How To Paint Laminate Bookshelves

Inexpensive laminate bookshelves made from covered particle board have found their way into many homes. This project using predominantly recycled laminated chipboard from salvaged furniture to create wall to wall shelving as part of remodelling the secondary bedroom is in three main parts, display shelves around the door, main bookcase to accommodate both paperback books and larger books and files and finally a standard bookcase incorporating a bedside shelf, the full details of this DIY project is given below.

However, if you follow the few simple pointers mentioned above and make a good job of it, making great looking shelves from old laminated chipboard furniture is a quick and easy DIY task; and at the very least will make a good semi-permanent solution to your shelving needs until such time as you have the time and money to remodel your shelves using real wood.

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ELEKTRA back shelving units for 4 back bases with 12 V electrified racks designed to be equipped with shelves lit without wiring: just fit the shelves in the required position and the LEDs will switch on. The chipboard structure may be coated with mirrors, with back-painted white glass with glitter effect, with laminate, with wood laminate , with stained wood or lacquered finish.

I had plenty of small pieces of scrap laminated chipboard in the shed from old furniture that could quickly and easily be cut down to size for the shelving, but as part of my design I wanted the bookcase to go from floor to ceiling, 8 feet (2.4m), for which I didn’t have a piece long enough so as ContiBoard isn’t expensive I bought one long piece to complete this phase of the DIY project.

In fact the plastic shelf supports shown in this video are kitchen cupboard shelf supports and are designed to be used with chipboard so provided the side supports are solidly fixed and supported in place e.g. on either side of an alcove then fitting laminated chipboard shelves using these shelf supports shown in this video maybe the ideal option for you.