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Your coffee table puts the finishing touches on your living room design and ties all of the decor together. After I finally measured correctly and cut my trim to fit, I attached them with wood glue and finish nails. Speaking of which, I did end up drilling a small oblong hole (about 4 John fingers / 5 Sherry fingers wide) to make lifting it out as simple as possible. If you dream to give the interior a note of nostalgia and romantic climate this charmingly made console table is the perfect solution. Set the TV aside and mount the arm on the coffee table in accordance with its instruction manual.

We kept our eyes open for the perfect table for months and seriously considered a few options, but ultimately the contenders we found were lacking in one way or another. The wood was reclaimed from shelving out of our garage (I’m estimating it was originally built in the mid-part of this past century), and because I had all the other supplies and tools, the cost was kept relatively low. The right console table can add a lot to a room in the way of beauty and character. Console Table online from Wayfair, we make it as easy as possible for you to find out when your product will be delivered.

If you are looking for original and stylish furniture at the same time, this media console made of wood on steel bases charms. Use this multi-functional table to showcase your treasured decorative items or simply as an accent piece against any wall of your home. Sandpaper the pallet table and paint it with the wood color because then it will look unique and new. In either case, this console table can be a very useful addition to your study or the sitting room.

I’m Cori and I’m so glad you’ve decided to stop by and make stuff with me. My blog is full of things to help you create a life you love: crafts, sewing projects, DIY home and decor ideas, recipes, and so much more. For the top, center one of the 1x6s on the top of the table and use finishing nails to attach. Since the salvaged table legs came attached to a piece of wood, S secured the skirt to the existing wood on the table legs with finishing nails. I do realize that this design is different than the Wisteria inspiration console table.

This stylish and very charming at the same time console table is a beautiful combination of a small half-round table top made of wood with a solid metal structure decorative base. Ours had some nails still embedded in them, so we had to be careful about not screwing them in those places, risking splitting the wood. What you will want to do now is add in the 5 2X4 pieces that go on the ends of the bottom shelf and support the table top. Once all was dry it is time to build the leg’s for the table I will let the pictures do most of the talking for these next to build a console table

This is a DIY you’ll want to have help with at times, mostly when you start getting all of it together because it is going to be heavy and hard to lift or turn or whatever you need to do. This console is large…its long, mostly, but you could make adjustments to the dimensions, if you want. For the most part, you’ll need to build your table according to the instructions that came with it. That said, you can save yourself some trouble later by altering a few parts before you assemble them. The top is made of mango wood for enhanced solidity and it is supported on blackened steel legs.

You can add those 2 extra 47inch wood pieces to the base of the table at the end of building the table. This Palm Beach console table from Convenience Concepts truly preserves the spirit of the beach in its construction. Coffee Table: I used an IKEA BOKSEL (it also comes in this larger form ) because my local IKEA had a heavy discount at the time, but you may prefer something cheaper and smaller. For a more sophisticated console table you might want to take a look at the new gloss range of laminated board. If I were to build the table all over again, I’d go the brush and roller route for the top! Because the table top is made of plywood, those plywood edges are going to need to be covered up with some trim.

ThisIndustrial Console Sofa Table has a rustic weathered wood finished top and industrial factory wheels that complement an Urban Loft Theme. It’s the kind of wood that is good for some projects, and not for others though. Whatever you choose, make sure to pick something with a reasonable amount of storage space and at least one drawer. You have to use the longer screws for the sides of the table top, not the shorter ones the directions indicate.

One item we had been after for sometime was a console table to fill the wall space to right of the entrance into the solarium from the living room. Not only does the piece look great and possess all of the features we were looking for, but it was pretty darn easy to make and much more affordable than a lot of the console tables we found online or at stores.

Ikea Wall Shelf Turned Console Table – IKEA Hackers (wood stain surface and metallic legs or black gloss table and chrome legs?) Deep mahogany quick-dry satin finish varnish (touch dry in 30 min) instead of stain. But 1.) I wasn’t sure about the finish, 2.) It wasn’t quite the right dimensions, and 3.) $800 was a bit steep, considering I could build it for, uh, $0. This made on a solid wooden frame made of pine wood console table is a beautiful piece of furniture for the living room, hallway or bedroom. Determine how tall you would like your console table to be. Our table is 28.5” from the floor to the bottom board.

