DeWALT DW735 13″, Heavy Duty Thickness Planer Review

The 13″ Ridgid thickness planer is a new addition to the OPC workshop, and it fills a huge void in our tool arsenal. Fortunately, some tools combine the functions of a planer and jointer and allow you to switch between the two as necessary. And if I don’t want to use any of the presets, I can disengage the turret stop by dialing it down to the 1/8″ mark and I can plane down to that thickness. Even with the bag full the planer has no problem shoving more chips into the bag and slightly compressing what is in there. Snipe – Finally, planers have tendency to go for deeper cuts near the ends of the wood.

That thread did not seem to be down on the R4331 and indicated that the DeWalt machine was good too. The DeWALT DW735 is not the least expensive portable thickness planer on the market today but when it comes to the purchase of woodworking machinery I’ve always said, You don’t get what you don’t pay for”. The Makita, otoh, would just keep running, while the DeWalt may or may not last thru the years.

The powerful motor and ejection system on the DEWALT DW735X spews out an impressive amount of wood debris, and it spews it out with a lot of gusto. I wish to buy a planer and want to learn, I am not trying to challenge your opinion or question your knowledge as I will freely admit that I know VERY little here. Someone on the DeWalt #735 design team deserves a big gold star for adding the blower section to the motor. Hand planers provide the finest smoothing changes compared to electric models that must shave off a minimum thickness.

Has a thickness gauge to let you know where you are at. I have a piece of 5/8” melamine shelving in the bed so I have to subtract 5/8” for an accurate measurement. The four column carriage lock of the Dewalt DW735 is not that preferred by some consumers because it involves turning the locks in order to achieve the right angle. The solution is to have the most possible cuts per inch as the board travels through the planer. The DeWalt DW735R makes a great tool for those that are new to woodworking or those purchasing their first thickness planer.

If you’re not satisfied with the performance of your Dewalt DW735 , I highly recommend investing in a Shelix before dumping the planer for a different model. I don’t see how you cold use the machine without it since it sprays chips across the room.I was surprised how quickly the blades became damaged, producing raised lines on the wood. The DeWalt DW734 is an efficient and powerful planer offering 15 amps and 20,000 RPM from its motor.

The main benefit of the portable planer is its size, and the smaller size allows it to fit into tight work spaces. A thickness planer features a cutter head with knives, feed rollers to bring the wood into or move it out of the machine and a platform that can be adjusted in order to control the thickness of the board. The 735X also has great dust collection, thanks to an internal blower that helps evacuate chips. I must be some sort of planer modding savant, because the installation took me about 45 minutes, about half the time I’ve heard from others.

Ive a DeWalt that lives in my barn on a stand I made for it, on wheels like a wheelbarrow and my wheelbarrow fits under it to catch the shavings. So it was our responsibility to get all the lumber down to the same thickness and that’s where the Dewalt planer came into play. The planer has a 1/8″ maximum depth of cut, a width capacity of 13″ and a depth capacity of 6″.

Other features include a low profile design, fan assisted chip ejection system, automatic carriage lock, an adjustable turret depth stop, a large depth adjustment crank, material removal gauge, a large easy to read adjustable depth adjustment scale and a lockable paddle style on/off switch round out the features of this thickness planer. The DeWalt DW734 is almost exactly the same as the R4331, and they are priced the same too.

With a 19-3/4″ cast aluminum base, the DEWALT DW735X is 2X more rigid than a standard 10″ base and folding tables. The DeWalt gets my vote just for overall quality and out of the box set up. I’d also look at RIDGID if you can get them. I’ve got the Dw735 and yes the sharpness of the knives are short-lived in my opinion. I have used a planer with no Helix cutter and never had a problem, to me it is just not needed at all.

Or do you have a realistic fair guide price for the Dewalt assuming it in good condition, any help and guidance will be appreciated the more the merrier. The DeWalt Planer DW735 certainly lives up to its promise of delivering high-quality wooden works. The outward appearance of this planer actually is obvious in terms of quality and material. Even its price is affordable which means that this may be the best planer saw to purchase at this time. After unpacking the tools, we noticed some differences, but none stood out as much as the Craftsman planer. The DW735 is an excellent tool, and everything I would ever need from a planer.

