Best Cordless Drill For Metal, Wood, Plastic But Definitely Not People, No Sirree

The question of what brand of cordless tools someone should buy comes up on our forum every few months and countless other times when we talk with our friends. The latest developments in cordless tools is the addition of new battery technology that makes the tools lighter AND more powerful. It is equipped with a battery indicator as well that will allow you to easily track how much battery life you have left to complete the work. Look for a tool that has a high torque rating, which means it can drill into harder surfaces. Instead of going down for a new battery I just grabbed my brother’s M18 impact since he was off the roof at the time. This gives the bit extra power and is useful for changing things like lug nuts. Get another battery as well so you don’t have to start in the middle of a project.

Dewalt’s newest compact 20V max cordless drill is the $199 DCD791D2 which ranks as the best small 18v cordless drill, just 6.9 inches from front to back, and the best cordless drill under $200. Even though some companies have many models still available for sell, we tried to only include the newest 18v versions from each brand for our rankings. The unique grip construction makes sure that your hand remains comfy while you’re drilling into tough material.

As we stated previously in our first and foremost recommendation, there are different price points out there, and the higher you go in terms of price, the higher quality the drill will be of course. Gone are the days where we needed to be close to a power point and tethered to an electrical cord in order to drill through a concrete wall. Bunnings has a kit which I got for $359 consisting of a drill, impact drill, torch, 2 18v 1.3ah batteries and charger. Most of the drill drivers in this roundup will tackle basic DIY tasks but it goes without saying that you get what you pay for. You can buy cordless vacuums for around £100 or so, but we don’t recommend that you buy any of them.

The 300 inches-per-pound of torque and the 750 RPM helps power through tough material so drilling is a breeze. Our impacts are all Makita as well and usually you don’t have to worry about changing your battery for a day or two or fairly regular use. This Makita 18 Volt combo kit features two quality power tools that is designed for the serious DIYer or professional.

I regularly use cordless drills, impact drivers, recip saws, circular saws, hammer drills, and angle grinders, and it would be hard for me to buy into a battery system that did not include those tools. Our friends at Metabo have consistently impressed us with their lithium-ion battery technology, and they even offer a 3 year warranty on their batteries, which is pretty much unheard of in the industry.