Intermediate Nail Photography

You may want to read thought the comments at the bottom of the page, some different ideas on lights and how to make it. In the center of the box paste prepared by us of any background ( Massive Voodoo guys make backgrounds for printing). Phyrra @ directed me here for a light box tutorial and besides saying thanks for the great instructions I have to say I am DYING over how adorable your cat is!!!!!! I used the left over parts of the bed sheet under the bottom of the box to keep everything inside a uniform white. I actually bought a light box (it was really inexpensive) but this is a great eco idea (wish I had thought of it!). The simplest requires only a long box (at least six feet long), a piece of aluminum foil, a pin, and a sheet of white paper.

You place the ring magnet in a certain spot on the outside of the viewer (upper left photo), and the ceramic disc magnet goes in the same spot on the inside of the viewer (lower left photo). Your Facebook cover is a super-boss collage and your friends all want to know how you made it. Tell them the Monkey did you a solid. As for the yellow, most photo editing programs will allow you to change the white balance, so play around and choose which one you like best.

Easy Gallery Creation with our free JuiceboxBuilder desktop app or build galleries with WordPress, Lightroom, PhotoShop, NextGen and more. This will remove any old nesting material and ensure that harmful bacteria and contaminants are kept away from the birds. This is not a wedding photo you are blowing up to 8 x 11 and putting on top the fireplace 🙂 It’s a blog/web picture. Build the front assembly by placing the front slats (A) against the assembly frame.

Given this literally universal truth (go see Ebay), I set out on a quest; a quest to create photos of my handmade jewelry (or photos that simply don’t suck) that I would be proud to sell anywhere online. You might remember Shane from some of my earlier columns, although he’s using a Musicvox MVX-15 Spaceranger tube amp (It’s a pretty freaking sweet amp if you ask me) in lieu of a cigar box amp. When kitty cat can no longer resist, watch him enter the box and sniff corner when you aren’t ‘looking’.

Now that you’ve learned how to build a light box for photography, the only thing left to do now is to put the light box to some good use. They should completely cover the windows and any exposed cardboard around the windows when you look at the inside of the box. Gather lights, whether they be studio lights, strobes, or desk lamps, and use them to light from either (or both) sides and the top. Also, didn’t the author say she didn’t glue it?…which would make it easy to dismantle to move to other locations (which would be a plus for me).

The Xbox 360 controller works out of the box in both the Windows 8.1 and SteamOS operating systems without additional drivers. So I rummaged through the office’s recycling bin until I found something that looked similar: a used take-out box for a large-sized pizza. Decide which side you would like the back of the light box to be, depending on the size and shape of the box you use. Increasing this value moves the position of the caption towards the top edge of the photo. Creating the composite box series is simple as long as you get it right in camera.

This is definitely not the first DYI Steam Box guide, but this is an ambitious project for building a silent gaming HTPC with Steam and XBMC integrated, enabling a seamless experience in your living room. We have tried several different ways, but a slight modification to make this light tent big enough gave us the perfect solution! The above video, How to Build a Sun Viewer,” shows you a safe way to watch eclipses or other solar events by projecting the sun’s image. Hit the big Upload Photos button or just drag some photos into the box to get started.

You can build a gaming HTPC for less than $500, but I wanted to select high quality components, so the cost will be around $900. I never gave any thought to how people get such great looking professional pictures even for simple eBay items. Below on the left is a deed of title for a property in Herat with box camera photographs positioned down the right side of the document; it’s over half a century old.

Close the oven lid (the part with the plastic wrap on it) tightly, and prop up the flap to reflect the sunlight into the box. I am definitely going to be making a light box out of one the many boxes in my basement from moving. Once the frame is assembled, set it on a flat solid surface and press down firmly on the top of each of the corners. I ran the official Cardboard app on the Galaxy S5. The demos with this app worked: I found myself looking at 3D stereographic environments and objects through my repurposed pizza box. But you don’t need it to be perfect because you’ll frame out all the bad stuff in your photos.

