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Only two kinds of cedar grow in Canada – eastern white (or northern) and western red. Note: Eastern red cedar (Juniperus Virginia), the aromatic wood used for chest and closet linings, isn’t suitable for furniture and outdoor projects, so the information here doesn’t pertain to it. Moisture exchange will happen more rapidly at warmer temperatures, but there is no thermal movement of wood worth measuring. The authors concluded that the chemical preservatives used to treat the wood could also have been responsible for these adverse effects. For most of our water-based wood glues, it is often best to use a damp cloth and remove excess glue before it has dried.

If Titebond Wood Glues are accidentally spilled on clothing, it is important to immediately wet it with water and keep it wet until all adhesive is rubbed off of the clothing. Soak cedar paper grilling wraps in water, wine, or apple juice …in a dish, or oversize zip lock bag for 10 minutes. Back in the day, arsenic was used to treat PT wood and make it weather-resistant, but that was replaced with copper.

When using fastening nails near the end of boards, it is best to drill holes to avoid splitting the wood. If you’re sawing wood a lot, there is a real concern for breathing any of the dust. Instead, OSHA is making this determination on the basis of the findings in the dozens of studies reporting on the respiratory, irritant, allergic, and carcinogenic properties of wood dust. Sun Cedar has also partnered with community groups, including the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, and offers support such as 12-step programs and GED tutoring. This highly prized wood of uncommon appearance is admired for its distinctive, uniform yellow colour and its fine texture and straight grain.

This is especially pertinent to cedar users because so many use the wood outdoors. Reactions are more frequent among persons older than 40. Freshly cut wood is much more likely to be an irritant than older, seasoned wood. We built ours with certified sustainable western red cedar, a wood that is responsibly harvested and will stand up to the elements outside your door.

Of course everyone recognizes those hazards that cause immediate and traumatic injury-blades that cut fingers and limbs, wood chips and fragments that fly into eyes, loose clothing or long hair that catches in whirling machinery, smashed fingers and toes, muscle strains from heavy lifting. Cedar is a natural wood for longevity and an excellent wood choice for various applications. The moisture in wood is chemically bound in the walls of the wood cells and cannot freeze.

The timber is light because of more low-density early wood and less high-density late wood within the annual growth rings. But cedar has one big drawback: It’s expensive — more expensive than PT wood, no question. Gene Wengert—having taken an interest in woodworking since 7th grade shop classes—was employed by the US Forest Products Lab as a college student starting in 1961.

Disclaimer: The technical specifications provided herein are those provided by the principal suppliers of Western Red Cedar in British Columbia, Canada. To most woodworkers, concern about the cancer-causing potential of wood dust overrides all other health worries. Cedar is usually not used as a structural component in construction for it is much weaker than redwood, cypress, and pressure treated lumber. Objections were raised by the Inter-Industry Wood Dust Coordinating Committee (Exs. Homes with wood stoves and no humidity control can see EMC swings of up to 11%.

Pressure-treated wood is primarily suited to outdoor structural applications, such as posts and joists for decks. Also, if it is actually natural and not treated at all, might even make cedar plants to cook food dishes with, such as cedar plank salmon. As a last resort, you may choose to dry the wood in your shop if the shop’s EMC is low, and have any shrinkage problems show up before the wood is installed.

In addition, the NIOSH report mentions that many researchers have found that the normal functions of the mucous membranes in the nose, throat and lungs were impaired in workers exposed to wood dust for more than ten years. Von Rydingsvard has to be strong to do what she does — not only to muscle around those big chunks of wood, but also because after all these years, she’s become allergic to the cedar. A number of wedges would be driven along the length of the log, causing the wood to split and allowing broad planks to be plied off.

Or, use a knotty rough-sawn cedar and dispense with careful adjustments to produce a rustic planter well suited to life outdoors. Cedar is usually less expensive than many of the other options available, and because of this, is an excellent choice for a project. These symptoms have been observed even at wood dust concentrations below 4 mg/m3. Over the next few years I began to develop a little cough after the odd time I worked with cedar. Furniture makers may use the Wagner Meters MMC210 Digital Proline” Moisture Meter to discover if the cedar’s MC is good to go prior to construction of a cedar chest.

In response to those commenters who argued that none of the studies described by OSHA presented sufficient dose-response data to be used as a basis for establishing a limit, the Agency emphasizes that it is not relying on any single study to determine that wood dust presents a significant risk of material health impairment. Composite wood can be made from a combination of ingredients, such as polyethylene or polypropylene mixed with glass, wood fibre, wood flour, as well as other wood and recycled products.

This article was intended to help carpenters and contractors understand wood and wood movement due to natural moisture content changes. The only way to accurately predict wood movement is to know the MC of the material when you receive it. Moisture content is measured using a moisture meter. Many commenters took exception to the review of the health effects evidence for wood dust presented by OSHA in the preamble to the proposed rule. The oils produced by the wood species also give cedar its distinctive and pleasant aroma.

Abraham White Weasel, the shop superintendent at Sun Cedar, said he was formerly homeless and struggled with alcoholism before he started working at Sun Cedar about a year and a half ago. In the swamp we cleft the cedar down to manageable pieces ready to carry out to the road and got rid of the heart rot. While pressure-treated wood provides excellent weather resistance, it is not recommended for applications such as picnic tables where it might come into contact with food.