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We offer a range of 19mm netting options to suit individual cat enclosure designs. The best part of this option is that it potentially allows for a completely outdoor litterbox scenario. The second reason you need an outdoor litter box, is it reinforces the litter box use indoors! The litter box has a handy lid for quick cleaning, and an enter hole for a cat. I had my house’s structure and some existing wood to work with, so I built a 12-foot-wide-by-4-foot-deep enclosure using two-by-fours, chicken wire and water-resistant netting for shade.

It features lots of space for cat trees and litter boxes, and it can be either freestanding or attached to a house. Having it cuddle up with you, purring and playing in it’s new outdoor Catio sanctuary. What can I add at the bottom to help with that ammonia build up at that bottom level. It also doesn’t make you feel that you have put your cat into a prison camp because usually it will blend with your garden.

The Lo-Rise Walk In Cat Enclosure still has a large door which is easy to reach through and ideal for topping up food and water quickly. A cat enclosure is an ideal way to provide your cat a healthy outdoor experience, whilst ensuring theirs, and the local wildlife’s safety. Outdoor space for indoor cats ~ I like how it is up off the ground so when other neighborhood animals come by they can’t taunt each other… and hopefully its high enough so rodents can’t get in the house either! If you don’t have a large yard (or any yard) to give your cat an outdoor enclosure, something as simple as a window box might be just the answer.

You can purchase professional window enclosure kits through several retailers as well, such as Cats With An Altitude and Habitat Haven Window enclosures range from simple window boxes where your cat can sit in one-foot square screened porch, to vast expanses that are 100 square feet in size. An outdoor cat enclosure and cat runs systems are an adventure playground for your feline.

While we have had one cat run over, which was terrible, we’ve also had one live 19 happy years (that one in particular was older than me at the time), while keeping her son for 16, where both went away of natural causes. You’ll need a couple feet of wiring that redirects the cat back into her yard if she climbs the fence.  Oh, and we can’t forget the door 😉  Because this enclosure is made out of individual panels, it’s easily removable if you ever decide to relocate to another house! As I said before, the ceiling is going to be tricky for that large of an enclosure.

Foster & Smith for $149.99. I added a coat of stain since the fountain was placed on the end of the enclosure exposed to the elements. Kate’s design expertise and Jackson’s cat behavior know-how combine to create cat-friendly environments that are sure to please both human and feline family members alike. Using her experience as a general contractor and her background in feng shui and color design, Chomos built two enclosures: a small window box where Serena spends her afternoons and a large catio for them to enjoy together.

There are now several companies in Australia (and I’m sure worldwide) who supply and install cat enclosures. He also has enclosed the back of his house with access for the cats to go from indoors to outdoors via a cat flap and aerial tunnels. We offer enclosures that connect to your home so that your cat can always stay close to you. Many outdoor cat runs, especially the ‘netting’ type do not have any solid area of roofing. Finding a safe way for your cat to enjoy the great outdoors is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your pet.

I can’t deprive my furries of the outside experience, but, both for their sake and the multitude of wildlife in my garden (I have many blue-tongued lizards for example) I’ll do the enclosure thing as soon as I can. My cats are free roaming in the backyard, but I set up containment measures on each bit of fencing so no cat can go in or outside the backyard. Inside they have high places to nap and a big cat tree, so I more then met my cats halfway!

Floor: Decide whether you want to build directly on grass, sand or dirt (which some cats might be tempted to use as a litter box) or construct a floor. If you have limited time or minimal carpentry tools and skills, you still have plenty of options for building a catio. It is important that cat enclosures are regularly checked for wear and tear, particularly so with the netting type.

A great addition to any home, our SunCATcher Outdoor Cat Enclosures will be a treat for you and your cats for years to come. Build it up in an area within the enclosure which does not recieve direct sunlight and which is relatively near to a door from your house. Generally speaking, as long as your kitty has access to fresh air and sunshine and she can walk around and stretch her legs in a safe spot full of all the beautiful smells of nature, your cat enclosure has fulfilled its purpose. Unless your enclosure is completely under a covered porch, like Diane’s, definitely think about making any other materials you use and items you put in your enclosure weatherproof.

