Build A Custom Cutting Board Canadian Home Workshop

For a more refined method of cutting, a sturdy wood cutting board and quality bread knife will do the job best. Segment: Females, 18-55 Comparison Set: 101 similar articles, including: kohler pro cookcenter, laptop kitchen accessories, and clever cutting board organizers. The solid bamboo cutting board is durable so you can cut anything on it. Hand wash only. I included a section on fiinishing the board and recommended mineral oil, sorry if you didn’t see it. I highly recommend taking his class at Techshop San Francisco where you get to make this exact cutting board! If you want to put a decorative edge on your cutting board then do that now using a router.

It’s fastest and easiest to rip the tongue side from all of the wood material before resetting the fence and moving on to the groove sides. For wood boards, Chad Ward’s An Edge in the Kitchen offers two cleaning techniques if you need more than a quick, soapy wipe-and-dry after chopping. I learned more about the local creative community and the inspiring people and culture of Edmonton in that few hours making a cutting board, than most of my trip!

As noted earlier, the Prepworks board requires a rag, towel, or, in a pinch, a moistened paper towel underneath it to stay in place on a smooth counter like granite or composite. For anyone who knows the true terror of being hangry (angry because you’re hungry), this ‘hangry’ chopping board is a must have in the kitchen! After the cutting board dries, hand sand it lightly with 220 until it feels smooth again.

With the whole board sanded to 220 grit, wipe the entire surface with a damp paper towel so the surface is wet but not flooded. The Dexas 14- by 17-inch Pastry Super Board ($14) feels smooth under a sharp knife, and the surface has a roughed-up texture that keeps food from slipping. Rich-colored cutting boards, like maple and walnut cutting boards, typically have beautiful grain patterns and can make a bold statement in any kitchen. As we’re all well aware, there are many excellent cutting boards for us to choose from, and now we can add one more to the ever growing pile.

This large board helps you optimize your work area by converting counter room to your chef’s zone. It was certainly considered—and one of our chef experts was particularly concerned with it—but if you regularly sharpen (and steel) your chef’s knife , none of the cutting boards we considered will cause you to lose your knife edge midway through dinner prep. This intricately crafted Apple Wood Cutting Board, inspired by the device of the Cupertino-based company, has a classic wooden food safe oiled finish. Next, we’re going to get that dried out wood looking rich and beautiful as it was when you got your cutting board brand new. If you leave water on the board, it can sink into the wood and create mold quickly.

We also recommend washing the board using water with dishwashing liquid before first use and avoiding washing the board in dishwashers. Of course, you’ll learn more cooking techniques as you progress, but you can start with a beautiful and trusty wooden utensil. Re-Seasoning: Wooden boards need oiling or re-seasoning once a week to seal the grain against bacteria. Pour a similar amount of hydrogen peroxide on the cutting board and rub it in to fully coat the board.

Glass and wooden cutting boards will often have designs that will create a piece of art, then can be used in the kitchen for either food preparation or serving. However, Cook’s Illustrated notes that end-grain boards, though self-healing, are more prone to wood warping, so both end-grain and edge-grain cutting boards have their advantages and disadvantages. If you choose to make your design symmetrical, start from the center and work your way towards the edge. For all cutting board styles, your logo can be engraved on the front or centered on the back. All of the cutting board options provide top quality compact designs that are easy to store.

When making an end-grain cutting board you get to determine the thickness of your board based on the cuts you make (step 9). The thickness of the lumber just determines the width of the individual strips on your board. Ooh, I love those cutting boards (maybe even more than the spoons because the cutting board sometimes gets taken to the table to cut cheese or bread on. I think it would be so much fun to think up a design and create gifts like these boards.