Building My 50,000 Gallon Monster Mega Tank

You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. When I build my tanks, I always use clear float glass and have it cut to the correct size, the edges of the glass should also be bevelled so that there are no sharp edges but rounded edges. In saying that, I do acknowledge that the author of this article does have a level of knowledge on the subject, and seems very versed as to the needs of the fish.

You are no doubt aware already, but I cannot emphasis enough the need to get the engineering right, because a dud fish tank will make a hell of a mess on your lounge room floor if you don’t. But with the tank in this manner I can’t clean it and he doesn’t eat algae and it is over run with it. This once eye-catching beauty of a tank with coral skeleton and lava rock is a horrible sight now. However, most home and office aquariums, even large ones, are not large enough for this to make a significant difference. Initially, you should lightly stock your tank with no more than 1/2” of fish per gallon of to build a glass fish tank

This provides a level of strength and security that glass aquariums with their silicone seals cannot match. Originally developed at UC Berkeley in 1938, this type of detector uses evaporated alcohol to make a ‘cloud’ that is extremely sensitive to passing particles. Acrylic does not need to be as thick to support the same water volume as glass does, and any acrylic tank can be drilled to accommodate an overflow to build a glass fish tank

Run another bead of sealant down the side of the plate where it will join the front of the tank. Our system gives you the flexibility to upgrade as many or few panels as you desire depending on the placement, configuration, and budget of your tank. In the next few minutes, I will share with you the major considerations when selecting the right aquaponics fish tank. It can also can make you the Betta hero if you recognize your friends’ Betta fish are getting sick and you can come to the rescue.

The table I used to make this tank is the one that was left at the place I just moved into. The solution is to have a tank specially made — and have it provide you with greater tank width and possibly a shallower depth. A recommendation from my personal experience is to get a small freshwater snail to clean the sides of the tank naturally. I have not found any good source for how much thicker glass you need with laminated glass unfortunately. Because of this, glass aquariums can be kept on stands with an open or incomplete top with little or no risk.

This will prevent any silicone on the masking tape from pulling up silicone from the glass as it separates. If your fish are seriously hurting each other, then you have a problem and you may want to remove one to balance out the community. If you love a great, big canister and will actually keep up on the maintenance then you may be fine going larger with a canister like the Fluval FX6. Alternatively, you can also go somewhere in between of the former 2. Plan and design your own aquaponics system, but you do not have to build everything from scratch.

Available under the brand name ‘Starphire’, high optic glass is usually used only on the front viewing panel of the aquarium, although if budget allows, it may also used for the side glass panels of the aquarium as well. If you only have space for or only want a small tank, you will find that your cleaning regime will be tougher to maintain and the number of fish will be far fewer.

When toughened glass breaks, it shatters into millions of pieces and occasionally, it will simply do that without any help from a brick. This means that if any bubbles make it out of the skimmer they will be pulled in by the pump and pushed into the display which can look horrible and drive you crazy. Regardless of your model, do not turn it on until the tank is filled with water and ready to go. While this can provide most of the support needed, it may not be enough to hold a large tank together. Every healthy fish aquarium requires a filter designed for the specific size of the aquarium.