Narrow Lot House Plans

Found throughout the American South, the shotgun house floor plan has its roots in West Africa and the Caribbean. I’ve always found it so interesting how in the Vernacular style of homes that different cultures and groups of people have found ways to enhance the way they live just by taking older styles of homes and changing certain things just to fit their needs. I found it interesting to learn that many homes were built by ship’s carpenters without any building plans at all. Originally built in the 1880s to house Union Pacific railroad workers, the house had fallen into disrepair.

Sheathing generally refers to the heavy, rough boards that cover the timber frame of a mid-eighteenth through early-twentieth century house and to which the exterior siding is attached. Zamore worked with the couple to design an H-shaped layout consisting of an enclosed corridor connecting two Shot-Trot wings: one featuring the kitchen, living area and master bedroom, the other the two kids’ bedrooms. I was born in Jamaica which is a part of the West Indies and growing up there for a part of my life, most architecture there were similar in design.

Like the brownstone, the entry to the Shotgun house is on one side of the facade with adjacent windows overlooking the street. When consulting a structural engineer, be sure to use an engineer who has worked with old houses previously. This is by far New Orleans’ most common house type, and many were built by speculators during the second half of the 19th century in neighborhoods that were just beginning to prosper. Something interesting I learned is that a variation of this style of house is called a railroad,” in which each room is located off a long hallway on one side of the house like the cars on a train.

For all the above, the Charleston Single House in its many variations remains a remarkable example of vernacular architecture adapting itself to the demands of nature, culture, and society. I also enjoyed your origin findings of the shotgun style along with your photos from the Moore Home in Mims Florida. A verandah, sometimes called a Piazza , is a covered open space attached to the side or sides of a house.

Products using vinyl, fiberglass, and many other new materials are now being marketed to old house owners as alternatives to the wood products used historically. Having just one living area would’ve really made this house feel cramped, but this large office and sitting room transformed it and made all the difference. As someone who has lived in Brevard for my entire life, I’ve seen several of these shotgun houses, but never really thought about them as having a specific style.

Simplicity of construction and conservation of resources (building materials, space) probably made the shotgun house equally attractive to poorer classes in many areas. Actually, some of these plans would be ideal for conversion to a plan using a post-and-beam foundation and structurally-insulated-panel walls. If in fact the shotgun diffused from Africa to Haiti through New Orleans and up the Mississippi and Ohio valleys, this is the distribution we would expect to see.

So far 50% of people requesting house design never reply (up to 90% in case of Indians, which probably request house designs on multiple websites then they are no longer interested). Thus we have shotgun houses adorned in Italianate, Eastlake and other styles, just as there are Creole and Federalist style townhouses, and Spanish colonial and Greek revival cottages.

All of the structural stability in a true shotgun house comes from the outer walls and the rafters as there are no dividing walls inside of the building to act as load bearers. From the seventeenth through the mid-nineteenth century, only a few different styles and types of door construction were used, and while doors are relatively mobile and may be relocated within a house, the style and type of doors present can augment other physical data in the house to date” its construction.

I found that they are built by,”Tumbleweed tiny house company” and were originally designed as shelter when hunting. Similar to the entry in the the brownstone homes seen in the American Northeast, the entry to the Shotgun Style house is typically on one side of the building’s facade with adjacent windows overlooking the street or thoroughfare (1). The distribution of shotgun houses throughout Louisiana gives indirect support to the diffusion argument. They are a single story with two or three bedrooms and a rectangular Ranch Style shape.

I have been looking further into the shotgun house’s, and found through ( house) that typically, shotgun houses have a wood-frame structure with wood sliding, and some are in existing that are in brick and even stone. Other commonly found features include: raised foundations, simple floor plans, deep porches, and gently-sloped roofs with wide overhangs. A floor plan is an architectural drawing that depicts a two dimensional view of a space, such as a room or building. Old floors that have been repeatedly sanded and refinished may not be capable of another sanding.

The guest house has a beautiful bathroom with a walk in shower, low-flow Toto toilet, and uniquely styled Japanese tile. Typical of these early plantations, the kitchen is in a separate house attached to the main house. A large shade porch spanned the front of the house, and additional porches and rooms, especially a kitchen, were sometimes added at the rear of the house. Finally, the house fell into the hands of avid TOH fans, who slowly brought the house back to its original restored state.

A drywell can be as simple as a hole in the ground a short distance (at least ten feet) from the house which is filled with gravel and to which a PVC pipe directs water from the downspout. Cape Cod houses or capes” are prevalent in New England and are used to describe a house type. In 2011 a friend requested me to do a project for him, and now I announce that… I offer architecture design services for anyone in the world! This feature can also be used to gather rainwater and collect solar power, which makes this design more self-sustainable. Other key elements in the kitchen include a custom vent hood and industrial style pendant light in galavanized metal finish.

Robert Brewton House c.1720 , typically had no piazzas, though some included a one-story piazza. The house was normally raised above grade and had large windows in each of the two front rooms, but lacked a front door. Features of the split-level house include: horizontal lines, low-pitched roofs with overhanging eaves, multiple types of exterior wall-cladding, and a two-story block that was partially submerged underground, intercepted at mid-height by a one-story wing, creating three different levels of interior living space.

I have learned that the reason that old homes were raised was to help keep the home cooler. These narrow lot designs usually offer the living areas on the main floor and position the bedrooms upstairs for complete privacy. The new kitchen has a clean, straightforward design and features white oak cabinets, black countertops and open shelving. A set of stairs in the living room leads to a walkway on top of the bridge over the pool but then to a dead end, practically begging the owner to add a second floor over the bedrooms.

From all outward appearances each and every interior wall in this building appears to be non-load bearing because the roof structure is all modern trusses. It is awesome how accurate that replica of the Moore house is. Now that you pointed it out the yellow outside of houses is very common in Florida. Click on the preview below to view the first and second floor plans for the Georgetown Shotgun Style home.

If you are just browse for FREE ready-made plans and not interested in my services to design a custom house, feel free to browse my website and other websites without contacting me. This modern home matches but is slightly larger than Minihaus, the home of the Wainwright Family It features three large bedrooms, conveniently located bathrooms, a large kitchen and dining room, very large living room, its atrium, and its’ private pool area perfect for neighborhood BBQs’. Flat screen TV with DVD and free WiFi make this guest house ideal for business travelers.

Quoins are dressed stones used as a decorative element at the corner of a house to suggest stacked and rusticated stone work. It is a typical shotgun style house where it is 15feet wide and 60 feet long (with a brick wall somewhere in the middle). The walls are painted gypsum board, and lighting and other details are carefully considered and enhance the simple yet charming character of this house type.