How To Make A Cupcake Tower

Make a stand out of cardboard and paper: For this stand I bought two sizes of round cardboard cake boards (in the baking section of most craft stores) and used a glue gun to attach scalloped bulletin board border trim around the edges. The other small step we took to transform our market stand into a puppet theatre is to create a super simple welcome sign. Turn items you already have into a cake stand: Since you can use a removable adhesive like museum putty (or even sticky tack works pretty well) to temporarily join items, try using a plate that you already own (maybe with a pattern or picture) as the top of your cake stand. The stand once finished is easy to dismantle and carry around in just a purse and then can be reassembled within less than a minute when you reach your destination.

Dog, bear, and panda head cake pops, themed animals treats and snacks, and animal themed games like Duck, Duck, Goose, and Pin the tail on the donkey! Place weights such as heavy books on either side of the stand as the glue dries to ensure it dries at the right angle. Fine, but the approach no longer works if, for example, you want to watch a step-by-step video as you work on fixing the lawn mower That’s when you realize the importance—nay, the necessity—of an iPad stand.

Some things I’ve made didn’t last more than a few weeks – these are usually the horrible soft corrugated cardboard or the cereal box rubbish that gets sat on once, and dies. Glue a magnet to each arm so that when traveling, you can easily keep the stand paired with your iPad. Next, use the cake rounds as a template to trace a circle on the card stock paper.

We also have inanimate objects like buildings and hay bales that are perfect for school play props or themed events. The great thing about custom cardboard cutouts is that they make a great first impression on people when they come in the room. Altering the original compartmentalized box into this angled cubbyhole display took me a good hour, largely because the cardboard was so rigid (translated: superior) and hard to cut through. To post a Make simply visit this Thing again and click I Made One to start uploading your photo.

Each tier above is made of cardboard using lids from bowl covered using pretty contact paper (Target). We will have more cool features coming up in the future, including some which we are working on at the moment, so make sure you subscribe to our RSS Feed for updates. The last part of putting the cupcake stand together is covering the outside edges of the cardboard. Lolly Jane took a lemonade stand she found at a garage sale and spruced it up with fabric for a homemade sewn awning, added some paint and even added a chalkboard area for writing the price. Go to Thingiverse , download, print-out and stick the template to your chosen cardboard box.

Start out by tracing the size of your cardboard circles onto your scrapbooking paper. A friend and I are hosting a baby shower next weekend and we’re serving cupcakes … I haven’t found an affordable cupcake stand but didn’t know how to make a nice one myself. All you have to do is take out some time from your busy schedule to craft up an extraordinary confectionary display item. With the crease in the middle, it made it impossible for it to stand on its own. I am throwing a baby shower and will be making pops and am trying to figure out how I want to display them.

I notched the piece and made a notch in the base to connect the two so that the 2” strip of cardboard would give added support to the music stand. An advantage of these cardboard paper stand for iphone etc are not only simple to make, but also easy to carry around in your wallet/purse or create as many as you want or give them away as gifts or like a business card for your company etc.

I glued the paper to the white side of the cake round but if I was going to do this again I would flip it over and have the white side down and glue the paper to the cardboard color side. This must be the most high-end looking iPad stand in this list, quite possibly in the world. As I stated in the directions and here, this stand is best for passive iPad use. Get your straight edge, your exacto knife, and hopefully something like a cutting mat or scrap cardboard to keep your floor/carpet/pets from getting sliced up. Cut as shown below—dotted line refers to scoring and folding the cardboard.

I’d wanted to make the girls a shop for the longest time, and I had this big piece of semi-superior cardboard in the garage, so long story short, I made them a shop. A simple and beautiful cupcake stand that is easy to make and fun to customize. It was a very nice addition to our party, however the item itself wouldn’t stand on its own. We decided to make our dock out of cardboard, and wanted anyone to be able to print one off on their printer so we kept the size to A4. The stand holds your iPad at a reasonably upright position as the erasers provide a uniform base.

And here’s a picture of Jenna playing shop this morning, to give you an idea of the size of the shop. I trace around each of the cardboard circles onto the card stock that will cover them and cut out the corresponding circle. I am getting ready to make a cupcake stand for my son’s first birthday next week, and have been looking for alternatives for the center support! Build a Dream has a lemonade stand for those who are on a budget and not DIY handy. Line up a straightedge 2 inches from the straight vertical side of the cardboard, and then score the cardboard with a utility knife to make it easier to fold.

One of the great things about cardboard cutouts and standees is that they are so versatile and useful in a variety of party settings. Make sure you get the outside edge and the inside ring really well with the hot glue so you have good contact for the glue. You can paint or decorate the carton according to your taste or make a new one every other week. DIY Sparkly Bottles I Make this festive decor bottles for your New Year’s Eve gathering out of champagne or sparkling wine bottles and craft glitter.

To stabilize the window and prevent it from tipping over we added some extra cardboard to the front (see the under the yellow dots in photo above) and the back. If you don’t like the stand design or structure you can simply change it any time. The stand is itself very lightweight but durable due to the steel wires inside the hangers. Fold the cardboard in half so it is 12 inches long, or half its original length. It’s even easier to post a Make via the Thingiverse Mobile app (available via Google Play and Apple App Store ).

Cut notches into both the stand and the small support piece as shown on the schematic in Step 1. All the slots should be 10mm in length, and, depending on the thickness of your cardboard, you might want to make them wider than a scissor cut so the cardboard will fit through the gaps as you fit them together. Just remember, if you are serving something that’s not already in a wrapper (like a cupcake), you may not want to put food directly on non-food safe surfaces. I love the stand up however; they ship it folded so it will be bent in the middle. To create a strong (but temporary) bond between the two while you use it as a cake stand.

Im having my twin daughters a ballerina party and doing a cupcake stand each with a small cake on top so they each have their own mini birthday cake with their names and a candle on it. These look awesome and I can customize it how I want by changing the color of the paper and ribbon. You’ll notice that, thanks to the height of the stand’s base and the two triangular notches we cut into the stand and the support piece, the cheap USB cable Apple gave you can be connected while the iPhone’s on its stand. I have a my first wedding to do with a cupcake tower and searched all over for a DIY option this is perfect!!