Hand Tool Woodworking Without A Workbench

One of my more popular videos is titled No Workbench Needed ” where I discuss some solutions for working without a bench. Now, imagine holding the wood pieces with your thumb on top, and your forefinger and middle finger below. I think WD-40 applied and then wipe off excess works best for me on these clamps. Removing the parts on one K-body clamp and the head on the other and turning it around it very easy. That’s similar to the superior three-point pressure provided by a double-headed clamp. Canadian Woodworking reserves the right to make changes to this policy at any time. I find myself using them to cinch up a joint in a very small area while the other clamps do the heavy lifting.

Yea, some woodworkers like the lightweight wooden cam clamps and I’ve used them myself in the past. The nice thing about those clamps is that the handle is a fluted aluminum handle, which is easy to grip. I disassembled a broken cam clamp I’d purchased many years ago to use as a template for my clamps. Bar clamps also can provide ample clamping pressure, and the aluminum variety has the added benefit of being lightweight. And to accommodate different size objects, an adjustable clamp head is positioned along the length of the rail.

Parallel-jaw bar clamps: These bar clamps have jaws covered with non-marring, non-stick plastic faces that are designed to remain parallel when the clamps are tightened. I would recommend making your own – there are some good videos about making your own bar clamps and even c-clamps or handscrew clamps, and some even work without fixtures, i.e. with shims. On some varieties, the jaws can be repositioned so the clamps can serve as a spreader, as well.

Because you can quickly screw the clamps onto different lengths of pipe, one set of pipe clamps does the same work as several lengths of bar clamps. Clamps generally fall into one of these categories: pipe, bar, parallel jaw, quick grip, fast action and specialty. I ended up not needing them because my friend I was working with had the same bars so we used his. The cam action of the Klemmy Bessey Clamps are excellent for delicate and light duty clamping applications such as veneering, marquetry, musical instrument building, and antique restoration.

Armed with the pressure data included in the article, I can do a clamp pressure test of my own with one or two of the clamp styles shown and calculate just how many clamps are needed for the glue-up based on my grip strengh. Frame clamps will bring all four pieces of a picture frame tightly together and square up the corner joints. FWW conducted a test using four different staff members; two Fine Woodworking editors, our female copy editor, and a brawny Fine Homebuilding editor. This solid-wood edging on plywood, for example, would have required a clamp every few inches.

And once it’s on a pair of clamps, the clamp extender holds the two coupled bars very solidly… it really is like having one super-long clamp. The jaws of a handscrew are rectangular in cross section so the clamp itself can be easily held in a vise or accept the jaws of other clamps. Last week I put my money where my mouth is and was faced building a dining table with nothing but a sawhorse and a rickety, screwed together 15×24 table.

No discussion of woodworking clamps would be complete without mentioning these wonderful tools. These clamps are best for quick fastening and gluing jobs requiring only light clamping pressure. Be the first to enjoy new woodworking tutorials, resources, contests, giveaways & much more. After the squaring blocks are in place, I use pipe clamps to squeeze the joints tightly together. The clamping jaws are made of reinforced plastic, so these clamps are light and easy to use.

I took those scraps cut off from the saw horse and screwed them to the legs of the table at the same height of the cross piece on the saw horse. You’ll likely end up owning the highest number of Irwin clamps and using them most of the time but you’ll also need a few higher quality clamps to round out your collection. Now for larger surfaces I was able to clamp this same batten down to the table top and then just but the panels up against it while spanning the gap between the table and the saw horse.

The ex-builder likely spent many years swinging a 22oz framing hammer (the big ones on the rack at Lowes), one-hand operation of a 9 to 12lb circular saw (not those wimpy HO grade ones), lugging stacks of a half-dozen wall studs at a time or 60-90 lb rafters/floor joists. Parallel clamps employ two large rectangular heads, one fixed at the end of the bar and the other moveable, that automatically adjust square to the bar with their clamping faces parallel to each other.

Bar clamps: An aluminum or steel bar, sometimes shaped like an I-beam, replaces the pipe as the backbone of this type of clamp, which comes in several varieties. Quick-grip clamps: Quick-Grip-style clamps are not as precise as bar clamps, but they let you keep one hand free to hold workpieces in place. This One Hand Speed Clamp is ideal for speed clamping all kinds of jobs in and around the home and workshop.

Even without using the actual project as a workbench, a few clamps and a saw horse was all I needed for things like sawing out trestle tenons or chopping mortises into the breadboard ends. As well as Woodworking tools, Machine Mart provides a huge range of equipment and tools suitable for everybody from DIY enthusiasts to professional tradesmen. Forked clamp stainless steel for ST ground glass joints with/without setscrew Sizes for: ST 14, 19, 24, 29 änd 45.

Specialty clamps: Band clamps include a ratcheting mechanism that makes them good for clamping round, odd-shaped or multi-sided assemblies, ranging from boxes to chairs. With hand clamps, the user squeezes the handles and the clamp locks; clamping pressure is determined by how hard the user is able to squeeze. He also found that the force of an individual clamp can differ by a factor of two depending on the strength of the operator. Using the Clamp Extender to the butt end of both clamps couldn’t be any easier.

We carry all listed woodworking clamps and clamp accessories as inventory items which are normally shipped within two working days from date of order. These are specialist clamps designed specifically for clamping miter joints or right-angle joints. I had already glued up 2 20″ panels for the table top and planed them when I arrived in Maine. By working with the long axis of the saw horse I get a more stable surface too. This trick is also handy when I need to apply pressure where clamps won’t reach: gluing down bubbled veneer in the middle of a large tabletop, for example. Generally, clamps with T-handles exert more pressure than those with round handles.wood working clamp

Dende matt writes: No matter how much research can be done, no matter how much tastes change, people will still refer to wood as being one of the fundamental raw materials to inspire grandeur and elegance within the home decor and construction field. In the photo above, a woodworker glues up a large tabletop from individual boards, using pipe clamps. But the fact that they have that little pad cast into the head so that you can stand up a glued up assembly on it’s head, all the tops of the clamps sitting level on the floor. The clamps are still made in the USA, and the current models are even stronger than what I bought many years ago.

Here are two of my favorites: The Three-Way Edging Clamp ($13) has three adjustable clamping screws, not just one. Instead of tightening a threaded screw, a wood wedge is tapped between the clamp and the workpiece. There are a few types of big clamps that all serve a similar purpose, but have a few interesting differences. There are fancy tools for this, but for small veneer jobs, try this nifty trick: Apply a thin coat of wood glue to the substrate and the back of your veneer. Works for almost every joint, and it is stronger than the wood itself—but only if the joint is clamped properly.