Please let me know if you have any questions on this light box or the pictures posted in this blog, Vasanth and I will be happy to answer them. Lastly, cut the rope light to fit or splice together lengths so it fills the trough around the inner perimeter of the soffit (Photo 18). Fold the sails, bringing the short edges together and sticking them with tape as shown in the photo. In order to get the soft, even light associated with light box photography you need to cover your newly built structure with a white, semi-transparent material. But your article just saved me. Im going to make a box for the products i review.

Holding window box in place against cleats, drive four screws through back panel into each 2×4 block. After literally 2 minutes with the light box and a few snaps later here is a shot I took of one of my lenses. It has, in fact, been the documentary requirements of this bureaucracy that has largely sustained box camera photographers in Afghanistan, at times providing them with windfalls of business.

I love Photoshop for post-processing, but it’s always better (and a time saver) to get it right in-camera! The photo above was taken from about 20 feet away from a bright (90 watt) fluorescent bulb. Selecting seed more carefully for desirable species gives you a better chance of attracting the right birds. I’m a huge DIY fan, and this planter box has been one of my all-time favorites Not only is there satisfaction in building something yourself, there’s the ongoing delight in being able to serve up fresh, delicious veggies straight from your own yard — that’s something that never grows old! My sister and I make jewelry for a hobby and have no money left for extra supplies.

I don’t want to speak for anyone, but I believe the photoshop comment was made based on a different color (other than white) for the subject. It’s just going to be a little more narrow or short than I’d like, depending on how I orient the box. It does become obvious for 2 reasons: 1) So you can easily change the light box height and 2) so you can easily remove the legs for storage when not in use. Use the box cutter and scissors to remove any stray pieces of cardboard from the front edge of the box.

I first learned how to make a light box from Alessandra Cave, a beautiful photographer, from whom I took a great class at the Makerie , a lovely retreat in Boulder, CO. I built the first light box for my jewelry tutorials , 24 Days of Glam Taking photos using the box seriously elevated the level of and look of this this blog as a whole. The long piece will wrap around the frame to create the right side, back, and left side. The image of the adorable moose without the box was shot at night under a ceiling light.

It comes in a variety of thicknesses; for a light box this size I recommend a sheet 4.5 mm thick, which should cost you about $20 cut to size, but for extra strength you can get a sheet 6mm thick sheet for about $28. The dimensions of your box will depend on the product you’re putting into it. As far as lighting goes, there are thousands of pro’s” that will tell you what to pick, but in the end, it’s up to you. The fluorescent tubes in a light box shine through a diffusion screen to create very even light.

Slip the dividers between the front and back rails in the middle of the box and nail though the front and back slats into the ends of the dividers. After having built the structure of your light box with PVC pipe, this tutorial will give you an idea on how to get that professional, diffuse look you see in product or jewelry photography. You must measure and cut the edges of 3 sides of the box to create 3 rectangles.

I tried photographing my jewelry on colored paper, on textured paper, against velvet necklace and earring stands, outside with a rocky or grassy background, inside under bright lights, on whitepaper, on wooden tables…you name it. And while it was fun experimenting with textures, the problem was that my photographs were inconsistent. When I first built my light box I used a hot glue gun to attach tissue paper all the way around the structure except for the bottom and the front of the box.

If you preview again now ( full-window view ), your tiled photo gallery should be fully functional on all devices and browsers. This tutorial will show you how to edit your photos to brighten them up and make them really pop! Otherwise, it was perfect: The bottom surface of the box had no stains, was not bent and was a large, smooth square. You can override the preference by right-clicking (Windows) or Control-clicking (Mac OS) a photo in the preview area and toggling Zoom Photo To Fill Cell on or off. Your instructions are so clear and the photos so good that I’ve changed my mind and am now going to make my own light tent like yours.