Premium Garden Arbour Seats

Here at The Internet Gardener, we have a range of sumptuous garden arbour seats at affordable prices. For the corner posts use 75mm x 75mm (3” x 3”) timber, 1.8m (6ft) long if your are bolting your arbour down or 2.25m (7.5ft) long if you are concreting it into the ground. Arbours should always be installed on steel stirrups and concreted into the ground to ensure they are secure. So for the best independent reviews of all Arbours in the UK, from cheap arbours to corner arbours we have them all. Although the arbour itself will provide some shade and shelter, you want to place it in a sheltered area as the wind will still blow through it. Arbour designs can vary widely, depending on the size of the area chosen, the materials chosen, and the design style.

Wood n Garden’s Garden Timber Centre is located in Glencarse, with our premise conveniently located between Perth and Dundee. Agriframes classic range of structures offer the opportunity to add instant height and stunning visual interest to your garden as well as making the best practical use of your space. Climbing plants can be grown accross the arbour to make a truely eye catching outdoor feature. Give your eyes a place to go up in the garden Here, a wooden arbor nestles in a lush perennial border and provides structure and height. Summary: Help and advice on building a wooden arbour to create a shady seated area for your garden.

This wooden arch has an unusual side design that has both diamond trellis and vertical bars that is not only visually striking but also gives climbing plants plenty of chances to get established. We offer a wide range of quality timber garden products at competitive prices to suit all budgets. An arbour could be a simple three-sided pergola with a bench in it, but we’re going to look at creating a small bench arbour, with trellis sides and a pitched, felted roof. So incorporate an arbor into your garden, put a bench beneath it, and you have the perfect garden getaway. Fabulous contemporary arbour seat of aluminium and stained hardwood construction.

Stylish and versatile, these arbour seats will enhance any garden into which they are placed. The company is now looking to expand the number of its suppliers in wooden garden products (decorative fencing, arbours, border edging, furniture, etc.) in Europe and beyond. The UK company is looking manufacturers of wooden garden products, to produce to the specifications supplied (including the packaging for transportation) and to supply the UK company with these garden items.

Gardman, who are a long established manufacturer in garden accessories have a wide range of metal arches, and 4 of them are below £25! Compared to the wooden tables around the grill, this one will look almost like new after five years, and even ten years. Most metal arches for gardens are plain steel or painted black and can range from simple designs to those with very ornate detailing.

Established for 40 years, the company is the UK’s leading manufacturer and distributor of garden timber products including fencing and landscaping, planting and growing, sheds, summerhouses, gazebos, and log cabins and decorative garden structures. Gate or Doorway Surround – A wooden archway of roses over a cottage garden gate is visually appealing and is quintessentially English. We are well placed to supply all of Perth, Perthshire, Dundee, Fife and Tayside with timber garden products.

Nelson Potter Timber Merchants Ipswich, and Woodbridge sell attractive, decorative timber arches and arbours in Suffolk and Essex, as well as wooden fencing, gates, timber garden buildings, log cabins, trellising and garden furniture. Nestled in a quiet spot, a corner garden arbour can be the answer to seating where space is limited. Whether you use yours for relaxing, chatting, reading or enjoying the summer sun, you’ll be sure to love our garden arbours. Arbors: A shady resting place in a garden or park on which plants such as climbing shrubs or vines can grow.

Zone Your Garden – Wooden arches are the perfect way to zone your outdoor space, to create separate sections such as wildflower gardens, al fresco dining areas, vegetable, fruit or herb gardens. If you are non UK Mainland customer including the postal areas listed above please email us including the product code (found above) or item title and your full postal address so that we can request a competitive quote for you. Read a book sit and chat or just watch the world go by. Pressure treated against rot this seat must be secured to a solid base for safety.

There are other matching products in the Nature range including hanging basket brackets, planters and trellis panels so you can get a nice coordinated effect in your garden. Our arbours are made from quality FSC-certified timber, and are pressure treated to protect against rot, meaning they will brighten up your garden for years to come. Gardman have just released a new range of garden products – their Signature Loire range features 9 items such as obelisks and planters, as well as this elegant metal archway. The attractive Versailles metal garden arch from Gardman is now available at a new low price.

Our most popular wooden garden furniture includes the Athol 5 Foot Bench and the Athol Chunky 6-Seater A-Frame Picnic Bench Our customers also enjoy the stunning Classic Wooden 5 Piece Garden Furniture Set and the fabulous AFK wooden Cottage Arbours in Oak and Teak. The perfect spot for relaxing on a summer’s afternoon with a shaped seat for added comfort.

If you have any queries with regards to the Bridgnorth Wooden Garden Arbour please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 288 8178, where a member of our friendly Customer Service Team will be able to help you. Trellises: An architectural structure usually made from interwoven pieces of wood that is often made to support climbing plants. Wooden arbours tend to be more enclosed are therefore more suited to the variable British weather.

A Green tint and or signs of crystallisation (green / black specks) on the surface of wood (often mistaken as surface mould) may be evident. If you are after a truly solid metal arch that can stand it’s ground even in windy conditions, then look no further than the Buckingham arch from GAP Garden Products. These perfectly match the style of the arch and would look great as the welcoming gateway to your garden path. Sit on the seat and tilt the back support slightly so that it feels comfortable before screwing into place. Our Omega Arch or the Elite Omega Arch is the perfect choice for a wooden alcove.

We can design and build everything from a little garden arbor or trellis to custom arched radius arbor with a 100′ privacy trellis wall. Modern decking gives a sleek finish and is a great way to break up a small garden to give the illusion of space. Agriframes arches can be used in a number of situations such as walkways, entrances to different garden rooms” or as a floral porch over doorways.