Reclaimed Wood Table Tops

Center tables and coffee tables are those that we place in the living room in front of the sofa. Although different table top attachment methods exist, depending on the type of table being considered (such as trestle tables, frame-top tables, breadboard-end tables, etc.), the scope of this article doesn’t allow a review of each one. We weighted the metal top down with every heavy thing in the house we could find. If you have some kind of tool that can cut this while the table top is assembled, great. Stroll through our on-line gallery/store and delight in Kakadu’s unique wooden furniture and accessories. Its just 5 strips of 1×2’s spaced evenly under the table and then those are screwed in from underneath.

We also offer a view of swatches of our various finishes in many of our table and desk listings. For a contemporary, urban feel, metal office furniture or dark stained wood are ideal options. Next, carefully lay the top down and attach pipe clamps at roughly 1′ intervals. Sand your table legs using a power sander so they are smooth and ready for a fine sand.

Most of our dining table tops are single piece tops with boards running full length (6-12′ long) and 40-48” wide. A further specialty of our manufactory is the technical implementation of individual requests and detailed planning of special customized design wood tables. Whether your taste leans towards the woodsy and rustic or towards the the urban and contemporary, there is a dining room table for you. Make your selection for our exclusive wood tables between different solid wood types (maple, pear, beech, oak, ash, cherry, walnut, and elm). Generally speaking, a sofa table is a tall, narrow table used behind a sofa to hold lamps or decorative objects.

If you need extra storage space in the room, then a table with drawers, baskets or shelves below can help keep your life organized. I use poly a lot for tops of dining tables and would have used it on mine, except i wanted more of a rustic look. Plumbing Pipe Dining Table – 4 Men 1 Lady: I love building things out of plumbing pipe. If you have an existing table you could do what’s called a Concrete Overlay.” You buy a polymer based concrete mix and apply it over the existing surface. I loved your table the first time you posted about it, so I’m really glad you posted the instructions!

Whether you know exactly what you want or simply have an idea of a direction you want to go, our experienced design staff will work with you and turn your project into reality. The solution is to attach the top to the base such that it can still move freely as required. This design makes a nice hanging curtain that lets light in and can easily be removed. Named K Workstation, the desk is made from a single strip of curved wood that wraps up on the wall and transforms into shelves. Relying on measurements makes it all too easy to get two pieces of wood of slightly differing lengths.

In the middle of the long sides and at the side, place 3 high wooden blocks, with tripwire hooks on the inside of the top blocks, connected by string for the net. You can assemble an altogether beautiful coffee table tray with just enough space for a seasonal piece you swap in and out throughout the year. I had most of the supplies already, with the exception of the wood planks and paint. Build up a column of stone bricks upwards from the center brick, until it exits the house, placing a torch on top to imitate a chimney stoke.

In a design that looks a bit similar to the Shazam table, this unique stone creation has many little crevices and nooks for books and magazines. You may choose to screw these into the table top either permanently or to help hold until the glue sets if your clamps do not have the depth they need to reach your inset. I would love to do this to my table but not sure i could get it to look as nice as yours. Lots of choices!Rectangular, square, and round tabletops, 100+ standard sizes, 6 species , 3 top thicknesses, 6 corner options and 8 edge details.

I searched on Pinterest for ideas and came across a nifty tutorial from Confections of a Foodie Bride (who got inspiration by a tutorial from Love & Olive Oil ). It was a how-to for a double-sided, wooden table top, about 2 feet square in size. Attach a couple 2×4 supports across the frame for good measure, then begin the frustrating process of centering the frame on the top. Our exclusive wood design table collection offers classic table top shapes like round, oval, boat-shaped, square or rectangular. I want the top to be a 40 inch square, but doing calculations for that tells me I need a little over 2 bags of concrete.

Many tables have tops that can be adjusted to change their height, position, shape, or size, either with foldable, sliding or extensions parts that can alter the shape of the top. Like a spider web of mystery, a comforting wooden tabletop frames the sculptural base with sophisticated imagination. Each item is handcrafted wood that is handpainted with a signature Kakadu art motif, and lacquered to perfection for water resistance and durability. Here is one example: -to-make-a-concrete-log-holder/ — You could do something similar — but flip it so the top is used as the tabletop surface.