How To Build A Window Seat

You know when you dream about the finished product on something that you’ve been planning for a long time? Maybe one on every window ���� Window seats are perfect in any weather — soak up the sun, watch the rain come down, gaze on the snowy landscape, take in autumn’s beauty. After you have determined the best design for the space that you have available, begin by cutting out the large pieces that you will need to construct the seat. The shims in between the two seat panels (shown below) are holding a slight gap between the seats while I measured the triangular spots. This is an excellent look at how to add drawer storage to your window seat build.

Our guideline plan (see the diagrams in the Image Gallery) assumes the use of reclaimed lower kitchen cabinets for both the bench and shelf bases. Attached the frame to the face of it, placed furniture baseboard in the matching wood species and color at the bottom where a toe kick would be. Then I cleated the back wall. He also reinforced the top of the box so that it would be strong enough to seat several adults without sagging. First step: Determine if the window area that exists is sufficient for the size of the window and seating area you want.

NOTE – when using the story pole to determine depth of your window seat, don’t forget to include or draw in the molding that you will be using. We added decorative panels to the front to make it look more polished and pretty, the front span at the floor line got a piece of decorative trim to finish it off and to tie in with our existing floor trim and the whole seat on the front edge also got a decorative routered edge.

This isn’t a step-by-step tutorial but the process pictures will give you a good idea of what was involved in the construction of the seat. Staple a 1/4-inch piece of hardboard – which also has a slick finish – to the bottoms of the drawers. Our window seat is uncomfortable due to draft, not soft enough and not the right height. A seat in the kitchen is a great place to store items like aprons , placemats, tablecloths, and other things that do not belong in the cupboard. Build the base for your window seat storage out of your 2×4 and 2×6 lumber pieces.

He added pieces of wood along the edges that touched the wall and floors so that there wouldn’t be any gaps. If you have completed several woodworking projects or have several weekends to devote to building a window seat, consider building a more complex seat. Make sure that you caulk all visible gaps as a final step to building your window seat. Also, drive a couple screws on an angle through the sides of the bench at the bottom and into the floor.

This project will leave you with a new look that makes a great space to relax, as well as giving you precious storage space that is hidden away and out of sight. In addition to that setback, I can’t decide how I feel about the gaps in between the cabinets. In order to finish the top, you will need to attach a strip of solid wood to the piece of plywood that you cut out for the seat.

We have a beautiful 2 acre backyard, and I imagined sitting up in a window seat drinking coffee and looking out over the farm land and woods behind my house. Which, translated means: Will built it and Bama Boy assisted.” But, regardless of who actually built the window seat, I now have one…and I am one happy gal! But check anyway before fastening the shelves to the wall with screws driven through the two mounting strips.

There’s nothing wrong with these forty-five degree angle bay windows, but the squared off ends of the box bay window make for a better window seat configuration because a user can turn sideways and lean against the sides. You will have space on either side of the cabinets at this point, but not to worry—we’re going to fill those in during a later step.

A bay window makes the perfect spot for a sunny seat, but its unique shape requires a little extra custom work. The best window to choose is draught-free, in a sunny spot and in a peaceful part of the house. Then, the seat has to be custom-built by a cabinetmaker or trim carpenter to fit the exact width and sill height of the window. Hey come on over, I’ve just been working on the sketch for the window seat, let me show you what I’ve go. After you secure it to the wall then you can place the bottom shelf on the base and nail it in.

Now, you’ll also want to measure the height by measuring from the top of the cabinets to just above the baseboard moulding. Make a kitchen window seat work twice as hard by corralling pet essentials within its base. I also want to mention that I did have to move the HVAC vent forward so it came out the front of the window seat. One, I’ll need more room for lounging so I expect a lot of these pillows will be on the floor or the nearby couch more than on the window seat. How To Build A Window Seat For A Bay Window images and pictures collection here was uploaded by Home Design Team after deciding on ones that are best among the others.

Picking the right spot is crucial, and it’s important to check for draughts, leaks or other problems with your window before you invest in gorgeous fittings. I have found that a finished height of 19 inches off the finished floor is ideal for most window seats. I took some 2 x 4’s and screwed them into the studs in the walls with some REALLY long screws….because of the lip of the window sill that happened to be the depth of the first 2 x 4 that I installed, I ended up layering a 2 x 4 on top of the first one…screwing it into the first one. As you can see from the top, it is only raised about 3 inches above where the window panes begin.

Premarking wall stud locations above the cabinet outlines lets you find the studs later, when the shelves and bench are in place and ready to be anchored. This would prevent any loss of heat or air from the vent into the window seat, and would keep a nice flow out the front into the room. Who to hire: Simpler schemes can probably be handled by a local window retailer and installer.

Designed to appear as an extension of this kitchen’s beautiful blue cabinetry, a corner configuration makes this window seat a cozy place to start each morning. As attractive as window seats are, only a few older homes with deep dormers seem to have them. The trick is to find one or a combination of cabinet faces that will work for the width of your window seat.