By putting three knives on the cutter and allowing for two roller speeds the planer achieves 96 or 179 cuts per inch, more than enough for a fine surface. It’s ironic that this re-sharpen DeWalt 735 knives” thread would come along now. It also works well on damp and freshly cut wood just as nicely as it does on dry wood. That said, we used a DeWalt DW733 (earlier model to the DW735 you’re showing) at the foundry. Yes, you can pick it up and move it but it’s definitely a set it and forget it” planer in my opinion.

Incorrectly using a wood planer creates consequences that only increase work time, wasted wood product and the final cost to finish the project. As mentioned earlier, there is a 4” dust port on the back of the planer that makes dust collection a breeze even without a dust collector. As I mentioned, the DEWALT DW735X is a VERY solid, well-constructed tool, and I expect to get many years of use out of it. It’s well thought out, with a lot of pro-grade features. It comes with an attachment that redirects the flow of wood shavings that fly out. I just read some of the reviews and was surprised to hear about trouble with breaking gears.

Although the DW735 is considered a portable” thickness planer it does tip the scales at beefy 92lbs (42kg) but DeWALT has incorporated a large pair of carrying handles into the top of the unit making carrying to a job site or moving the planer around the shop, a lot easier. Read reviews regarding roller slippage and cured the problem with a fine coat of paste wax on the infeed /outfeed table ,now have no stoppages even working fiddleback redgum and jarrah.

As you can see in the photo, the maple shavings” on the left side of the picture, from another one of my portable thickness planers compared to the planer chips” that came from the DW735 pictured on the right. We cover horse power and motor specifics in each review but most of the planers here have motors in that will be similar. The R4331 Ridgid thickness planer features the Sure-Cut carriage lock to securely lock the cutter head in place. I had the planer near the front of my 24′ deep garage, and it distributed a wake of chips all the way to the back wall. If it is time to add a planer to your shop, or upgrade from an older model, the DeWalt #735 is a must see.

I now also have the Dewalt and it seems OK but I don’t have very much time on it. The cool thing about the disposable blades is that they are cheap and they change out very quickly. Thickness planers can be used to reclaim warped and uneven wood pieces and prepare them for new projects. The slower rate produces 179 cuts per inch, more than any other planer on the market.

The only thing that comes to mind is that at least the Dewalt blades are double sized for about the same price seen on Infinity. Looking around at this planer you might notice there are two models available, the DW735 and the DW735X. Insert the workpiece and rotate the handle until the gauge comes into contact with the top of the workpiece and the red indicator arrow begins to move up. As you continue to lower the cutting head, the arrow will indicate how deep the planer will cut, up to 1/8”.

I can only hope that DEWALT continues offering this great product for many years to come. I really like the depth stop, which assures perfectly even thickness of each board. It is essential to take the time and effort to completely understand how to operate a wood planer in addition to practicing with the guidance of an experienced user before using one for serious projects. However, a planer can be a costly addition that many people are hesitant to buy right off the shelf.

Flip the red switch and feed the first two or three inches of the workpiece into the machine until you feel the rubber friction drums pulling the wood in. After installing the Shelix I sent a piece of white pine through the planer just to verify that I hadn’t accidentally built The Mangler No one died and the test piece came out smooth, quietly, and far faster than it would have with any of Dewalt’s blades. This system works so well that when I removed the cover on the planer there was virtually NO dust inside even after running over a 100 feet of hardwood through the planer already.

Operating at 10,000 rpm’s, this DeWalt planer makes quick work of even the hardest woods. The Porter-Cable PC305TPR is an affordable benchtop planer that offers nearly all of the most important features in one device. Per DEWALT’s specs, the planer has a powerful 15 AMP, 20,000 RPM motor (10,000 RPM cutter-head speed) that handles larger cuts in wider materials with ease.