Traditional Toolmakers Tool Chest

You know those multi drawer tool chests and cabinets that have a cart for the base and a chest of drawers that sits on top? Getting to all the tools in the Dutch chest is easy if you put the chest on a sawbench. Designed for the maximum possible tool storage, even when working in a tight space, the 17 Drawer Chest, Middle and Cabinet, is a heavy duty professional quality storage solution, fitted with super smooth ball bearing slider drawers that effortlessly glide open with a reassuringly sturdy click” when fully extended. In other words, whether it’s home DIY, a professional car garage, or even large scale industrial building work, a decent tool chest is an absolute must. Sometimes I wish woodworking shows would spend more time on the general design principles.

Craftsman 5 drawers homeowner tool chest center has drawers that have a tendency to get stuck and are difficult to pull open when items are inside. That way, if a tool ever slips down inside accidentally, you can unscrew the rack and retrieve it without hassle. Some researchers may appreciate having a tool that tracks your progress, or that organizes boiler plate text.

My flight got in early on Friday and I had the chance to hang out with some friends at the school during the last day of a class on building the Anarchist’s Tool Chest with Chris Schwarz. Journeymen were often required by their master teachers to build a tool chest before venturing out to start their own businesses. Not all tool chests will have wheels but enable you to move the tool chest to different locations as needed. After seeing it in person, I knew that the Dutch chest was the right choice for my shop. I had no more than Sunday afternoon to design and build this chest and since it would be born from an exercise in clinching it would never be the grand chest which I’ve had in mind for so long.

Yep, on Halloween day (2015) I’m giving a free demo at the Woodwork Shop on making three legged stools. Beyond just a safe and secure place to store your tools, the way you build and customize your chest says a lot about you and how you work. This tool box is available in aluminum or black powder coated aluminum, and also offered in a deep tub design. Tool chests become extremely heavy when filled with tools or supplies so having the added support of wheels allowing you to easily move your tool chest close to your projects. The iconic tool tote above looks like it had a long service life — hopefully it went to a new home where it will see some use.

A nice metal block and tackle with a line lock that will be useful on a gin pole and about a dozen old manual training guides, tool catalogs/reprints and old woodworking texts. Below are some shots of the unique work holding features incorporated into the design that will make this Toolchest double as a makeshift workbench while on job sites. Here’s a fitting opportunity to choose an attractive secondary wood for the drawer sides — it will make those half-blind dovetails impossible to miss! The Dutch chest isn’t ugly – several people at the Lie-Nielsen show said they preferred the looks of the Dutch chest.

Stanley also made vertically standing tool chests with a pair of doors instead of a single lid, as well as ones with roll-top fronts, like the covers on a roll-top desk Less fancy were its tool totes,” which more closely resembled the small, single-handled tool boxes that most of us have in our garages. I spent several enjoyable hours making tool holders for the inside of the doors.

This cabinet has truing and jack planes out of reach and specialty planes right at hand. Honestly, I don’t know the exact dimensions of his tool chests, but mine will be based on need. With a touch of rearrangement and a little bit less crowding, this looks like could be a fabulous cabinet. The design is an ingenious combination of interior doors and drawers, along with multiple divided storage compartments.