How To Restore Antique And Wood Furniture In Just One Step

Of course, someone else’s trash could start off looking like, well, trash, and some of the furniture you find second-hand might need a little TLC before it’s ready to turn heads. Worn, peeling or damaged finishes not only look unsightly, the failing wood finish leaves the piece susceptible to changes in temperature, humidity and spills of ANY kind. After sanding it down again it really started to look like the wood was slightly rotted, just like some of the spots on the pallets that we couldn’t use (more on that here ). Lastly, if a piece of furniture has immense sentimental value, you might consider having a professional refinish it to avoid the inevitable amateur mistakes that happen on a DIY project.

Unfortunately if it has taken off the old polish you would need to seek advice from a restorer to complete the repair as it is very difficult to colour match old polish. The only time I would use flat paint on furniture is if I was using it to make chalk paint. For more detailed information on Wood Elixir, click here (link will open in a new window; simply close the new window to return to this order page) or read our Frequently Asked Questions page. Perhaps try calling a local paint store – I’m sure they would be happy to advise you, and would be familiar with the products you are using.

Having vintage furniture in in your home creates a layered and unique space, but having a home that smells like vintage pieces is totally unappealing. Design Star contestant Dan Faires added blue distressed chairs to a rustic wood dining table for some color and texture. If the stain has penetrated the wood, it will need bleaching and refinishing – a job best left to a professional. Stripper left on too long becomes gummy, and most of it should be removed between stints of paint scraping. Here we are talking about cleaning really dirty – left in the barn for years – type of antique furniture. This conditions the wood to accept the water-based products with less raised grain.

As far as the primer in the paint being OK to use on the dresser…If the dresser is old wood, tannins could still bleed through the wood if the primer is not a stain blocking type. If the furniture is not too dirty, remove dust and grime with a soft, lint-free cloth. The correct method is to rub boiled linseed oil into the wood using a clean lint free cloth.

Use paint stripper to remove any cracking or peeling finish on a secondhand piece before applying new paint. The second one shows a guy with some old wood making it look even older but mentions how it could be used to make new wood look old. Now very gently scrape the paint with your fingernail or a soft piece of wood and this should take the paint off. After the old wax or film has softened, you will wipe the wood again with a cloth dampened with more cleaner to remove the residue. I must admit that throwing a bag of screws against the wood was kinda cathartic. In the last few years, the amount of options for furniture paint has totally exploded.

Sand the whole table again (wood filler included) with a higher grit paper until it’s smooth and even. You can get empty quart and gallon metal paint cans with lids from your local home center or paint store. Thank you for sharing this, the before and after difference in the items of furniture is quite dramatic. Often, the value of antique furniture is actually REDUCED after refinishing.. Wood Elixir restores the ORIGINAL finish. Place the chisel against the wood in the place you want the crack to form, remembering that wood will only crack along its grain.

Make sure there isn’t anything nearby that you don’t want the stripper to get on; it will damage whatever it contacts including the paint on your car. It’s also a good idea to use paste wax on furniture finished using penetrating oils. The furniture wax will act as the main cleaner as it removes some grease and dirt so don’t worry about the first stage too much. But, be aware that all furniture polishes are not created equal, nor do they accomplish the same tasks. Yes, that is right Craig Graybar Furniture Works will make exact replicas of antique or heirloom dining set chairs.

Six hours will give it enough time for the stain to dry and completely destroy your brush, so use the paint thinner/gasoline is to clean off your brush in between coats. In the context of this discussion, it is important to note the difference between these polishes and the more familiar group of furniture polishes” that I will describe in a moment. Aura is a little thicker than other paints and it dries fast – you don’t want to over-work it. It has great coverage – I’ve used it on walls and furniture.

So we were thrilled with the colors and the variations that we landed on, thanks to staining some and allowing the stain to penetrate a while, wiping it down right away on other boards, and using the water technique above to get some lighter variations. You want to build up a good finish with wax, one that will seal and protect the wood underneath. If a dramatic change occurs in the RH it is possible that furniture may experience shrinkage damage and warping. Neglecting your leather can prove very costly, particularly if it is antique leather. I used your directions on my daughters white victorian furniture and i’m very pleased with the results!

