The Best Material For Raised Garden Boxes

It has worked it’s way into my vegetable garden despite all my attempts to stop it. After our Summer garden was finished, and it was time to start planning for the Fall, we decided to go with the raised garden bed method. Planter boxes are a great solution for having a vegetable garden in a small space, but it can still be too large for the amount of yard space in some homes. Next, with the planter lying on its side, we attach the top lip by driving in screws from inside the planter. Be sure to check out all the other fun little things we’ve done to this space to make it feel more welcoming! Update: After about a day, the plastic pots were beginning to sit cock-eyed in the planters, so I used a few scrap 2x4s and attached them to the inside of the planter with wood glue and to build an outdoor planter box

Pick out some paint that matches your backyard or home’s decor, or stain your planter to really bring out the wood’s colors. This makes our planter box much more shallow, and allows drainage when watering. Their table and planters not only exhibit true craftsmanship, but they should be the source of many a good story at every outdoor party thrown here. This Old House TV landscape contractor Roger Cook recently built a raised garden with a few young friends.

To maintain the honey color of the wood, seal it at least once a year with a product labeled for use on outdoor cypress furniture. Natural, untreated pine can also be used to build planters, but it must be sealed to make it resistant to weathering, rot and fungus. This wood is durable and resists weathering and rot, but requires sealing to prevent cracking. Regular dirt from the backyard tends to have poor drainage and can be the kiss of death for plants in a container.

I thought about adding some supports on the inside of the planter to support the pot, but because of its tapered design, the plastic pot can only slide in so far. It holds pieces in one place not allowing for normal movement that a wood project will want to naturally do when exposed to the elements. Pressure treated plywood is another option for constructing outdoor window boxes.

The outside of the planter boxes is finished with TwinFinish composite decking (TimberTech; 800/307-7780, ). Because it’s generally less affected by water than is wood, composite decking is a great material for planters. If you do decide to paint your planter, make sure you use a product which is suitable for outdoors. Cedar is a planter material native to North America that shares many qualities with teak. The pine is being used to make raised veggie beds & I want them to last as long as possible.

If you want to plant plants in the box, line the planter with a planter liner , or you can just set loose pots inside. Attach planter box base slats from underside using glue and 1 ¼” pocket hole screws. Next you will need to rip a few of the pickets to the right size and cut them down to fit the length of the planter. Please tell me if you have any special tips for southwest Florida raised bed veggie garden. When it is no longer able to perform its original task, then its wood chips will make great mulch for my garden beds. Instead of a final 60cm piece, lay a 100cm length across the gap to support the raised square.