Protecting Your Floor From Rocking Chair Wear

Nick Gray Ltd offer a range of office chair mats, carpet protection and hardwood floor mats, from budget to high quality. Service Caster offers two methods for purchasing hardwood and laminate floor safe casters: buy select floor safe casters direct from our Online Store or call toll free 1-800-215-8220 to order soft floor safe casters. The floor grippers shown here have been designed to stop recliners from sliding around on hardwood floors. One option includes laying down an area rug , a piece of cardboard, or a floor mat under the chairs. An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) recommends recoating your hardwood floors every three to five years, and sooner in high traffic areas. We bought a 1955 rancher and DH is refinishing the living room and hall floors.

It may not be the best-looking or longest-lasting option, but if you’re on a tight budget or just using an office chair on your hardwood floors temporarily, you might want to consider using cardboard between them. The benefits of Hardwood Flooring are pure, Green and simple.” Wood flooring can last a consumer well over 100 years and has a renewable surface. It is not recommended for use on laminates, unfinished, newly finished, waxed or oiled floors, or for floors coated with finishes other than polyurethane. What that means to you is, they stay on and protect your beautiful hardwood floors.

If you have dark furniture you probably noticed that the chair legs are starting to be scratched up. The Flexi-Felt Clear will also help you prevent that. We recommend maintaining a normal relative humidity level of between 40-60 percent limiting expansion and contraction of the hardwood flooring. Note: The rib of the chair-leg socks offers some stretch so that the socks will fit a variety of chair legs. Although the wheels are less damaging to the floors, a protective cover helps to mitigate the wear and tear on the floor. Two situations arise with felt furniture floor protector pads that require ongoing attention from the end user.

This anti-skid rubber foam protection pads are great for protect floor and house hold surface from scratch caused by furniture, and also use to fill uneven legs of furniture and appliances. Wash the floor with a mild, oil-free cleaner such as Minwax® Hardwood Floor Cleaner Allow to dry completely. If you’re unsure of what type of furniture pads will be the best to protect both your flooring and furniture, contact us!

You can skimp on the price a little if you are buying for a hard surface floor (hardwood, laminate, tile, etc), but for carpet, make sure you buy a floor mat that is sturdy enough hold your weight without the wheels sinking down and indenting. You have probably seen some of the different types of furniture legs we can accommodate at the bottom of this page or on the videos. Slip them onto chair legs and you’ll be able to more easily move the chair around on the floor without worrying about scratches.

Besides, plants contain natural tannins, which when are dissolved, might react with iron present in the soil, creating the iron gall ink.’ This ink results in the black discoloration that can be commonly seen on nails in some of the older hardwood flooring. Never wet mop any Hardwood or laminate Flooring as the water can seep down between the seams of the boards causing the boards edges to cup upward and cause delamination or discoloration of the finish. Reviver quickly and easily renews the beauty of hardwood floors that are dull, scratched, scuffed or showing signs of wear. Some professionals recommend that you damp mop your hardwood floor and others cringe at the suggestion.

For the landlords out there, it may be a good idea to go ahead and provide an office chair mat to your tenant if you know they will be using an office chair. Hardwood Flooring that is available for this type of installation would be 5/16 – 3/4 thick tongue and grooved hardwood flooring that states it is allowed to be floated by the manufacturer. Protect expensive hardwood, marble, laminate, tile and vinyl floors from scratches, dents and paint stains.

For prevention of scuffs and scrapes, you may be more interested in these furniture socks, or padded protectors which cut down on scraping noises. Then let it cool and bond over night and you no longer have to worry about scratching your floors. It protects your furniture by preventing the dings and scratches caused while vacuuming or when moving your chairs. If an object like a rock or tack gets stuck to the wheel, it could easily scratch your hardwood floors as you move in the chair. If you also installed rubber wheels, and your chair rolls off the mat, the rubber wheels won’t damage the floor either. Heavy duty felt sliders will protect hard surfaces and countertops from getting scratched.

Remove shoes with spiked or damaged heels before walking on your hardwood floor; they can leave scratches or indentations in hardwood. That said, the more scratches and dents any hardwood floor receives, the more work and money it will take to repair it. Be warned: chair-leg socks will eventually wear out depending on how much you drag the chair around. Of course the classic way to protect a floor or carpet is to put down a plastic surface under your chair.

Dirt and debris press into the surface of plastic protectors that can be more damaging than coarse sandpaper when the chair is repeatedly moved across the floor’s surface. In comparison, Engineered Hardwood flooring is manufactured with multiple cross layers of plywood to increase stability with a thinner real wood top layer. Rolling an office chair across a hardwood floor can lead to scratches and eventually will wear the lacquer off the wood. It will be a great idea to place rugs beneath the legs of the furniture that do not need to be moved frequently.