Download Project Plans For Building A Media Cabinet

With all the electronics and entertainment equipment available, a living room can quickly become a cluttered mess without a multimedia storage cabinet. With eight drawers, five baskets to the top of the piece, two closed cupboards for hidden storage and space for a TV big enough to be mistaken for a cinema screen, we’re confident you may never want to leave home again after buying the New England Danny TV cabinet.. This fabulous unit comes with a choice of outer painted colours as well as classic white, and 2 handle options, aluminium or antiqued bronze colour.. Main compartment dimensions (1): 76 x 130 x 36cm.

Set includes: One (1) media console Finish: Distressed brown Materials: Metal frame and melamine board Fixed shelves Right/ left side compartment dimensions:8.25 inches high x 17.81 inches wide each Middle compartment dimensions:5.13 inches high x 20.5 inches wide Overall media console dimensions: 24 inches high x 15.56 inches deep x 60 inches wide Assembly required.

If you’re uncomfortable with the small size, we also like the more expensive Silverstone Sugo Series (the same case we used in our original Hackintosh Mini build ). If you want something that looks more at home in your media cabinet you might want these cases designed for home theater PCs Just look at the reviews and make sure they’ll fit a full size CPU cooler, and most Mini-ITX cases should work well.

An old dresser was reinvented as a designer-grade media console by outfitting drawer fronts with hinges, and using a paint sprayer to add a high gloss finish (Image 1). This 1960s dresser was picked up from a flea market for $35. Finally, with your screwdriver, insert the screws into the drilled holes to mount the fan to your cabinet. You may need to cut the floating shelf to fit the space between the support shelves.

But it uses USB for power and unless you have a HTPC you may be short on USB ports in your cabinet. I found that on my TV, my desktop didn’t fill up the whole screen, so I had to go to Desktops and Displays > Scaling Options and turn my Overscan setting up. You may also want to browse around the Control Center and see what other tweaks look best to you on your display. Choose among this vast collection of plans and blueprints to create the perfect home for your television. Mid-century details like solid wood turned and tapered legs and beveled edges lend an air of refinment to the Grove media cabinet.

Installing the drawer slides is fairly straightforward, but the center console slide comes in a single piece and requires some remeasuring and marking. You may also buy modular shelving that will slide right into the closet area, saving you the trouble of building it out. A good list of additional add-ons can be found at the XBMC unofficial repositories list – these should be downloaded in their ZIP format and saved to your media center. Again, be sure to check out our complete guide to creating a media center with XBMC , as well as our guide to building a computer if you’re unfamiliar with the process.

The Threshold Windham Media Cabinet Stand shares the sleek design and classic aesthetics of the Windham collection. Ben from Homemade Modern built this media console in 8 hours from $40 worth of plywood and screws. You can check 5 Great Linux Media Center Distributions To Transform Your TV for further information about the various media center platforms.

Install a glass or open front to your media closet so that remote controls will still work well. Regardless, if you end up not being interested in using the subs as actual speakers (and thereby decide to take the magnets off the back of the speakers) you’ll be able to easily reach inside the speaker cone and push that center bubble back out to where it’s supposed to be with a pen or a q-tip or, if you’re not into tools, your finger. I’m not drilling holes in my new entertainment center so if you want the fans to be free standing here is a cheap way to add stands. If the closet is narrow, you may be able to build the shelving directly into the walls of the closet.

Use the screws that come with the hinges to attach the doors to the actual cabinet. Update: A lot of you have been asking for an update to this build, so we did a bit of research and found some currently in-production parts that should be very similar to the original build in this guide! Some people say your average blasting cabinet is not directly compatible with soda blasting but a friend tried it in his with some Holley carburettors and it worked fine. That size fit better into our media center opening and didn’t leave very much space on either side. Place the cabinet upright on its new legs to make sure it is stable and does not wiggle.

There are many different pieces of hardware that can be used to build your own PC media center, from an Xbox 360 to a Nintendo Wii, all the way down through standard PCs and dedicated set-top boxes to Android devices and Raspberry Pi computers. Well, you need to make sure you’ve got the right hardware, suitable storage options and the best media center platform, before spinning this off with plugins and additional features that will give you the television experience you’ve been looking for. I am currently making a blast cabinet with the idea you guys had but with a transparent 160ltr container (plastic box) so the ligh comes in all around.

Two cabinets with two tempered glass doors and one interior adjustable shelf each. Lastly, it’s time to set up the central piece of this box: the media center software. An open back cabinet design makes running cables and heat exhaustion a lot easier as well. Make sure you have enough outlets to power the components inside the media closet. In between each coat of Polycrylic (I applied 3 coats), I wrapped a piece of 400-grit sandpaper around an old sanding block and hand-sanded each surface, concentrating mainly on the tops and shelves. Don’t know much about speaker building I will admit, but I would love to learn more!

Furniture > Displays, Cabinets & Storage > Media & TV. Frame, French roast/cream; base, gold; nailheads, polished brass. If you’re able to get all of the TV viewing that you need through XBMC and the storage solutions you have added, then it might well be time for you to ditch your expensive cable TV arrangement in favour of watching your own collection of videos and streaming more – and importantly, relevant – TV from the Internet.

Mark the centerline of the wall and install the cabinets by driving 2-1/2-inch-long roundhead wood screws through the cabinet back into the wall studs. I know it sounds crazy but because we used inexpensive pre-made unfinished stock kitchen cabinets from Lowe’s and we used standard size plywood (no special cuts were needed), I saved so much money and time.

Elegant glass doors and a timeless design make this wonderful cabinet as pretty as it is practical. I used upper wall cabinets because I only wanted them to be 12 inches deep, but I set the middle section out a few inches. He suggested either a 4-post rack enclosed in a cabinet or something in the BRK series. Plus you don’t have to sacrifice fashion or function when you’re building from scratch, because you’re the designer. Ornately carved acanthus leaves on oversized medallion hardware are front and center on our Christopher Knight Home two-door media cabinet.

Furniture > Displays, Cabinets & Storage > Media & TV. Frame, cream/black; drawers, espresso; glass, clear; base, silver. Store entertainment essentials within the cozy confines of the Crossroads media cabinet, which blends beautifully with other cottage-inspired pieces while keeping your collection hidden from sight. Taking inspiration from traditional French furniture this cabinet features sumptuous carved details and embellishments.

A TV Tuner if you plan on recording cable or over-the-air TV. We won’t address it much in this guide, but you can do it in XBMC , so if you want to, this will be a bit of added cost to your media center. There are literally dozens, if not hundreds of qualified Custom Integrators from Santa Barbara to San Diego. The front of my cabinet is closed but there is a gap behind and in front of the shelves. Unfortunately mine still work and there’s no way I’m going to sacrifice them for media cabinets.

Featuring classic details like crown and foot molding, recessed panels and a scalloped toe kick, our Bufford Media Cabinet is ideal for a traditional-style living room, surrounded by richly-colored leather furniture and decor in warm hues. Using some corner clamps, I glued the panels together and then went back and countersunk two screws into each edge.