How To Kill A Vampire

We have had a lot of questions about what we do, and since they are often pretty similar we have colleted a dozen or so which hopefully cover pretty much everything. Vampire clerics lose their ability to turn undead but gain the ability to rebuke undead This ability does not affect the vampire’s controller or any other vampires that a master controls. If you can somehow trick or trap a vampire in a place where they will eventually be exposed to direct sunlight, you’re golden. Preferably nail him to the floor with it. If you’re struggling to find stakes, you can occasionally find vampire slaying kits for sale.vampire wooden stake

The wooden stake can be sold (along with several other items) to that naive thin-blood nearby, the one who wanted to go back being a human. For obvious reasons it is best to confront a vampire while it is unconscious in its sanctuary. In Albania and Russia (and probably a few other places), a stake is used to rid the community of a vampire. A stake made from dogwood is the preferred method of vampire execution in Baltic folklore; it also states that any sharp object made from dogwood, like a needle, would do the job, as what’s required is to ‘burst’ the vampire.

She invades Rebekah’s body in order to be able to go unnoticed while scheming to kill all of her Original children (who are out for her blood, ever since they discovered that she tried to kill them by a blood-linking spell at the family ball). The fighting stake is our own design, we also do a tonfa like stake, a smallish hand stake, stakes that can be shot from crossbows and of course, the traditional straight stake. If you don’t do something like this, it’s too easy for the fighter to throw stakes as almost a passing thought and take out vampires like it’s nothing.

After 1 round, a vampire can overcome its revulsion of the object and function normally each round it makes a DC 25 Will save. The problem is this usually means you have to be outside prior to the sun rising, which pretty much just makes you a prime target for a hungry vampire. Living creatures hit by a vampire’s slam attack (or any other natural weapon the vampire might possess) gain two negative levels For each negative level bestowed, the vampire gains 5 temporary hit points.

She did so by summoning life from the sun and immortality from a white oak tree , then making them drink the blood of Tatia Petrova, one of Amara’s doppelgängers, before having Mikael kill them. Really, all a wooden stake is is a piece of wood with one edge sharp enough to pierce human flesh. Nowhere was there evidence to support real vampire slayers carting about one of these kits.

Traditionally, one stakes a vampire while they are asleep in their coffins, rather than trying to do it while they are awake and in combat. Even if the vampire is somehow restrained, it is far from a sure thing that the attacker can drive the stake manually through the heart. In these cases, not only did the contact cause pain and inflict physical damage, but it also left a seemingly indelible mark on the vampire. Graves have also been found in Britain containing corpses with metal spikes through their shoulders and ankles , backing up the theory that corpses just needed to be kept in place in order to not rise as a vampire.