How To Make A DIY Universal Knife Block For Under $20

All it took was two 3-foot long pine shelves from Home Depot ($4 each), several bags of bamboo skewers from the 99-cent store, and some elbow grease. Just remember to mount it somewhere out of reach of small children and educate older kids on knife safety. Once the top 18” 2×4 is held in place, flip the entire target over and do the same to the bottom 2×4, driving three more screws in to hold this 2×4 onto the block stack below it. Also, if you don’t want the bamboo permanently attached, you can fill the bottom inch or so of the box with salt, and stick the bamboo in that instead of epoxy. Frankly, I think its equal in safety to a knife block and FAR safer than drawer storage. Knife blocks are made in a wide variety of materials, from wood to stainless steel.

Turns out the block to hold the full set is more expensive than the knives since it goes from garnish knife up to a cleaver. The overall Knife Throwing Target is made up of 72 blocks” encased in 2×4 framing. The 360 Knife Block gives you a clean, elegant way to keep your knives handy, sharp, and accessible. The outer layers are tougher and more robust making the knife strong and durable. Both the blade block and handle rest were cut to fit snuggle and securely into the drawer. Keep your kitchen blades in the kitchen, and use them for cooking purposes only.

The only problem I’ve had is that I wish the space between my counter & upper cabinet was taller because when pulling a large knife out I have to scoot the Kapoosh out from under the cabinet to make room to get the knife out, but that’s probably the result of our cabinet installer hanging the upper cabinets too low! The Wusthof Classic line of kitchen knives is the best in the market, sporting durable German steel that will last you for generations.

I’ve been using this knife block for about three months and so far I’m loving how it functions and how it looks. Not all knives fit into it ‘to the hilt,’ but very little of the sharp edge is exposed, so it is still safe and better for the knife than an ill-fitting wood block. I just purchased a Wusthof in-drawer 7-knife slot block and I’m returning it today.

Also, when you pull a knife out, a skewer or two might partially come out with it. They can be a little prickly when you push them back in. I’ve not considered cleaning, but I would strongly suggest that you not attempt to put the skewers in your dishwasher. Another concern about moisture that we had was that there is no airflow once the rods are placed in the block and the knives are inserted. A wooden knife block is ideal for storing your sharp knives and if you go one step … Thanks I Made It. 10 Amazing Things You Can Make With Duct Tape.

This will hold each block stack and also allow you to replace a section of the target if a particular block stack gets destroyed, rather than having to build a whole new target. It would hold the block on a 10˚ angle so the bottom and top could be bandsawn and sanded smooth. It is made of solid wood, with metal hardware and has been stained and distressed to give it a rustic look that goes well in my kitchen.

There are certainly a basic few that come with every knife set, while the rest are additions that may be helpful in your cooking. A classic example of this is that these sets usually offer an 8-inch bread knife, when a 10-inch one would be optimal (an 8-inch knife won’t always cut across a rustic country loaf). And here we’re back to the angled design, which makes removing the knives a bit easier, and allows the block to be shorter. Use our knife sharpeners to maintain the precision and sharpness of your knives through prolonged use. Knife manufacturers, most notably Japan’s Global, have begun addressing this issue by producing hollow-handled knives.