Ion Battery Powered Tools

The 18v combi drill is one of the most popular powertools for tradesmen and builders. About two years ago I was faced with either buying relatively cheap NiCD batteries or lithium ion batteries for my aging DeWalt 18V XRP tools, or selling and replacing the tools, I opted to sell and go with Milwaukee’s M18 line – primarily due to DeWalt’s limited 20V Max line, and the glacial pace at which they were expanding the line (there were several tools I use semi-frequently that they didn’t have in the 20V Max line).

I have the bosch athlet and all round I find it far superior to the v 6. Why the v6 could not have batteries that could be charging whilst it is being used beats me. I think Dyson can learn a lesson from the building industry, imagine having a workforce that has to stop working after 10 to 12 minutes for 3 to 4 hrs for their tools to be recharged, it’s unbelievable.

Just curious, I’ve owned and run a maintenance/handyman company for almost a decade now and i’ve had a chance to use all types, I actually settled on a bosch professional 12v with 2.6amp batteries, if you’re roofing, or doing a lot of high load work then 18v can come into it’s own purely due the sheer amount of screws it can drive, But i’ve seen the extra tourque cause more problems then it’s saved, either by over tightening things, jarring wrists or snapping off screws.

Michael-Bay-inspired design notwithstanding, this 20V driver is well constructed and buried everything we could throw at it. With a growing arsenal of add-ons including jig, circular and reciprocating saws as well as a grinder and oscillating tool, Porter Cable tools should find a home in quite a few tool bags — especially with their budget-friendly pricing.

This kit is for the Pro DIY Professional and like the Bosch kit, good enough for the day job and is backed by a five-year warranty and a gigantic line-up of add-on tools for almost any niche application you can think of. The M18 Fuel lithium-ion power pack brings impressive power and long run times from tool to tool, including the Sawzall which is the best-in-class and the circular saw is on the same level of performance and construction.

If you need a drill that can consistently and quickly perform more aggressive work like driving long screws and drilling large holes, consider the Bosch DDS181-02 18-Volt Compact Drill/Driver Kit In total, we tested ten 18-volt drills, and the Bosch DDS181 delivered drilling and driving results that topped the competition, at a price that’s right in the middle of the pack.

In looking for models to test, we scoured retailers like Amazon , Home Depot , and Lowe’s We also checked in with all of the major drill manufacturers such as Milwaukee , Bosch , Craftsman , and DeWalt For the most part, we discounted any tools that come with only one battery, such as the Ryobi HJP004 It’s just not worth it to be stuck in the middle of a project, no matter how small, waiting for a battery to charge.

If you plan to buy into a cordless power tool platform, Milwaukee’s deal (link below) might offer more in the long run. It bested DeWALT by six more crosscuts on a 2×12, before the battery dropped off to sleep. As a general rule, the higher the voltage, the more power and speed the drill will be able to produce (simultaneously). This is apparent holding the tools side by side, but we doubt that anyone picking up the PS31 is going to call it uncomfortable. Using the 3/8-inch single sleeve chuck makes it useful for up to 90% of all applications. Ergonomically it is an excellent experience, due in part to the lithium-ion battery which also contributes greatly to the strengths of the motor.

Both tools have earned astoundingly high user reviews, and the kit comes with two batteries, an Energy Star qualified battery charger, and an aluminum storage case. The ability to have an edger, trimmer and lawn mower all in one tool means you don’t need to save precious storage for 3 different tools. Choosing best cordless drill for your needs can be quite a daunting task with all the products on the market today. Do yourself a big favor and buy an impact driver today and you will make your life much easier when you take on your next project!

It draws power from two Ni-cad batteries, which unlike Lithium-ion batteries can even function in cold climates. So I’ll be sticking with my present (and potentially growing) 20 volt DeWalt investment for big stuff but eyeing either the Milwaukee M12 or Bosch for 12 volt tools… Makes more sense for me to invest in a platform that shows continued growth and not abandonment. If your drill is going to get a lot of heavy use, make sure you buy one with gears.

Take a look at Makita’s drywall gun (BFS450H2), it fits the hand like a glove, using small battery you can work overhead all day-but the 1.5 ah battery only lasts 30 mins. We also would recommend this DeWalt drill, however, if you don’t use your tools for a living you might to look into a cheaper, more compact model. The introduction of the nickel metal hydride batteries extended the run time to 2.2, 2.6 and even 3.0ah but the battery was still heavy and your arms still got tired when working with 18v. This technology upgrade maximizes the speed and torque that the drill needs for every job so that battery life can be maximized.