How To Make A Padded Headboard

Take your bedroom style to the next level by adding a beautiful headboard. As you can see we used the ironing board to hold up the other side of the headboard since you needed to be able to get to the bottom of the plywood. Turning the headboard over begin staples the sides, pulling the fabric tight to create a smooth finish in the front. You can also see by the shape of the wood, we chose to take the headboard to the floor, rather than attaching support legs. One easy project that will add ambiance is to make your own upholstered headboard.

Pro tip: If you can afford it, buy multiple tufting needles and string through several buttons at once to save time and energy. The more strands you use, the stronger the tuft and button will be on the headboard. It inspired me to make my own headboard even though I didn’t have one to repurpose. The way the lighting in our room is in the morning time gives backlit lighting which makes it difficult to photograph a close shot of the headboard during this time of the day. After all, you don’t want the headboard banging against the wall every time you move!

Stick the needle through the corresponding hole in the headboard and pull through the button twine. Once you’ve finished all of the diagonals, your headboard really begins to look like something quite special!! For the design alter, I would like to make it wall mounted but framed to have a insert (hence the matching comforter) to be able to POP out when I change the bedding.

Continue with the other buttons in the top row, then be sure to staple those pleats in place as well. A straight upholstered headboard has little embellishment and is rectangular in shape. I am confident we could make another one much faster but we took our time to figure out the process and not rush through it. The instructions below will help you make your own Tufted headboard. We have plans to attach the entire headboard using a bolt system to the bed frame.

Can’t wait to make this for our bed ….sooner than later I hope…we are remodeling our house to sell and build a new one…so not so sure it will be soon…but it will at least be on my Pinterest board…waiting 😉 thank you!! Seriously, Mr. Woodsy contemplated for a month taking the entire headboard apart and redoing it. Because it wasn’t all flush and perfect. Our Oatmeal Linen Tufted Queen Headboard utilizes both grommets and buttons, but is versatile enough to pair with bold bedding and pillows.

Push the needle through one of the holes on a sturdy large button, which serves as a backing support behind the headboard for the covered button. Next, use a spray adhesive to attach your foam to your headboard and trim it to fit. I was looking at a website and found a headboard very similar to this but they were selling it for $1000! If you’re using something as thick as leather, you may want to cut a short slit at the corner to make folding easier. Repeat moving down and mark each hole, then move across until you have all of your buttons marked.

Here is a great DIY fence board headboard that you can make within less than two hours – just make sure you are fueled up with patience and inspiration for it! No worries – here you will find 30 headboard ideas that you can try, whenever you have some extra time at your disposal and you feel like trying something new for a change! The best part is you can make this for about 1/5 of the price of Pottery Barn’s version and if you happen to have some moulding left over from home improvement projects, you can make it for nothing. I am so excited to make all sorts of tufted furniture pieces using your tutorial!

Its burgundy crushed, and I thought I will make curtain from it. But after seeing some other pictures in your blog, I want to use this fabric for a luxurious look :). My husband and I have been talking about making a Headboard for as long as I can remember…I really want to make it happen now! Your instructions have been great but I am finding that a few things can be done a little differently to make it easier and wanted to share with you. Then attach 3 L-brackets to each leg, placing them so you can screw them into the back of the headboard.

This is a very innovative and unconventional type of headboard that will change the way you see your master bedroom, for real! Since 7 is odd, though, that meant in every other row the buttons needed to be between two holes – this worked out fine though. You may want to mark the front too, just so you have a visual of where your buttons will be on your finished project. You can check out my other two headboard projects, if you’d like more ideas…my daughter’s full headboard and my king headboard at my beach house. This made it very plush, but also very tricky to pull the buttons through and create an even depth.

Reattach the headboard to the bed by replacing the nuts and bolts, tightening them with the adjustable wrench. You will need to saw the door down to the size you need and then add some chair rail molding and a little paint and you end up with a beautiful wooden headboard that is completely customizable. Having your old headboard professionally upholstered can take a lot of time and money, especially if you aim for top-notch quality!

I did a dry fit where I laid out all the buttons on the back of the board on top of my pencil marks and good thing too, because I had made a measuring error, so I quickly fixed that. You’ll see that the corner was wrapped like a package-there is no wrong or right way to wrap your headboard. Vertical buttons: First we subtracted the space that the mattress would cover before beginning.