Exceptional Basement Shelving Plans #2 Basement 2×4 Storage Shelves Plans

Got a lot of lug inward your garage and no way to prepare it This article bequeath show you how to shape simple and inexpensive shelving to hold plastic Garage governing body Ideas Plans tools garden. Note for a second how we planned the spacing between the shelves: using one of our larger plastic storage bins as a template for height, we worked to make sure that every shelf would be able to accomodate something of that same height. The surface area of each shelf also came into account when we were planning the size of the unit. The picture below shows what the shelf framing should look like when it is done.

When used in conjunction with the included 2×4 Basics Shelf Links shelving, you can add a two-shelf unit on top of this custom workbench to satisfy your storage and work requirements in the garage, basement, shed or anywhere in the home or workplace. If you’re working alone, lean one of the frames against the wall and hold up the other frame while you screw the first shelf into place.

Put nice pine on top and botton and you have an open floating shelf great for under a TV for remote controls or magazines or use 2x6s and place components in open cavities. You can build this shelf unit a lot faster with a nail gun but you will definitely split some ends. Shelf with the 2×2″‘s along each side fits perfectly flush with the legs on both sides.

This would be cheaper and leave more accessible space on each shelf (since the horizontal support piece would block less space). Home Depot, Lowe’s and your local lumber yard have everything you need to build your own storage shelves. You have to put up the two areas close to each other to conveniently transfer groceries from the car to the kitchen Basement Shelving Plans One thing for sure is that the majority of house buyers lean toward a house with kitchen and garage constructed close to each other.

Our Big Shelf – Custom Garage Overhead Storage Installation.. Love these garage organization and garage storage ideas. Hang the pipe with some closet flanges , and then lay the shelf on top of those. We can’t believe that she actually whipped up a pair for herself (she wanted to be sure that the plans that she provided were as accurate and detailed as possible). Living right next to the San Andreas faultline, I wouldnt want to find my shelf and all its contents laying on my car after an earthquake. Note, this is wider than the cart I made but I think it’s an important improvement as it gives more shelf space to slide the carboy forward when using the AllinOneWine pump.

They are placed on the shelves so the narrow end faces out and they actually hang over the front edge of the shelf a few inches. I see a lot of times people go for the standard 2×4 frame set up with shelves that are 18 to 24 inches deep, placed every 18 to 24 inches high. By attaching against the wall first you take the weight of the OSB off of the rest of the shelf frame. To accommodate shelf survival in that event, I installed two 3/16 inch threaded rods with stainless steel flat washers and locknuts just below the 2×4’s of the top shelf. My lovely wife can still park in her garage (most of the time!)and there’s a strong incentive to clean up at the end of the day.

The bottom side of the 2×2″‘s that the shelf is attached to is exactly 2.25″ from the bottom of the legs (or the floor). If you wish to add extra support to the front bottom shelf which will have a 3” overhang, then cut a 2×3 (or 1×3) to about 31 inches in length and screw it to the front center of the bottom support under the shelf. Instead of moving the backing board closer to the edge of the plywood shelf to reduce the gap, I chose to screw in another 2×4 to the backside of the shelf stringer, but flush with the top of the plywood. I’m working on a combo secret/simple floating shelf right now as a media shelf.

I just kind of quick drew it up, and freehanded/eyeballed a lot of it. I have a friend that wants one also, so if I end up building another one, I have a few change in measurements I want to make and then will probably draw plans for it to share, though the photos pretty much tell you exactly what needs to be done just by looking at it. The cubbies are great for storage bins and decorative items alike, and the sturdy and stylish construction can be put up and taken down quickly.