battery from a discontinued laptop (you can get them for cheap if you know the right people) and transferred the lithium cell pairs (cells are paired in parallel for more capacity, and then pairs are wired in serial, just like in your pic) from the laptop battery to my Bosch 12V electric drill’s battery (originally NiCd 1.4Ah 12V).

I’ve successfully resurrected two 14.4 volt cordless drill batteries, a 7.2 volt cordless drill battery and several Versapak batteries using the easy resurrection method. If you do decide to go the rebuild route, your battery pack must be the kind that have screws to hold the top and bottom together. Dewalt cordless tool battery dewalt power tool battery 12v battery dewalt dewalt xrp battery 18v battery charger dewalt. My Dewalt batteries 18 v cost 190 US dollar here in Sweden and now i fixed it with your method. Our high-end nimh battery packs can deliver more energy than 3x the run-time of basic nicd compact battery packs.

It was just what I needed to fix older dead batteries, and removal of the old and installation of the new was fast and painless (you do need a Torx screwdriver to take out the Dewalt screws; the seller has nothing to do with this. My grandfather’s & father’s company was the sole distributor for Black&Decker and DeWalt for Malta for over 50 years until 2 years ago when the company dissolved due to the family becoming too big to agree on even the simplest issues. After using your method on battery #2 I slid it into my charger and for the first time in 4 months it started charging!

And you also told me how to repair the one’s that won’t come back for less than half the cost of a new one so a big THANK YOU. Each cell reads about 1.2V. So an 18V pack will have 15 cells in it. The cells are taped or shrink-wrapped together, to keep vibration from loosening the contacts. Have used it almost every evening driving a few long screws and just checking out how the rebuilt battery is working.

When I got to it dead laptop battery) each cell had 1.4 volts (almost made me think they were NiCads and fully charged.. but the pack wasnt pushing anywhere near 11 volts.). At finish they each are now holding 3.6 volts until I use the drill, then they drop to 2.775 ish. I haven’t felt the need to do the li-po rebuild yet, but it is still on the cards as soon as one dies.

To get 18v I believe you would need fifteen 1.2v batteries, which would clearly not fit. This is so Kool even a kid could do it. I Tried the Easy Resurrection first and my Battery took a Full Charge. Hence, many of the half-informed and incorrect comments about the Makita 18V LXT battery platform on this site. Your material on Battery Resurection was spot on. I had two Dewalt 18 volt batteries that were loosing their ability to hold a charge and their run time was also decreasing. In most cases i ended up using a hacksaw to slowly cut all around the battery at the seam about 3mm deep all around should be ok.

I used… to resurrect a Craftsman 16.8 battery that has been dead for about 4 years. It’s faster (and better for the environment) than battery rebuild services which require slow, expensive shipping. Rick, I bought the battery resurrection guide Friday and read over it. It sounded to simple to work. Whereas the Makita or other good drills may have a battery with a 3200 maH rating. My pool boss uses Dewalt 20v and has now started buying M18 Fuel while another co worker uses exclusively Ryobi One+ for both pool work and timber flooring work.

The local Farm & Fleet store is currently selling two 18V batteries for $110, which is a bit better than $80 for one. The only better deal is to order the cells yourself and learn how to rebuild the packs yourself. At first, I just bought new replacement DeWalt Batteries, then my local hardware store said they could send the old ones off for a rebuild. I’m working on my first battery and all seem to be going just as you said my battery had 4 bad cells thanks. I put it back in the charger and now it is charging up. The charger didn’t say replace the battery.

OK, if you can work a crimper there’s a good chance that there’s a harbor freight 18V battery pack that can provide new cells that will drop right into your DeWalt 18V battery shell. Battery dewalt guide repair 7.2 battery dewalt 14.4v battery dc9091 dewalt pack xrp 9.6 battery dewalt battery dewalt power replacement tool. It’s not cheap but I’ll definetly use them again as I’m sure my second battery is near it’s last charge.