One of the most polished aspects of this build is how well hidden the flush-mounted screen is under the dark glass tabletop-when the screen it just looks like the table has a patterned glass insert. This is a temporary fix as we want an outdoor tv someday that will need to be housed in a cabinet to protect it from the rain that occasionally gets in but it’s functional and looks better than a plastic table. I didn’t include the shelf supports in the cut list because they don’t have to be any specific size.

In fact, we think the DIY distressed wood top looks way better in the space than the grey-ish pallets would have (we’re the first to admit that the room has enough gray going on already). Their fashion forward designs, attention to quality and on-time customer service make them a value driven leader in the home furnishings industry. Place the table top on the ground with the holes up. Pound the rods into the holes with a rubber mallet.

I did this so that I could spray paint the top of the table white without getting any overspray on the newly stained frame. I thought this would work and then I could use it as a console table in the LR afterwards. This beautiful artistic zen accent table will prove wonderful for your entryway or hallway. This is a natural wood furniture design handcrafted from sustainable solid woods and for each tree harvested Ten trees are planted. You can even find tables that feature cabinets and drawers to keep everyday items, such as keys and wallets, organized and out of sight. I’m already finding that almost on a weekly basis, I’m changing the accessories on this table.

Place a table that features shelving and drawers in your home office to safely store files, books and desktop essentials to eliminate clutter and boost your productivity. When wood filler is completely dry, sand the project in the direction of the wood grain with 120 grit sandpaper. Just put wood glue on the ends and place then in between the supporting legs as shown in the diagram above!

If you are looking for console tables, or even side tables, cocktail tables or chairside tables , Bassett Furniture has a wide selection to choose from in many styles. This project took me about four hours (excluding finishing steps and dry times, as well as multiple trips to the Home Depot) to build. Anyone who has ever tried to break down pallets to utilize the wood knows his pain! This will account for any wood movement due to temperature or humidity changes.

We brought things in one-by-one (bases first, then the tops) and after we had everything lined up the way we wanted it, I drilled a few screws up through the bottom of the two bases on the ends to secure the wood tops in place. If you want to see real life photos of the building process as well as more finished table pictures, head over to The Sawdust Diaries and check it out there!

So the reason why I like your table is because the shape of it is so classic that when you want to get rid of the faux-industrial treatment, you’ll still have a really beautiful piece of furniture because of the style of table you’ve gone for. So as I continued my search, I came upon this Sasha Scalloped Console from Horchow , which retails for $2329.00. It probably took me about 40 minutes to create each of the two long sides of the wood countertop (and then about twenty to build the smaller puzzle piece” cover for the storage space in the middle). This beautiful and very stylish made of maple wood console table is a a lovely combination of robust design and nice touches.

It was such a humbling experience to watch the process instead of participating in it. I’m so grateful to have the table finished and I’m looking forward to adding accessories later this week. However, if you are interested in making a standard sized console table I think the Wisteria design is a better fit. Three cheers for the sanding bits on my Dremel (Sherry got me a Dremel Trio for Father’s Day last year) which helped me make the hole even and smooth. This is similar to the look of the Restoration Hardware table that was one of my inspiration tables.

He would run away and hide if I brought him a pic of that table and asked to make it for me. I’m on the fence about the cushion, I really like it but I get the bubble gum issue. I’ll make suggestions here, but feel free to change this list to suit your needs. I was a little skeptical at first because the price was very reasonable for such a stunning table. This beautiful console table in a vintage grey finish is crafted from solid pine wood, reinforced by aluminum hardware. I decided the console table could use a bottom shelf, so I measured and marked where I plan to put the shelf to build a console table

Sounds ridiculous, but when my dude and I were looking for a ton of barn wood for his new restaurant I found a ton online. Attach the Table Back to the Table Top with glue and 1-1/4” wood screws, starting the screws from the underside of the Table Top. Put the SD card in your Raspberry Pi, then put the Raspberry Pi in your coffee table. We actually had a goodly amount of reclaimed” wood (a.k.a. scrap wood taken out of the house during renovations) and an L-shaped sofa table seemed like just the right project for it. We had been wanting something behind the L-shaped sofa in the living for a while. Build a custom console table to fit behind the sectional for a fraction of the price.