How To Make An Upholstered Bench Out Of An Old Coffee Table

Use it in an entryway, hall, bedroom or wherever you need a multi-purpose seating solution. After a 3 week stay in the NICU, the babies went home, and the visitors came, and lots of cuddling happened on that bench (and everywhere else in the house, oftentimes standing up and rocking back and forth). Seeing as how his room is mostly green and blue, yellow makes perfect sense, because yellow and blue make green. And if you make something similar, basket for the toddler toys would definitely fit underneath. You want to make sure you pull it taught, but not too tight, or else you will put pressure on the foam and cause wrinkles.

Cut away as much batting/fabric as possible on the corners pieces, you don’t want them bunched up or your seat will not sit flush on the base. Tip: My diamond drill bit was not as big as I wanted the holes, so I used my fingers to pull the foam apart to make bigger holes. Well, I have been wanting to turn the bottom of this table into an upholstered bench for YEARS. Your back foam should be softer than your seat foam, since there’s a lot less pressure from leaning back and you want a bit of give there.

A stylish choice for kitchen and bar counters, this Grandisca bench features modern design, comfortable upholstery and silver nailhead trim perfect for sharing with a loved one. I have been itching to build an upholstered ‘something’ in my house which led me to this! That is why I’ve decided to feature this easy DIY where you can make your own custom upholstered bench!

Padded Benches – Lonny: Not only do the cushions on these benches make them more comfortable, but they also add a pop of color to the space. The project really is simple and you’ll no doubt find many benefits to having a bench this size like helping your toddler put their shoes on without their feet dangling or having to climb onto a grownup piece of furniture. Tutorial on how to make an upholstered, tufted bench on sewing drapes ( for the nonsewers!).

Glue the two MDF seat panels together and then glue the 1 x 2 x 48 rails along the center (Project Diagram, Drawing 2). Use painter’s tape to secure the parts while the glue dries. I like to fit” my pieces to make sure everything fits correctly before I move on to the next step. They’d make a lovely finishing touch in a bedroom, or look amazing in a nursery or playroom. Upholstered Bench – Studio William Hefner: This simple upholstered bench looks great in front of the wall of windows. Check if an upholstered dining bench with back would do the job and enhance the easy to assemble, simple and functional with 1 year limited warranty.

While it’s not perfect (don’t look too closely at some of my corners ;), I am so happy with how this little bench turned out. Upholstered in textured heathered, this bench has decorative stitches all around the seat and arm with storage bench with brown legs and armrest on both sides. Mix up your seating options in the dining room with a two person upholstered bench.

Timeless tradition blends seamlessly with the sophisticated styling of the Avignon fabric storage bench. The Furniture of America Bennett Industrial Padded Fabric Bench in Weathered Oak boast rustic elements that you’re sure to love and guests are guaranteed to admire! I made a bench today, a simple one out of 2x4s and a scrap piece of junk plywood, and put a drop cloth cover on it. And it was just kindof blah. I also chose to use 2″ x 2″ oak boards instead of 1″ x 2″ boards, which in Beth’s tutorial you have to glue together to make a 2″ x 2″ board.

Victorian Schoolhouse – CS Photography: It makes sense that this redesigned schoolhouse would have benches at the large dining table. The bench can actually hold up a lot of weight (both my husband and I sat on it without it creaking or breaking, so that’s a good sign). Single Two by Linfa Design is an oak wood bench with a cushion-style seat upholstered in black leather. Inspired by the elegance of Andrew Martin design, the Sky Storage Bench is a modern classic. The bench was built and everything worked out just fine (sorry for questioning it!

I cut the 1×8 – 6 ft common boards to my desired bench length of 64 in. This is the length that would best fit my dining room, as this bench will be a long bench for us to dine at. Of course, you can customize your own to the desired length. After pulling off 2 layers of fabric (holy moley dirty & dusty!) I was left with the wooden seat base. The long bench features a soft padded seat with durable upholstery, making it ideal for everyday use.