Affordable HVLP Spray Finishing?

While many projects are admirably handled with hand-applied finishes, there are times when spraying is both desirable and preferred. It’s by and large a paint sprayer although it can accommodate non-paint applications. We recommend DeVilbiss Guns because they generally come with multiple tips to handle all your finer refinishing needs. Coupled with the feature packed, pressurized T Series” spray gun, (siphon or gravity feed), this system makes laying on a smooth as glass finish an easy task and a pleasure to do. If you have time, I suggest you explore the options at Spray Gun World Look under topics such as woodworking and look by brand.

The idea was not to make a head-to-head comparison of the HVLP systems and determine a Best in Show.” Instead, it was to spray three finishes that might typically be used in a home shop, using systems of varying capacities, to get a picture of what you might expect when using them yourself. I too have used it for waterbased polyurethane but most of all I use it for turps based stain and varnish, for the stain I allow very little fluid through and when toning even less and apply as required.

When I bought my high quality paint gun (an Asturo HVLP spray gun), it turned out it used up to 550 liters per minute. For most uses and especially for those of you that don’t even own a gun, one without a pressure pot is fine, leaving you only to decide on two items, the type of gun (bottom-feed or gravity-feed) and the air delivery system (air compressor or turbine).

Nathan knows this gun intimately and is more than willing to help you get started or explore your options. It is a very user friendly gun as well as a great price for a better quality hvlp gun. This sprayer received high marks for the quality of the spray and well-planned features. Furthermore, buyers of this Spray Station love it because it’s portable and lightweight.

The hose comes with an air control valve that lets the operator dial in” the amount of airflow to the spray gun and it is located conveniently at the gun end of the hose. The Lemmer has a machined aluminum gun and a manual four-speed turbine control; the Apollo has a machined stainless steel gun and an automatic speed control. Spray requirements (from primary to infrequent): Kitchen and bath cabinetry, flat panel stain grade wood finishing in the shop (usually outdoors).hvlp spray gun for woodworking

While I occasionally apply stain or urethane with a brush, especially on very small projects, I regularly use my spray guns to apply stain and urethane on wood trim, window sashes, doors and furniture. The Graco Magnum 261815 ProX7 Hi-Boy Cart Airless Paint Sprayer is a powerhouse of a paint sprayer model that delivers maximum evenness on all your paint applications, spraying off 0.34 gallons per minute. Also read the instruction manual for tips on setup, spray techniques and cleanup procedure.

You really must keep the gun an equal distance from the surface and pass the surface at a regular speed not too fast (or you lack paint) and not too slow (or you’ll get too much paint on) you can sense how fast or slow and how close you need to be quite quickly and easily. I still add a small amount of water to thin any paint I run through the gun, but in my experience the Husky gun is far superior when it comes to the sprayed finish. If you are spraying a fence, outdoor furniture, or similar applications then you might not be looking for a piano” finish and the end result with latex paint will be more than acceptable.

Apollo HVLP systems have been independently tested and guaranteed to produce at least 80% transfer efficiency. If you are in search of a multipurpose spray gun, the Campbell Hausfeld HVLP HV3000 series spray guns could be the best option for you. The Rockler sprayer includes two different size needles and tips for efficient spraying of thicker and thinner material.hvlp spray gun for woodworking

The Ryobi (shown) and the Graco TrueCoat sprayer both have tips that you can spin 180 degrees to blow out clogs. The twist knob located on the back of the gun makes paint flow adjustments easier than with most other models we tried. It just took many passes with the gun since barely any paint would come out of the gun. If you want a pleasant even look out of your home improvement project, then this is the spray to beat.