Road Trailer Buyer’s Guide

If you’re into towing a trailer behind your motorcycle, this blow-up tent trailer may be just right. Fiberglass body construction entered the U.S. scene in 1971 with the introduction of the first U.S.-produced mini travel trailer, called the Playpac. Over 230 old Timey Vintage plans- all on one CD. over 230 Old Timey Vintage plans on this CD!! If you’re just planning on camping at a c’van park on the coast, an on road or light offroad is perfect. These trailers can be custom built to match most vehicles on the road today including color, tires, and wheel size. First, select a base trailer to build up into the perfect survival masterpiece trailer.

The side eaves also often extend the house to a full width just under 8 1/2 feet (the road limit for trailers). Barry Bucknell, the designer and plywood pioneer, and my Dad developed the homebuilt ply trailer on a metal frame. I sent Alex some pic’s of the building process, think I have well over 200, but to give a general idea have only sent a few which if you scroll down, you can see what it would entail.

The cheap electrical plate wheel supports was not my idea, but borrowed and modified from a trailer design I saw on the internet. You can, however, build one, and it’s relatively easy because not only does Big Woody offer complete plans (we’ve seen all 153 pages, and the plans are quite complete and detailed) for the DIY guy or gal. We also have the Weekender Plus series trailer, which combines convenience of an enclosed trailer and the clearance of an off-road trailer, thus giving you a complete base camp trailer. Plan on showing my husband to try to get him into building one with me (he’s the cutter, I’m the planner).

So, rather than contract the wrong person to install a battery and charging system in his trailer, camping advocate Rob Sanderson decided to install the battery system himself. I like building things but I’m by no mean a very skilled professional when it comes to woodworking and things like that. Too much electrical current travelling the length of a camper trailer can cause thin wires to overheat, wasting vital current. We utilize aerospace technology and stainless folded aluminum to create a durable and lightweight off-road camper trailer. Before you even start building the camper, make precise drawings of every wall and the roof.

I attached all solar hardware to the trailer using the same type of self-tapping screws that drill directly into the metal ribs behind the exterior aluminum sheet metal. We hope it proves useful for anyone contemplating their own camper trailer build and encourage comments and questions on each page. Rob is the co-owner of , so he and his wife enjoy many hours on the road and at camping functions.

You will get a great deal of satisfaction when you’re camping alongside the RVs that cost as much as a house while you’re sleeping comfortably in your inexpensive, custom built camper. We’ve put together an 11-minute video explaining why we chose to go with a travel trailer vs. renting an apartment. As the worlds leading American manufacturer of military trailer products, Schutt Industry sets the bar by which all others are judged with the new XVENTURE severe-duty trailer.

I like this for the simple reason that I can drive the trailer in relative peace on the way to the trail, then let the banging begin once at the trail head, simply by swapping out the coupler for the lunette. I also have a herculiner kit to finish off the inside but that will be down the road. With either the Squidget or the Squidget Pop Top, you can step up from tent camping at a modest cost.

Regulations will include, but are not limited to, properly installed number plates, tail lighting and verification that you built the camping trailer yourself. Both solutions can help you find a way to live more simply, untethered from some building restrictions in the gray area between rentals and normal homes. We will also show you what the trailer looks like and how we found it. If you are not a video person, that’s fine, just continue reading the post! The SylvanSport GO can carry motorcycles, ATVs and even function as a proficient utility trailer, capable of carrying up to 1000 lbs.