Brick House

A lot of money, so I started trying to put together a plan that would give me a new look while using much of what I already had on hand in order to avoid breaking the bank. The stain is no longer obvious and probably wouldn’t be noticed unless someone was intentionally looking for it. Certainly, it has not gone completely, but it was far quicker and simpler than refinishing the entire sideboard! You can casually sand right through these – hence Old Geezer’s specifying VERY fine sand paper. I did try white spray paint but I got runs in the paint and wasn’t very happy with that. Do a light sanding of the veneer with 180 or 220 grit sandpaper, dust off the dust and you are ready to proceed.

The verdict: we said we’d love to take a look at it and again found ourselves crossing our fingers (this time in hopes that that the veneer was nice and thick so it could take some sanding and staining). Start with the 100-grit sandpaper (quick sandpaper lesson: most of you probably know this, but the numbers on sandpaper tell you how rough it is-the lower the number, the rougher the grit, and the faster it will sand down whatever it is you’re sanding). It is true that a piece of inferior quality furniture may be veneered but again it is not the presence of the veneer itself that determines that inferiority. Unfortunately, because it is laminate, you cannot stain it. The only option is painting.

Perfect timing, I have some danishy chairs I’ve been giving the side eye to and was going to tackle them this weekend! Furniture finishing can be done on a wide variety of items from tables and chairs, carvings, lamps, doors, mantelpiece and trimming. For pieces of wood with smaller surfaces or intricate details, a much smaller and more tapered sponge is better. And the one wood piece that I did (my $3.00 coffee table) I didn’t have the bleed through problem. The veneer was so thick that slight imperfections in the underlayment did not telegraph” through the veneer. I tried the Towel and Iron suggestion on my teak wood table to remove white water stains.

That old vanity of mine will probably need to be stripped first then veneer removed and totally rehabbed. The Wood Conditioner ensures that the stain gets soaked into the wood evenly, thereby avoiding any darker or lighter spots (again-this is what the can told me would happen). The stripper will cause the finish on the wood to crinkle up, allowing you to scrape it off with a paint scraper. Waiting this long will help increase the durability and scratch resistance of the finished piece of furniture. It ended up being a really pretty pewter, and because it has some dimension to it, it doesn’t look so spray painted.

There’s a great deal to know about stains before you start painting one on. In the next section, we’ll help you choose the right stain for your wood. Take note: being in a constant bent over and sanding state while six months pregnant is not an ideal situation for optimal back comfort. You can’t sand veneer too much without the risk of sanding all the way through. Apply a coat of water-based acrylic primer – This simply gives your furniture a smoother finish, easier to work on. Because it’s a shabby chic project, you don’t need to be neat. I knew this dresser would be getting a lot of use and I needed it to be durable.

Stradivarius violins and cellos and many other priceless wood instruments are waxed, to help preserve them (bees wax and carnauba) without clogged pores being a problem. So for this project, I just did some basic research instead of getting bogged down in all the possible variations for refinishing a dresser (there are lots, btw, so this is just the route I chose, and I’m making no affirmative statement that it is the best way-it’s really just one way). Maple is an hard, extremely dense, tight-pored wood that does not absorb much stain. Greg did an amazing job refinishing two bedside tables that belonged to my grandfather.

Pushed good old carpenters glue under the damaged veneer, tape some and weighted some. Most of the time you will have to remove finish from the area to treat the wood directly (bleach). I don’t have a picture of my dresser on file, but it’s the same light wood-colored particleboard – birch veneer” from IKEA This is a photo from an old apartment that I vacated in the early summer of 2014.

Plainsawn wood can be expected to have shrunk and warped around the rings as the surrounding conditions in buildings have become drier over the last 150 antique tabletops were made with the heartwood up because it’s the better side,with more good wood exposed. Sometimes, for example, the corners of the veneer will lift away from the furniture as the glue begins to disintegrate.

His services are available through our regular Furniture Physicians phone (614)855-9720. John got to work sanding the top, sides and front of the dresser along with the flat fronts of the drawers while I was in charge of getting into all the smaller crevices and built-in bentwood drawer pulls where the bulky electric sander couldn’t reach. You know, in just about any refinishing or painting job, preparation is the most important part of the project and I think we’ve done a pretty good job of preparing this here.

This is the part where this post might get controversial because I showed no mercy on the old brass hardware. Names such as General Finishes, Restorco, Mohawk, and of course, Furniture Physicians Co. brand products are not found in your local hardware stores. It’s amazing what a coat of gel stain can do to restore a tired-looking piece of furniture. Robert Harner does furniture finishing works, masonry constructions, AC maintenance, insulation and more with flat rates.

There are however sometimes when you might see antique furniture in a shop and decide that it will look good in your house after it’s been refinished Before you decide to buy such a piece, consider the following factors as they will determine what it will look like once it’s been refinished. Painting IKEA furniture successfully is mainly about the preparation and primer and not the final paint. Using your hand and a piece of sandpaper you would have to work awfully hard to sand through a standard piece of veneer. If you have a great piece of furniture do yourself a favor and take it to Greg.

And just like that you’ll have all your veneer removed and your dresser top (or whichever parts you do) will be ready to paint. The rest of the solid wood part of the table has some scratches, normal wear and tear. A tip for those with sentimental furniture like I have – type up a little history of the piece and tape it onto the back of the piece of furniture, the provence is such a nice thing to have !! Refinish an oak veneer table top that is scuffed and faded by years of kitchen use.

For a nearly invisible repair along the edge, we needed to cut the damaged veneer back to a straight edge to match up with a new piece. I’m using a satin, polyurethane that will enhance the wood grain, give a soft sheen and most importantly, provide a tough, durable surface that will stand up to spilled liquids and scuffing. I definitely Italy recommend using Greg and Mike (The Stripper Herk) for brining old furniture back to life! As mentioned earlier, we can also come on site with you for furniture refinishing or furniture repair, especially if the furniture damage is a result of an insurance claim.

Veneer over plywood, or if it is later, veneer over particleboard, or early MDF if you will. Take the old finish off and sand the crap out of it, carefully watching for any signs of a color change (this would mean you are going through the veneer). I’ve refinished several items and you can do a couple of different things, but I’ve found the easiest is to use a stripping solution (Jasco is what I’ve always used) and then sanding. Kevin sticks self-adhesive sandpaper to tongue depressors or craft sticks to make precision sanding blocks (Photo 4) You can also use spray adhesive or even plain wood glue to attach the sandpaper.