I Am Building An Outdoor Guinea Pig Hutch.

Navigation: You can jump to any page via the ‘ Table of Contents’ menu on the right-hand side, or below if you are viewing this through a mobile device. The hutch and run is all at the back of the garden, so isn’t encroaching much on the lawn and there is still room for the children, or dogs to run about. I was thinking of using plywood for the floor of both levels so therefore the hutch does not touch the grass etc. Whatever type of hutch you design the primary factor remains comfort and safety of the pets. You’ll find it a much more practical arrangement if you can open the hutch door without having to take the lid off the run first. It is SO EASY to remove the cage from the hutch frame in order to give it a thorough cleaning or sanitizing.

You can also put the hutch and run next to each other and remove mesh from one section of the run wall and have the hutch door open into this. Ana White Build a Corner Cupboard Free and Easy DIY Project and Furniture Plans~ love this when we have a larger kitchen to put in a corner to display my vintage china. Although any competent DIYer could probably build a hutch like this from the photo above anyway. Reclaimed Vintage White Shabby Chic Cottage Painted Corner Hutch China Cabinet Cupboard.

Rabbit wire can be purchased from most rabbit cage suppliers, and can be purchased in full rolls of 50′ to 100′ or can be cut to your specifications. The boys like the two levels, and i like the fact that whoever has made it/designed it took in consideration that this is a guinea pig hutch and made the ramp not too steep for the piggies to get up and down plus their isnt a huge drop from the top floor to the bottom. Vintage Ethan Allen Distressed Pale Gray Painted Corner China Cabinet Bookcase Cupboard. The rabbit must be protected from sun, rain, and wind on all sides, and yet be allowed adequate ventilation.

And while you’ll see a lot of fresh, new spaces among the most popular photos of last year, like the Seattle kitchen shown here, you’ll also see a lot of spaces that have earned multiple badges over the years — which is a somewhat poignant statement on the power of good design. If you are building rabbit housing, you’ll need a tray for their droppings Drop trays are not mandatory, but they’ll make cleaning beneath the rabbit hutch a much more pleasant experience. I really enjoyed this post, I found it very helpful, but I would like to know where I can get the plans to build this large hutch!

Both kits can be used to connect hutches with runs or to link several runs together by attaching either through mesh panels or the wood sides of a hutch. You can easily build a rabbit house in your house all selves rather than going to the market and making a customized outdoor and indoor bunny hutch. An unfinished wood corner cabinet saves money when a few deft decorating tricks are applied.

Alternatively, you can purchase a pre-made rabbit hutch from your favorite pet store and then, you can simply build a frame around it. I hope my father-in-law doesn’t have any plans for the next year because I have a list of things I want him to build me! He lives at the end of the garden, alone, so he isn’t neutered and lives in a hutch that is typically available in many pet shops.

I’d love to see a double hutch on legs with pull out draws underneath, just so i could put food and any hay bags in (the small to medium sized ones) underneath and any cleaning stuff! Every time I build a hutch I refine my design and incorporate the new features in future builds. My husband and I have a similar coordination on projects-I do a lot of research and he figures out how to build it. Handy method really! You may also want to consider purchasing a pre-made rabbit cage and simply building the frame around it.

So a 6ft hutch allows the bunnies to shelter, move about, and eat their hay and food, stretch out and be comfortable when they choose to be in their hutch. This spacer acts as a divider between the larger, exposed area of the hutch and the smaller, enclosed area. It handles two tiers of cages, and there’s room to put a slanted drop pan underneath the top tier for ease of cleaning. The legs should keep the cage floor at least three feet off the ground, especially if the hutch will not be in a fenced area.

It is one of the cheapest DIY bunny hutch designs that can save you a lot of money using wooden pallets. So although being lifted to the run is better than being stuck in his hutch all of the time, it means that he is relying on his owner let him out, so he can’t always exercise when he would like. Drive screws into the top of the brackets down at a 45 degree angle into the wall studs. If you already have 2 rabbits living in a hutch and run like this, they will both be able to use this link system if they are of a similar size. You’ll find just about everything you need to build your rabbit’s hutch at the lumber store.

You can start by putting some pellet grass products; this will not cause intestinal problems even though they ingest it. Taking care of your pet rabbit can be difficult at first, but as you go along, you will be used to it. You can make your own research in the internet, so you will be able to know how you can properly take care of your rabbit. Illuminate the cabinet interior with a fluorescent light or any lighting fixture available through hardware stores. We had some hinges and chicken wire leftover from our chicken coop/tractor construction, so we didn’t need to buy cage wire for the front or back of the hutch.

