Easy Wood Tool Carbide Cutters

Carbide wood turning tools were produced to increase the efficiency and decrease the time dramatically of turning bowls. As with all my chisels you will find there is much more versatility given a little time and practise to get to know your tools. A few years ago it was safe to say that carbide inserts didn’t work well on wood. Sharp tools are not a ‘nice to have’ but an essential element in the art of woodturning. If you are turning pipes and stems on a wood lathe, or turning any kind of acrylic, and you haven’t tried either carbide tools or a HSS cutting bit tool like I’m making, you’re missing out!

I would purchase a few of the Easy Wood inserts instead of using carbide inserts designed for metal. Instead of rubbing the bevel of the tool against the work and twisting and sweeping the edge to fine-tune the cut, the Easy Wood tools use one cutting motion only. He was aware of other woodworking tools that used carbide cutters, but he didn’t think they used the right grade of carbide, the correct grinding and the best edge geometry for turning. The beauty of carbide turning tools is that the inserts don’t need to be sharpened.carbide inserts for wood

Check website with best way to #learn #woodworking here: Routers are one of the most versatile woodworking tools, useful not just for making trim and cutting edges, but for solving a whole range of woodworking problems. In Australia, for a ‘full size’ carbide chisel, you’re looking at over a whopping $200. I remembers Ken from Woodchuck tools, had better prices on tools and cutters just did not know no longer in business. We continually research and test emerging carbide technology to always provide you with the most modern carbide technology available. It comes loaded with one round cutter and when it gets dull, you just rotate the cutter for a fresh cut.

While these turning tools are quite a bit more expensive than regular HSS ones, the time and effort saved from not having to worry about sharpening is often worth the investment. Any thing will work for the shaft, But be aware that the inserts have a different geometry than ones for metal working. That visit to a Woodcraft resulted in Jackson becoming a passionate turner and then turning his experience with metallurgy and machining to develop a new sort of woodworking tool that has quickly become popular with beginning and veteran turners.

I use carbide tools and inserts almost exclusively on CNC equipment, and steel tools for handwork. Each diamond-shaped Easy Detailer cutter is engineered to fit all size Detailer tools in our current product line. I tried regular inserts 5 or 6 years ago, and they just didn’t work as well as HSS or high carbon steel. Here is a short blog about making carbide insert tools, and what they are good for.

When the small area of this cutter you’re using finally becomes dull, simply loosen the screw and rotate the cutter and you will have a super sharp tool once again. I have made my own as well, 15mm x 10mm bar about 18in with a long handle 2 straight tools and 1 with a 45 degree bend for undercutting. The only thing that I have found out so far is they are fin grained material and have a sharp edge, and don’t really need the chip breaker on the insert. The main reason people do not pursue this hobby is centred on the sharpness of the woodturning tools.

These tools have been very useful – can remove lots of wood without the constant hazard of a catch -the nemesis of the fledgling wood-turner. The composition of EWT carbide is proprietary information but all of our cutters are engineered specifically for wood cutting. Moving into the realm of Carbide Insert woodturning tools provides the wood turner with a system, which is cost-effective, inherently safe and above all easy to use. In addition to the finest saw blades in the industry, Leitz offers the most precise insert tooling system available. Unfortunately, I have not found a supplier for the round cutters sold by easy Wood.

The Circumference system suits the majority of woodturning applications – from roughing to fine finishing, from simple to intricate shapes. He’s a down to earth guy, who makes and sells carbide tools for about half of the sale prices from woodcraft and PSI. When the cutter eventually dulls, just loosen the retaining screw and rotate cutter, then re-tighten the screw. This makes steel cutting carbide inserts not nearly sharp enough to cut wood cleanly. For me, the Easy Wood Tools remove several barriers to getting down to the fun part – working with wood.

It looks like that has changed recently with carbide that is made with much finer particles. I just used tool steel that I cut from industrial planer blades to make two specialty bead cutters. To me, it looked like a square shaft with a machined notch to hold a carbide cutter by use of a set screw. However The carbide square blade is far more useful for many more types of cuts so I find I use the round bladed tool far less often than I thought I’d be using it. Easy Wood Tools machines these cutters in-house from a premier grade, proprietary formula carbide on super-rigid CNC grinders.

For one, I don’t have to worry much about the profiles on the tools and if I own the right tools – three Easy Wood tools handle most operations. The Easy Rougher tools produce large volumes of shavings like no other tool you have ever experienced. I had a call from one gentleman in the UK who told me that I should not be selling these tools as they were dangerous. This creates a shearing cut much like a conventional bowl or spindle gouge and leaves a superior surface finish compared to other woodturning tools that are held flat and make scraping cuts.

Remove (mark the used edge first!) by heating the metal near the insert with a torch, and reuse. Since I don’t currently have a need to use carbide inserts, or know much about them. I am also skeptical of your claim of a coating which is harder than the carbide itself (diamond mist?). You’ll add countless hours of turning time over conventional tools and save dozens of trips to the grinder or stone for chisel edge touch-ups. Know many pen turners went to places like carbide depot & e-bay where could buy 5 or 10 cutters for the same price of a single cutter.