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Around 600.(or at least it did) Need sten parts kit, semi auto bolt kit, reciever tube in semi auto, make sure parts kit come with trunnion. This kit will allow you to convert your STEN MK3 magazine housing into a STEN MK2 or MK5 housing. Plenty of people build them, for the same reason they build 80% ars and aks from parts kits. Today there are very few legal Title II STEN guns in the U.S. Since the Hughes Amendment in 1986 eliminated new-made guns from civilian sales, the price of these crude room brooms has climbed to astronomical proportions. Though it was more than a bit unexpected, the gun ran flawlessly from the get-go.

The ATF will not approve you to build your own full auto form or no form at this time unless you become a manufacturing FFL with an SOT. Not to be confused with the popular law enforcement/self-defense weapon called a STUN gun, a STEN gun was a gun used by military personnel in Britain and British Commonwealth regions during the eras of the Korean War and the Second World War in keeping with trends set by Americans with the Tommy gun. For the amount of time modifiying a Sten you could build a complete gun from scratch. The semi auto trigger is a real challenge so I decided to build this one select fire.

Talked to a licensed builder/assembler/expert in NH today who told me that a Sten tube simply cannot be legally modded to a bottom feeder, so that’s out as far as I’m concerned. Since the gun took the same 9mm round as the German army’s pistols and subguns, they could use stockpiles of Nazi ammo without having to get resupplies dropped from London to keep the guns ticking. On a side note, I think the Sten would be even more rewarding because it’s not something you see terribly often. Thanks to that definition — that a trust is not a person for purposes of a form 4473 — it opened the flood gates for trusts to build machine guns.

Additionally, if its made live after jan 1 2014 Im not sure how the new rifle registraion laws would effect your kit gun. The Mark I Sten, which featured a flash hider, wooden furniture, and folding hand grip, was quickly replaced by the Sten Mark II, which saw widespread issue. Weapon to build,.These materials are protected by copyright and other intellectual property British Army entered the Second World War without an adequate submachine gun of its own.

I knew they made one for the Sterling, but years ago I was given a Blank Sten reciever tube, and was unable to do anything with it. So then I got to searching more and found another gun you can construct from a receiver flat that you form into a firearm receiver.. MP5, G3, G33 and so on… We’ll those videos exist too… So awesome. The Sten should fire the single round and lock the bolt reward in the open position.

South African Kommando SMG, this is a 9mm with a Sten type tube on top of a plastic Uzi type lower. As a result, I resolved to design and execute the FrankenSTEN in such a manner that all the pressure-bearing surfaces were comprised of factory components retaining factory tolerances and, further, to build the gun around my registered M16 receiver to ensure compliance with the National Firearms Act. Have look at Luty’s design and use the simple trigger group of a STEN as I wrote in my previous post.

As you said it by yourself it is possible and feasible to build a STEN gun or at least a very similiar design from scratch with out a lathe or mill even without a welder (I’m not talking here about an exact copy or replica of a STEN). Too little and the recoil impulse can damage the reciprocating parts or allow the cartridge to fire out of battery. The gun I had was a Browning semi-auto with a but-plate tube magazine At one time I had a source for military surplus 22 ammo. The Sten Mark V was introduced for airborne troops, though no real improvements were made.