By installing a cat enclosure, you can help your feline enjoy the outdoor environment without exposing him/her to predators or other felines that may pose the threat of a fight and injury. You can read all about it Homemade Catio – click on the link and let me know what you think! You can purchase the Just4Cats Do-it-yourself manual of outdoor enclosures at for $25 plus shipping.

Cat runs built outside your house, maybe enclosing the side of your house may be an option. If you opt for the Hi-Rise Walk In Cat Enclosure, you’ll have the benefit of a stable style door. Keep costs down by repurposing other materials with some online DIY inspiration, or go the kit route if you’re willing to pay more for convenience and craft. Thanks to it, the cat can stay some time in the garden, but protected enough, that’s not going anywhere. Most users find it keeps their cats safely contained, but some report that their cat has managed to push through the netting.

SIZE: 25m x 1.2m. Catnets is your one-stop shop for all cat enclosure and cat run netting products. Commercial kits and diagrams for enclosures available in various sizes and prices. Many have suggested small rocks for an outdoor litter box but I like the idea of oil dri better. The enclosure can be built in a size and shape you desire, but it is best to build it in a rectangular layout for simplicity’s sake. The Walk in Cat Enclosure offers the perfect combination of style and security.

It was greatly used and enjoyed by the cats, even though they had the outdoor enclosure after we built the outdoor enclosure. Perches: A catio is a great place to put a cat tree; some feature shelves or other scratching or climbing structures. I explored my options and decided that a chain-link kennel kit would be my cheapest and least time-consuming option for building an outdoor cat pen. I plan to build an enclosure for my cats here in the next month and amexcited by your diagram. Dora, on the other hand was an adult feral cat when we rescued her, so she was wise to the outdoors.

As it turns out, I’m not alone: Cat lovers all over the U.S. are turning to what are known as catios , whether we’re talking about a human health problem or a feline behavior issue. The enclosure can sit down directly on a deck, patio or grassy area, and its own weight will keep it from moving much (although it can be picked up and moved by 2 people). There are unlimited configurations to be made for your cat’s outdoor pleasure with these kits!

Then place 30lbs of Oil-Dri in the box and level out, and there you have it the outdoor litter box! Incorporating a cat enclosure into your cat’s daily living space will add a special element to his quality of life, no matter which type of enclosure you choose. That’s why you will find a variety of cat enclosure sizes here at The Cat Shack. The lightweight mesh of this roomypet enclosure allows your cat to have a breath of fresh air.

One can then make a tunnel from the enclosure to a window, not making any holes in the doors for a pet flap. I am so glad I kept looking at different sites and photos looking for screened cat enclosures. If you need a panel with a cat door in it for a door or window, that will cost you more than the enclosure itself (we had to buy and install an all-weather panel to fit against our sliding-glass door).

Hours from now you could be playing with your cat in it’s new outdoor sanctuary watching your kitty frolick in the sun, running, jumping,… finally getting the stimulation and exercise all cats crave. Almost all cats who are used to being able to run free outdoors will not be happy with this or any enclosure you build for him/her, at least at first. We have a cat door installed and now the cats can go in and out whenever they feel like it (unless I lock the cat door). Designs range from an ultimate feline paradise with cat trees and a kitty hammock to just a basic box that allows her to move around outside of the house without running away or allowing predatory critters in.

I wanted to keep her safe, healthy and happy, and really provide her with an enriching outdoor experience,” says Chomos, who was sitting in that space with Serena one day when she decided to turn her ideas into a business called Catio Spaces. With a cat enclosure, you must also cover the top of the enclosure with poultry wiring to prevent escape. Safe Cat Outdoor Enclosure : Detailed drawings and descriptions to create custom outdoor enclosures for cats and other small animals. For 5′ and higher fences, the pivoting fence extenders are attached near the top of the inside of your cat fence enclosure.