Many times a customer comes to us with a furniture piece that has a severely damaged door or drawer front or is missing altogether. Designer Anisa Darnell grabbed wood strips from an old barn and attached them vertically to add height to the room. BTW, the only things I use spray paint on are iron,brass, some resins, and ceramics. The idea that antique item needed to be fed with oil to keep from drying out is a myth. Your nails will be tacky, marks will show up in the paint easier, socks will leave fiber indentations, etc.

Although the mixture worked just as good when combined which makes it easy to stain oddly shaped projects, I find that on furniture it’s more consistent if you paint” on one mixture followed by the other vs. using them as a combined mixture. For painted surfaces, sand with a fine sandpaper to remove any glossy areas and then clean with water and a mild detergent. Mix 50:50 turps and linseed oil, rub wood all over with steel wool then rub excess off with a cloth.

For antiques with original finishes intact, carefully clean off any dirt and grime with a soft cloth moistened with mineral spirits, then make any color touchups with Minwax® Wood Finish Stain Markers , which come in a variety of Wood Finish colors. At Graybar the answer is ‘YES’, we can rework your furniture to be exactly what you want and need. I make handmade pens and am going to try to use this to antique up some of my woods. OLD ENGLISH® Scratch Cover is a liquid polish designed to hide nicks and scratches in wood furnishings, paneling and kitchen cabinets, restoring its natural beauty.

Use a drill with a small drill bit to drill very small holes into the furniture if you’d like to up the distressed quotient. If you haven’t used shellac before – then don’t use a brush to put it on. Rather take a look at the small description here on how to polish an existing surface. Even fine antique wood carving is perfectly replicated in the repair of fine furniture at Graybar. This ensures the dark wax does not stain the paint and gives the dark wax the ability to be wiped off and easily manipulated.

This homemade vinegar/tea stain is one of my absolute favorite ways to stain” wood and it’s great for making newer wood appear aged and weathered. After the paste wax thoroughly dries — give it half an hour — buff the piece with another soft, clean cloth until you have a rich, smooth patina. Wood Elixir cleaned and restored the original beauty of this antique incubator with just one application. I have 3 types of businesses in my garage – staging, furniture – and a ton of paint, Venetian plaster…metallic plaster, Tuscan textures, tints, glazes, gold leaf etc (all for my decorative painting business).

I did notice the color was rusty brown after 24 hours and even muddier by the time I used it. I have let the mixture sit for a day and other times a few weeks before using it to make new wood look old. After the wood filler was dry, I used some fine grit sand paper from 3M Advanced Abrasives to sand away the excess and make it even with the surface of the wood. This chair is indeed an antique made from oak, a very stable material, which looks beautiful when stained.

They’re usually oil-based and allow excellent color control because of the thickness of the stain. Before coating with a new wad of shellac – sand down with a good quality fine sandpaper (600) being very careful not to go back to the wood. If you’re antiquing an unfinished piece of furniture or covering an old finish, sand and seal the wood. She bought the table for around $400—about the same price she might spend on a new table.

It’s water based so it cleans up easily with water, but the enamel formula gives it a harder finish like an oil based paint. I recently just got into Country” decorating, and i have several wood shelves that have been stored in the basement with what I thought to be no use…. Plus the table was only $5 at My Favorite Junk Shop The paint is Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in Eulalie’s Sky.

So, for a super cheap, super effective way to bring out the best in wood, mix three parts oil (Hemp Oil, Walnut Oil, etc.) to one part vinegar (White, Apple Cider, etc.). (Example: if you use 3/4 cup of oil, add 1/4 cup vinegar.) Simply mix it in a jar, dip a clean cloth into the mixture, then rub it into the wood. Shellac or varnish will both work over most finishes but shellac should be used if the piece is an antique.