Wooden Toys

By using this website, you accept the use of cookies , that in turn allows us to give you personalised services and content. This one is unusual in that it has both numbers and alphabet on the one puzzle. To choose from, The Works is your one-stop-shop for Children’s Wooden Toys all year round. We love thinking about small hands grasping our puzzle pieces, and families chatting together while putting together a piece of art. Mikhail now makes puzzles and Anna makes toys, all from wood and colored with paints that are free of harmful substances.

All puzzle pieces, except the ‘Quadrato’ which is made from solid maple wood, are made from laser-cut birch plywood. The parents and their children were very creative and began making puzzles and toys, many which reflected Russian fairy tales. Children games and toys can be categorised into a number of types, there are plush toys, stacking toys, construction games, dolls and puzzles. Unlike jigsaw puzzles, the larger, chunky 4 mm thick, lime wood puzzles can be used in creative play from 3 years, and combine easily with stacking toys and blocks. Our educational wooden puzzles teach the alphabet, numbers, basic arithmetic, and more!

As the 12 pieces of this wooden jigsaw come together, the colorful hippo, giraffe, elephant, zebra, and lion are revealed as they frolic with bright butterflies. We stock simple puzzles for toddlers to develop shape matching skills, and more complex puzzles for pre-school children, to advance their problem solving skills. Children who grow up with puzzle games; learn the basic principles of deduction, classifying, sorting, the virtue of patience, bonding and a variety of social skills at an early age.

Consumers should immediately take the recalled puzzle away from children and return to the store to obtain a refund (no receipt required). Dollarama has received one report of a knob detaching from a puzzle piece, with no reported injuries. While our children are grown up now, we are thankful for the opportunity to continue making puzzles for kids across the globe.

Our magnetic puzzles come packed in an attractive 20cm x 20cm black metal box, ideal for play, storage and travel. Puzzle games teach a whole lot about colours, sizes, shapes along with recognition skills. Remedy: Consumers should immediately take this toy away from children and contact Small World Toys to obtain a free replacement toy. Up for your consideration and auction is a childrens wooden puzzles It is a used one but the condition is perfect. We also offer 2D and 3D jigsaws and puzzles for older kids, as well as puzzles for mum and dad to solve. Each puzzle is cut one at a time, then sanded and stained using a non-toxic, water-based stain.

Among all the games that allow a child to grow up beautifully and in a healthy manner, puzzles play a very important role. Puzzle pieces get lost, rambunctious toddlers flush them down the toilet or the dog gobbles one up. We know that things happen. These are great puzzles for children 2+. Our number puzzles teach the words for numbers in English and Spanish, as well. The options available will leave you spoilt for choice, and make your online buying hassle-free.

Wooden Puzzle sets like Little Genius Shape SorterEngine, Skillofun Bead Shuttle – Clock/Anti-clockin multi colour, Classic Breakfast Puzzle and wooden jigsaw puzzle: pirate adventurewhich comes in bold, dynamic and vibrant colours will help your child to develop hand-eye co-ordination. Each puzzle is cut out individually, sanded, and stained by hand; offering you a unique puzzle that can be enjoyed for years to come. When a child attempts to fit in a particular puzzle piece they tend to make mistakes, manipulate each piece to fit in, fail and try again.