Belt Grinder Build

So after 2 years of trying to get my belt grinder to work, various models and rough drafts, I have it looking pretty good but I always tried to cheap out on buying expensive contact, tracking, and idler wheels. I know that these are not cheap but I believe Coote Belt Grinder Company has the best prices on them. I’m close to a machine shop here and wondering how to describe the specs on that wheel to them. The bottom photo shows the results mid-race, as our sander jumps the stop at the end of the track moments before our opponent reaches the stop. To that end, pneumatic belt sanders are mostly used in metalworking, auto body or machining shops. But, it has a very low price and standard features, making it perfect for first-time buyers. I think I had a 20 inch belt lying around so the pieces only needed to be like 6 inches long.

First, I placed the components on the base board to be sure that I had plenty of adjustment for the belt tension. I could also make a tutorial on making bobbin sanding cylinders if anyone is interested in that , i use them in a bench drill sometimes. Belt sanders are one of those tools that might not strike the DIYer as necessary but, once purchased, finds dozens of different uses Experienced carpenters know that belt sanders are one of the most powerful, versatile finishing tools.

It sands using a continuous belt that rides between either two or three pulleys, as in the case of this model. Make sure the sanding belt is positioned centrally to the rotating drums before you tension up the sander. They need you to be happy enough to make the final payment and then they are pretty out of the equation. The belt tracking mechanism needs frequent readjustment If the belt starts to migrate, shut off the machine and inform the shop technician immediately. Only a couple features set it apart from the 9903, but they are enough to make it a much better buy.

Along with knife making, knives, chisels, and other tools can be sharpened nicely on the Kalamazoo 1SM’s 42 inch aluminum oxide belt. Like the 9903, it has a cloth dust collection bag and boasts a mere 85 decibel sound level. Some sanders, like this DeWalt model, have detachable knobs or other parts that you can run part of the fixture through to secure the sander to the rest of the base. Pros: The smaller front drum enables the sander to fit into tight spaces and get close to floor edges. Some users mentioned they used the sander for sharpening tools or 1 in. by 30 in. belt sander is very compact and only weighs about 13 pounds.

Now square up the platen surface to the base plate using spacers, wedges or shims under the body of the sander as necessary. What you want is a straight-line attachment between the chuck and the axle of the drive wheel. The safest way to do this is to mount boards along each side of the belt sander, so that when you flip it over it won’t walk”, or move around unexpectedly. Most manufacturers make sanding pads and disks that fit different types of sanders. I marked all the inside surfaces with fluid and marked front/back/top bottom to make sure I would not misplace a piece. Belt sanding is also commonly used during the production of medium-sized wooden objects such as guitars.

I tell this story a lot in my travels because it’s a great illustration of how much money you can leave on the table if you make poor choices. If your sander has automatic tracking, you don’t need to mess with any of that nonsense. For safety, screw a stop block onto the end of the sanding table to prevent the piece from pulling back too far by the sander. We’re looking for any smart idea that would make a great There’s a Better Way Video or that could be featured in the Tips & Techniques department in Fine Homebuilding magazine. The hand-held belt sander race is something completely different from the other types.

When using the belt sander always make sure you have a good grip before you switch it on. The trigger on/off switch is not a clutch trigger it’s an immediate action switch. The belt sander’s table measures 5 1/8 inches by 5 1/8 inches while the disc sander’s table comes four inches by 7 5/16 inches. You need to make sure that the clothing or overalls you are wearing do not have any loose or dangling parts as you do not want to get them caught in the sander. Pick a belt, but not any belt Personally, I use 80- and 120-grit belts regularly, and rarely, 50-grit. Check out belt sander reviews of the Skil Sandcats for superior dust collection.

Wear a dust mask while sanding, unless you rig up a shop vacuum for dust collection (photo, below). The lever is then pushed back the other way and the two ends of the pulley system move back to their original positions, pushing out against the belt and locking it in place. Most models also have dust filter canister or filter bag to collect sanding dust. Eventually you will have to replace the sanding belt when it has worn down with a new one.

Belt sanders reduce the time it takes to get a job done while delivering professional, quality results. The stand will hold the VFD enclosure and the grinder will be mounted on the top. Before you weld the six by four channel it will have to be cut to allow the belt a pulley to go through it. The pillow blocks will have to be mounted on the face of the six by four inch channel. The entire front curve of the belt is exposed, and a little of the top is even exposed.

It has some standard features—cloth dust collection bag, front grip, variable-speed control. For best stability, secure the sander in at least two places: one at the front and one at, or near, the rear. When only a little material removal is required, running the belt sander at full speed is a quick way to overdo it. Dial it down at least to half the sander’s available power. Most sanders have one small fan to direct dust into the dust collection bag; the ZRR2740 has two. May keep that size for an upper quadrant and make some larger, varied sizes below.

The tool does not have a belt centering adjustment but does claim an auto-tracking” system that keeps the belt straight on its own. This sander is only a few dollars more ($250, Amazon) than the 9903 but has much more power and a larger sanding surface. For cordless options, the best belt sanders will use a battery system with an 18v or 21v rating. If you want to eliminate the idler pulley, then you need to come up with a different method to tension the belt. If you look at the pic closely, you will see the wheel at the top and it is connected to 30lbs of spring tension from some springs.

Remember when using the belt sander for fine woodworking finishes: adjust the variable speed to a low setting. The belt sander can be adjusted to operate in the vertical or horizontal position. Consider a sander with a plastic dust collection unit, or wear a respirator or mask. As you can see, this sander is great for sanding in corners and for finish work. To help with dust collection, most models have a sandpaper piercing plate that allows you to transform a standard sheet of sandpaper into one with holes designed to fit on the bottom of the sander. A handheld electric belt sander will have an electric motor in the neighborhood of six to ten amps.

Hitachi is quickly becoming one of the top brands in power tools and backs this belt sander with a five year warranty. The next type of sander we’ll be using today is this palm sander, which is also called a finish sander. Along with this 21” model, belt sanders also come in 18” models, which are more suited to do-it-yourself activity. Sand paper attaches to a random orbit sander using a sticky backing or a velcro backing.

The magnetic (Hall effect IC) sensor that picks up magnetic field from the small magnet inserted into the drive wheel. AS with most tools with a catch bag, very little sawdust actually goes into the collection bag. Belt sanders take off serious amounts of wood, so they can wreck plywood pretty much instantly. Stationary belt sanders have a small bench that sits up against the sanding belt. The unit pictured is something currently in your present budget, but the realization that it is inadequate will soon make it something other than a good deal. Belt sanders can kick up a lot of sawdust, which can easily fly into your eyes.

If you have a welder, you can weld up a lot of the parts to make it even stronger. It won’t remove wood as quickly as a belt sander, and it’s slightly more difficult to control than an orbital finishing sander, but still, the random-orbit is arguably the most versatile portable electric sander you can buy. Always make sure you check on the inside of your sanding belt as it will have a directional arrow showing which way the sanding belt has to rotate when in use. A few things to keep in mind… Make sure you weld the plate to the square tube on the proper side.

Use a square rule to ensure that the sander is completely level, if it isn’t save some wood scrap to prop up the end until it has leveled out. Tensioner idler wheels removed as a matter of course when replacing automotive timing belts are a great source of very high quality, very high speed capableidler wheel. I obtained Michael Clerc’s plans from a post online and reviewed them along with many pictures of other grinders to make adjustments to make it just a tad different (and easier to build). I tacked a flat washer on either side then hit them with the belt to thin them down to a good friction fit inside the hinge piece.