Craftsman Saber Saw Manual

Before answering that question, we need to look at the difference between a jig saw and a scroll saw. What can I say, I needed a multipack of Jig Saw blades for my recent Craftsman Jig Saw purchase, and as I was shopping around on Sears I found a great Sale on this pack of Jig Saw blades, it has everything I need for whatever type of material I am cutting, no issues with it, haven’t cut through metal with it, but the multi-use and wood shanks work just fine.

Just hold the stock against the table and spin it smoothly and quickly, being careful not to press sideways and deflect the blade. These arms move up and down with the blade, so the blade is under constant tension during both the up and down stroke. Progressor and variable pitch blade styles are also available for jigsaw blades, although they are not as common as with bandsaw blades and reciprocating saw blades. These are the only metal cutting blades made specifically for power scroll saws. Actually sounds like you’re trying to use older U-shank style blades in the new saw. I make the distinction that a scroll saw has a finer blade and can make much tighter curves.

When mounting the scroll saw on the Mark V, secure the accessory mount lock, power plant lock, and the scroll saw mounting tubes. When I reinstall the splitter guard, I only push it on so it just extends past the teeth of the blade. Without the guide bearing there is nothing but the rigidity of the blade to keep it straight. Many woodworkers are confused about the difference between a jigsaw and a scroll saw because the terms are often used almost interchangeably. In fact, the scroll saw can do just about anything a jigsaw can do, but it does it better!

They are made of the finest carbon steel for maximum strength, durability and longest blade life. The photo next shows some more advanced jigsaw blades with special ‘plunge cut tops’ for less splintering. It has exceptional power, handles great, has very good dust collection, can be combined with the correct blade to provide almost ready to finish cuts as well as accurate cuts and it comes with a superior case.

Many owners find that these add-ons make the difference between a good jigsaw and a great one. Tested and endorsed by experts, PGT blades out perform and outlast all other blades. You will be save a good deal of money if you purchase a less expensive model and invest the amount you saved on saw blades. It’s no wonder that the PC600JS is described by customers to be more like a freight train than a saw – smooth, powerful, even, and steady. That means you can remove the top handle and control the barrel of the saw with your hand placed lower on the tool—which gives you more control of the cut.craftsman jig saw blades

Use a blade with hardened teeth for cutting aluminum, brass, silver and other non-ferrous metals. Thanks, Next time I go to the hardware store ill pick a pack of blades so I experiment on what works best, right now I just have the 2 blades craftman included with the saw, how often should I change the blade. A scoring cut in a thick piece of scrap is a way to check that the blade and table are square.

Ideal cutting speeds also vary from metal to metal, but when in doubt it’s usually best to start slow before trying faster speeds. Caution: Cutting metal will leave abrasive dust on the scroll saw and the Mark V. Always clean up carefully after each work session to protect your equipment. Okay, so this tutorial was more about how not to change out a jigsaw blade than a proper tutorial.