Hardwood Stairs

Most of the time, the stairs are one of the first things people see when entering a house.  Instead we just waited, after a while we got most of the living room done including purchasing and installing our new flooring But after having the living room floor done and a second beautiful daughter born (and the use of my body back- thank heaven for a working body!) I got sick of the crappy looking stairs, and decided to go ahead and start the finishing process.

Overlap Reducers were created for the purpose of transitioning smoothly from this floating floor to a second floor (vinyl, tile, carpet, etc.). Much like a Flush Reducer, an Overlap Reducer gradually slopes down to meet the second floor, but instead of locking in flush with the hardwood, an Overlap Reducer has a small protruding piece which will overlap the floating hardwood or laminate flooring.

Typically used with floating floor, a Square Nose is perfect for butting hard surface floors up against vertical obstacles, where a Quarter Round or Wall Base would be difficult to use to cover an expansion gap (brick wall, fireplace, sliding glass door, etc.). The Square Nose Reducer overlaps the hardwood or laminate floor, hiding the expansion gap with the overlapped portion of the molding.

To keep refinishing costs down it’s advisable to remove old carpeting and other flooring that is covering your hardwood floors yourself before you hire a professional to refinish your floors. If you decide to install the flooring on the riser measure it the same as the tread. Since hardwood lumber is used in its natural state, there is little processing required compared to sheet goods (plywood) or man-made products.

Your method of packing the old strip flooring with cotton strings is quite innovative. One thing to remember is to use someone who knows how to install stairs properly or you may find yourself having to re-purchase material that they cut wrong or damage. If your stairs are extra long, you should aim for two face nails approximately every 20 IN. Once the stairs were smooth she filled any holes with a stainable natural wood filler.

They came in an unfinished oak, which meant that we would be responsible for finishing them ourselves. Just tell us about your needs and we’ll quickly match you to the pre-screened, Charlotte Wood Stairs & Railing Contractors you can trust to get the job done. The first thing to do is to remove carpeting and check the stairs for squeaks and make sure the stairs are flat. As we showed you above, from the top of the stairs you don’t see the risers at all. I was lucky that my stairs must have been square because I didn’t run into that issue.