Birch, Burl & Bamboo Wood Veneers

Founded by Tom Driscoll in 1977, the company has specialised as suppliers of Yew Tree and Mahogany Curl Veneers to the Reproduction Furniture Trade in the United Kingdom and abroad. Ply Zone Gurgaon, IndiaEngaged in manufacturing and supplying of veneer that includes shade wood veneer, home decorative wood veneer, home furnishing wood veneer, polished wood veneer, wood veneer and decorative wood veneer. Dhanuka Enterprises Bengaluru, IndiaEngaged in supplying and exporting of wood veneers which includes decorative wood veneers, green plywood veneers, recon wood veneers, water resistant wood veneers and natural wood veneers. In addition to being one of the top veneer suppliers, we are continually developing and adding new and innovative products that extend our product lines, therefore offering more choices than ever to our clients.

All woods will fade or change color with exposure to a strong light source, a UV inhibiting finish must be used to retard the fading or color change in all wood products. Our decorative wood veneers are sourced from all around the world to provide you with the highest quality and diverse range available online. The time taken for this softening is controlled by the type and hardness of the wood and the thickness of the veneer to be cut. The correct moisture content level of veneer and substrate is important to ensure a quality finish.

The wide variety of real wood veneer species allows for versatile integration of wood tones with overall design patterns. Historically veneers date back to nearly 4000 years ago, when ancient Egyptians used veneers on their furniture and mummy coffins. Decorative veneers won’t be subject to the same durability issues as wood used in external and structural applications. Since most shop-sawn veneers are thicker, they can withstand a bit more sanding than a mill-sawn veneer.

Hardwoods are graded by the area of defect-free wood – the greater the are, the higher grade. It is advisable to check directly with the manufacturer for guidelines on the best treatment options for each type of veneer. As decorative veneers are used internally, the main concern to is to be wary of any moisture content issues that could affect the veneer or substrate.

For the exporting country, veneer production means work for local labour, added value and a higher return on an indigenous resource. The distorted diverging grain of the wood produces a lustrous upward sweeping plume pattern known as ‘feather figure’, often used on panelled cabinet doors. Echo Wood veneers are produced with the intent that the panels only need to be clear finished. The wonderful figuring of truly decorative veneers is a quality for which the best logs of a batch are often earmarked.

Melisma Nagpur, IndiaLeading manufacturer & retailer of wood veneer plywood, wood veneer, chemical process doors, chemical process doors for office, decorative laminated doors for resort, door frames & door skin from India. The knife and pressure plate is also used in the various forms of rotary veneer production’ a log mounted eccentrically and turned against the blade will produce an unusual decorative face pattern unobtainable in any form of board, while constructional veneers for ply are rotary cut from a centrally mounted log. Curly-figured veneer is employed to give a distinctive horizontal decorative effect – for instance, on cabinet doors and panels.

Sonear Industries Ltd New Delhi, IndiaManufacturing and exporting wood veneer which includes waterproof wood veneer, natural wood veneer, wenge veneer, American cherry burl veneer, plywood veneer and steam beech burl veneer. The description can refer to the method of cutting, such as ‘crown-cut’; or to the part of the tree from which the veneer comes, as in ‘burr’ veneer.

We are proud to have pioneered the use of Australian sustainable hardwoods for veneer, with these species being used in the Sydney 2000 Olympic Village, passing the strict environmental guidelines which were required. Decorative veneers are not practical for use in heavily wet areas or extreme weather outdoor areas, as the constant water or sun will eventually cause it to break down or discolour. Woods with irregular grain also produce veneers with ‘blistered’ and ‘quilted’ figures. If you need wood veneers for immediate delivery, layons, inlays or design consultancy, we can meet your expectations.

Reconstituted veneer is made by laminating a block of veneers from what one would call the edge” of the block. Highly sophisticated production techniques are used to satisfy the growing demand for veneer. AS/NZS 1859.3 Reconstituted Wood Based Panels is made up of a series of standards. For over 40 years, Select Veneers has been a leading supplier of natural wood veneers.