Vintage Craftsman Table Saw

A good quality table saw can make short work of construction, renovation, or DIY tasks. I happened to be in the middle of a large project though when I got it. So I started ripping with the craftsman and cross cutting with the ridgid. It took a little longer than a standard install but the work was well worth it. The fence is a vast improvement over the old fence. It has 2 motors but 1 is an extra, he showed me the saw works and showed me an identical motor that he has an extra of, said he got it with the extra motor. This Vega fence (and PALS attachment) turned my 30 year old craftsman table saw into a truly accurate saw.

For me, the cost is worth having a very precise saw that is easy for one person to move around. I plan to use your table saw model number to follow-up with Sears because their motor prices appear to be better than Sears. But I have one of these hanging on the wall at my shop where it will continue to hang until all the others are dull, broken, and I have nothing else that will fit on the saw. Sears PartsDirect has a large inventory of repair parts to choose from for almost any Craftsman power saw.

I have several power tools-did remodeling for several years and built houses for HfH-had one bearing in a miter saw fail. Doug, I’m just about to send an old table saw (read heavy as a mo-fo and useless as all get out attempting to cut anything) to the dump. Then rotate the blade so that the marked tooth is toward the back of the table opening, and measure the distance from the tooth to the miter slot.

When you’re ready to take it to the next level I wrote a couple articles on this site about some table saw mods I did -Magnetic-Motor-Starter/ -Table-Saw-Rip-Fence-Build/ I think they make a Craftsman table saw much nicer. I would think that cast iron saw would be quite an improvement over one of them, especially with an induction motor instead of a circular saws universal motor powering it. I installed the 26 model in about half an hour and now have a precision fence that rivals any brand on my 50’s Craftsman 10 inch saw. These fit and function on radial arm saw stands, table saw stands, and various other Craftsman products.

The fence’s steel or aluminum spine should be stout enough not to flex on the outfeed side of the saw when pushing hard against it, and of course the front clamp should lock it down securely to the front fence rail. Perhaps my ignorance is showing, but I have never heard of a T handle that would be used on or in relation to any table saw top. The notch that locked this in is what I have tried to correct in the past and it kept doing it I squared it up many times to the fence but it always would slip free again.

I checked my fence allignment and everything I could think of with no luck and then put an old blade back on. I love the Freud blades – I’ve used a Diablo for years, and in fact, I replaced the Avanti with a Freud glue line ripping blade that is fantastic. As with the two previous reviews, I installed the Vega on my OLD Craftsman 10 inch saw. I actually have an old 10″ steel top Craftsman table saw handed down from my Dad.

I use a Craftsman tilting arbor saw my dad bought in 1950.I was able to buy a table extension in the for the tilt table saw I would not use one.Sears sold a lot of nice 10 inch table saws, I see them used for sale often at low did sell a clunker with a direct cable drive, avoid those. Place insert in table with end screw and finger hole at front and starter pocket located over blade.

They are riding on a century of a good reputation but in my opinion no longer deserve it. BUT your old saw is probably a gem, and I’ll bet you couldn’t buy that quality now for many hundreds of dollars. I have one of these that’s been outside for a while because it doesn’t fit in my garage and I’ve never considered it very viable as a table saw…maybe I should look into using it now.

I didn’t have the motor mounts to be able to install the motor, didn’t have the manual for the saw, and don’t really even know what model or year it is, so I have no reference point to start at for any of this. In fact, it’s only been the past 20 years or so since table saw fences across the industry have gotten better, because end users demanded it. And these days, it’s tough to find a really bad” rip fence.

If you can find the actual model number on your saw (not 100) type it in instead, although the number above is representative of all of them. It will be replaced by a Unisaw that I’ rebuilding It will have a VerySuperCool Table Saw Fence System. It kind of reminds me of my saw that didn’t have a stand to sit on or a motor mount but it did have a motor. Choose from a variety of shipping methods and speeds to ensure your parts arrive when you need them.

The time it takes to get your replacement parts could mean the difference between meeting or missing a deadline. It did not do anything to the integrity of my saw by drilling on it but it sure did make my saw so much more reliable and usable on higher quality projects. Back in the day there were some number of the circular saw bolted upsidedown models to be found, they were in fact junk. All I know is I have this saw and I want it to go in just this spot in my shop… no plan on how to get from step A to Z. I have one as well and I made a stand with castors and it rolls around like a dream.

Increased working surface from blade to front of table; tilting arbor provides an always-level working surface; all hand-wheel controls are conveniently located for easy adjustment. Well, in honor of crossing the 100 posts mark on Garage Journal, I thought I’d celebrate with a new thread on Craftsman table saws. I’d say if the first was his issue, the cost of lumber was far cheaper than a used $600 saw he may still have to spend time on.

That part may have been used for 10 years or more before they revised it, but I would think that you could say your saw is probably in the 1969 to early 1975 range. Having the manual lets you know what the machine should be, what parts to order if need be, and how to properly use/maintain the tool. If it has the arbor swing arm, I’ll scan and e-mail you my manual (I found it, actually a single sheet with 6 panels to it) which has detailed (sort of, kinda of loosen this nut and pry here)instructions. I have in my life used many Craftsman tools and even owned one Craftsman table saw, the only Craftsman power tool I have ever owned I am happy to say.

If it is convertible 110/220 I have seen this happen when set for 220 volts but trying to run it on 110 and yes I have seen a 110 v power plug being used for 220 v. I like old machines, my Craftsman table saw (1993) was built in Kentucky but the 6 inch joiner I bought from Sears 2 years ago was built in China. KING HD SAW WITH ACCURFENCE FENCE125.00,TAPER JIG,PANEL JIG,AND MANY MORE,ALSO HAVE ORIGINAL FENCE AND TABLE TO GO WITH IT.

Put machined steel pulleys and a link belt on it – and I can stand a nickel on edge and turn the saw on/off and the nickel stays standing!! They have been easy to rebore arbor holes for my metric Delta saw and they say they do custom. Getting the inexpensive saw might give you the opportunity to find out how much you’ll use one. UPDATE: When I said the fence doesn’t work, I was referring to the so-called micro adjustment… not the locking lever.