Install Decorative Moulding

Many people are surprised when they find out they can make incredibly beautiful (and large) coves moldings on the tablesaw. All in all, if your schedule and budget are tight, this simple project will inject your space with the sophistication and dimension of crown moulding without the added labor and materials that go along with it. Paint has easily scored some extra points with me after completing this project, and I’m definitely inspired to take it throughout the rest of the house.

You can read a bunch of step by step tips on that here , but we essentially just used our Kreg Crown Pro (here’s an affiliate link to the one we purchased ) and our miter saw to cut our molding to the correct angles and then used our nail gun (here’s an affiliate link to the one we bought ) to attach the molding to the scrap wood that we added to the tops of each upper cabinet.

When the church was first built around 1860 (I’ll get the exact date and update this later) there were two altars on the back wall in the corners, but subsequent remodeling over the years saw the Priest throwing the back altars into a fire one night before anyone else knew about it. That is one way to make changes to a church decor without getting board approval!

While the installation of the crown molding is easy as it simply requires it to be nailed in place, you will need to be careful when cutting it. When cutting it, you must make sure that the angles are correct and that the patterns line up. If this is something that is above your expertise, you will find professionals will be able to install it quickly for you.

I had given a couple of token efforts to cut the crown molding on my own to get the angles right and it just wasn’t coming together for me. But that was before I got serious about it and watched a couple of great videos (provided below) that seemed to make it all click” for me. Personally, I’m a visual learner and seeing it done — and then doing it — is much more helpful for me than reading about it.

I prefer to place the material against the wall and mark it with a sharp pencil where it needs to be cut, especially where an outside corner comes together. Plaster of Paris (moulding plaster) is harder than pottery plaster and dries faster than patching plaster. In this example a high-speed router is used to cut the desired profiles for a custom door casing. We actually have a dedicated shelf in our fridge that is the current home of our brushes and even a small bowl we are using for primer and paint. Crown moldings are design feature that instantly add value as well as elegance to the walls.

The miter saw makes it easy because you find the angle you want in the number bar, click it in place, and cut! I always check outside corners, first with a mockup-that’s what I use to establish the line of the crown, and the mock-up tells me if the corner is square. Crown molding does not simply add glamour to your office or home but it gives a subtle elegance to it. While crown molding is an excellent way to decorate your place, it is important to know how to install crown molding.