This means positioning the hutch so that the bottom of the hutch door is high enough to clear the lid of the run. I’d recommend cutting them into sections to cover the top unit and lower section separately. The DIY China Hutch Make-Over design turned out excellent and I love the way you can now hold 12 awesome bottles of wine. Make sure that the hutch does not block smooth movement from your kitchen to your dining room. Dexter is lifted from his hutch and into his run most days but he still spends most of his time in the hutch.

Whitney built this hutch out of PureBond Formaldehyde free plywood made right here in Americ a to limit off gassing in her home – that’s another great thing about DIYing for yourself – you can build your furniture healthier for your home and green too, without going broke! On my original rabbit hutch, I extended the roof a bit too much on the sloping side and in a very strong wind, the hutch would flip over. Dexter’s owner has done some research, found a good rabbit vet locally and has booked him in to be castrated. I would recommend the closer wire, as you suggest, if you were going to place babies in the hutch. And most links I find are actually undercover sites to try and sell you Rabbit Hutches.

Not everyone has the luxury of a giant garden and it can sometimes be a bit difficult to fit everything in the same place or perhaps you want to place the hutch near the house for easy access and the run on the grass for grazing. Unless you order pieces of plywood that are to your exact specifications, expect to do some cutting, most likely with a power saw. And seeing as though I haven’t landed my Internet Start Up multi-million evaluation yet, I wasn’t going to be paying any $400 for a rabbit hutch thank you very much.

Here is Dexter’s owner lifting him into the run – although he was bought for a little girl, it is of course always the adult’s responsibility to look after any animal and children shouldn’t handle their rabbit unsupervised. I ended up using the flat side of the bead board for the center area of the hutch so I had a smooth surface for the Denver Bronco’s logo. An indoor hutch doesn’t need to be so tough, since its purpose is just to keep your pet in.

Many new family homes being built in England are like rabbit hutches because they are too small to live in comfortably, a report has warned. However, the gap on the top floor and the ramp on the bottom mean that he has lost space on both floors, his bedding will fall down the hole and even though he has a ‘run area’ underneath he can probably only 2 do hops in here. Rabbit Hutches require 4 Boards , 10 Carrots, and 4 Bunny Puffs to craft and an Alchemy Engine to prototype.

This is a matrix system with a mix of tunnels, runs and cubes, with a 6ft hutch as a base. There aren’t any rules about how to design your hutch cabinet — it’s about what makes sense for the type of storage you need and the look you want. Ensure that the side frames and the top support meet at right angles before fixing a second 1-by-16 support at the bottom edge. Don’t get caught up in thinking that the hutch has to have a number of different rooms for the rabbit.

Please take your own materials and their size into account when building your hutch and adjust accordingly. I then placed simple styrofoam insulation between the studs of just the bottom level (we will be doing the roof and upper portions prior to winter). So, to improve life for Dexter we can start by making it possible to get from his run to his hutch when he wants to.

As the hutch and run are permanently sited there are paving stones around the outside to prevent the rabbits from digging out, and any predators from digging in, but the middle section is turf so that they have a soft surface. These lengths allow for the door to be assembled and to fit in the top of the hutch frame with about a 5mm gap for ease of movement. At this point—when doors, roof frame, divider, ends, back and floor sections have been completed—additional pieces of 1 x 2 should be cut as follows: Three pieces 1 inches x 2 inches x 29 1/2 inches.

The easiest way to introduce another rabbit is to go to a rescue centre, where they are likely to already be neutered and vaccinated, and if you take your rabbit with you it’s possible to try a few rabbits to see who gets on best with your bunny. When you are building a rabbit hutch you need to keep in mind a design that is very easy to clean, feeding them is easier and they have a lot of space for captivity.

Optionally you can also replace the elbows and middle couplings on the end legs and continue adding 48″ PVC pipes and another set of end legs to build as many as you want. It leaves enough room for the soon-to-come meat chickens to get underneath the cage to turn the compost, yet it is low enough for me to access the entire crate from the top. Unfortunately as is frequently the case, those (activists) arguing for hard floors did not understand the complete picture and were not familiar with rabbit husbandry.