DIY Sliding Barn Door

This category displays a variety of free woodworking plans and projects instructions on build various styles of doors and related items to decorate doorways. The instructions from National (company that makes the rails and hangers) indicate two main designs but with no comparison of pros and cons: one involves a door that is just one 2X6 thick (frame is 2X6’s laid flat with vertical and horizontal boards tied together with strongtie type of metal T’s and L’s I guess. When installing the top shield, use good quality silicone calk to seal the area between the flashing and the barn so moisture doesn’t get in and rot the wood. The barn door is the perfect way to bring some visual and textural beauty to a bedroom that seems all too monotonous.

Some attractive horse barn designs include the classic octagonal barn and the German bank barn. Stay tuned on the blog, I am going to be posting another blog post on the DIY door hardware. I suspect you paid you contractor as much as the door hardware would otherwise cost in a kit, unless he’s unusually inexpensive. It’s actually not an arched door, but a flexible door that would slide along a curved wall. The other doors are 2×6 framed because we didn’t have enough steel studs (they were free leftovers from a construction job DH was on). Now if I can just find a place to hang such a door in my 1970’s boring ranch home!

We’re putting a horizontal board at the bottom and the top (and the middle for that matter) for characters and will be hiding the casters behind the horizontal piece on the bottom so it’s virtually unnoticeable when you look at the door from the outside of the closet. I built a large barn door” using 5.5″ wide MDF planks (with a slightly beveled edge, from the depot) with a plywood backing. Install a wall tract slightly longer to ensure the door will be completely away from the door opening when in a retracted position. Mr. F’s next projects include making some coordinating shutters for the little window next to the fireplace and a heavier door to the unfinished part of the basement.

FBi Buildings’ aluminum-framed EasyMotion sliding doors set the standard in the industry. As of right now the only freely roaming animals in the barn are a couple cats, which in numbers seems to be growing almost daily. I live in a tiny urban apartment (read: no room for handyman gear, let alone talent) so I will need to outsource our sliding door project — which includes custom doors for the oversized opening we want to close off.

Barn doors have made their way into contemporary and transitional styles with the use of mixed metals, lacquered finishes and metallic hardware,” says Kelly. So, to answer your question fully, I would suggest making the door as wide as the door casing. It takes a decent amount of work in order to build your own sliding door – but all it takes is a little bit of time and know-how. We had a little scratching to our paint due to the door sliding, so tonight we plan to pop this bad boy off and hot glue on a little scrap felt for easier gliding. Just don’t want the door to come crashing down as I sleep because the panel rips away.